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By: travelerfoodie
Manolo & Rene Cafeteria
There is no other gut bomb at 5am than a great sandwich from the side of the road, literally. When you are out on the town, Downtown Miami to be exact, stop in at one of my old holes and experience ultimate early morning fill up.How did I come across this place? Well, if you must know, during my stint of living in South Beach, I ran across this place. The ideal location, last street before you cross the causeway back to South Beach or looking at it the other way first street over the causeway away from the beach, made it a convenient stop. Living and working on South Beach did not necessarily equate to playing on South Beach. Metro Miami, Aventura, Kendall, let’s leave out Hialeah, Calle Ocho, Little Haiti, Culver City, and all the other unsavory locales that if you are not a local don’t venture into. Not all of Miami is a 24 hr. operation, there are few here and there, if you know where to go. After grazing, it is advisable to keep one of these places in your memory bank. Manolo y Rene was my choice.After watching the Heat vs Rockets game last week, I went back to retrieve my car from the valet to go grab a bite on South Beach. Ooops, language barrier or my trusting self, the valet was closed for the night. Luckily, I was staying at the Continental Bayside Hotel right downtown. So I walked around the block to find my old haunt. Places change and memory fade, I did not realize that Manolo y Rene Cafeteria was on the back street of the hotel. Was it memory fade or fogged memory from the time in Miami. Needless to say I was delighted.This place takes up the corner of NE 1st St. and NE 3rd Ave. The windows open towards the street. I don’t even know why they bother to have roll up doors, this place is open 24 hrs. Maybe for rain, oh Hurricanes. The counter is lined with chairs and if there are people sitting on those chairs, which there almost always is, you have to scream your order over their shoulder. The menu is large and hung behind the counter or a specials board is not the side. If in doubt ask. If you can’t speak Spanish, ask a customer to help you. Most of the people behind the counter speak broken English, but they’ll understand. The truth, you can’t go wrong with anything here, so fair none.Palomilla Steak with French Fries and Salad – Thin cut steak pounded even thinner and marinated in Cuban seasonings, grilled on a flat top to tender succulent perfection. You don’t need a fork and knife for this. Grad with one hand and rip into it like a savage.Steak Sandwich – Same palomilla steak with french fries, tomatoes, and lettuce in toasted Cuban bread. This puts any late night cravings to rest.Pasteles – Flaky Cuban pastry filled with Guava and Cheese. Fresh and delicious.The memories of long nights, though I can’t quite disclose for obvious reasons, came rushing back. This is just honest down to earth food in what can sometimes be a very pretentious city. It is sad to see some smaller excellent food “holes” get snuffed out by larger more hip and cool joints on South Beach. Here is hoping that the revitalization of Downtown Miami does not snuff out Manolo y Rene Cafeteria. Great reliable food for real people.
By: insurancemaven
Miami Catering Service / Miami Caterers
The chef is very experienced and the food is mouthwatering. It's been a long time since our committee has been able to come to a 100% agreement on anything, but all 12 of us were impressed by the food and the service. We loved that the food was organic and that we were able to order off menu high-end dishes and still stay within a reasonable budget. The customer service for us was very pleasant. They walked us through the menu options, did a tasting for our committee, and provided very pleasant servers. As for the rental items, we had no problems. Everything was delivered on time and it was very clean and organized.I think that the trick with organizing events is always to remember that we need to return things in the same shape as we received them or we have to pay for them. I have been planning marketing events for over 20 years and I know alot of small businesses starting out, like this one, sometimes need to subcontract from suppliers. It's what keeps the local small business wheels oiled and turning. I fully support this and, as a business owner myself, I would use them again. I did not find the fees unreasonable in any way and it's understandable that if something is broken or goes missing, I have to replace them. That goes with any catering company or any business. So, I did not see any unreasonable contract stipulations.We were able to work out a six month contract with them and are using them for our upcoming events because, as I said before, all 12 of our committee members were impressed.
By: Pi S.
Sun N Surf Of Miami
I was depressed having just buried my only relative in the world when I decided I did not want to go back to the apartment I shared with my now deceased brother. So I wondered along Biscayne Boulevard and found the Sun'nSurf by happenstance. Remember the film classic "The Man who came to Dinner" (who stayed and stayed and stayed?) Well, that was me: I only planned on staying a couple of days until I collected my senses, but having found this space: all rooms have been recently remodeled, with matching wood bedroom furniture, brand new bathroom with white gleaming accessories, beautiful shower curtain, a microwave and fridge, with bedroom furniture to match the bedroom set, all in warm, beautiful wood, and beautiful bed linens, I have stayed, stayed and stayed. THIS IS NOT YOUR PARENTS' MOTEL. This is the NOW and beautifully put together!The Innkeeper Manager, a gentle soft spoken person, attends to his guests' needs constantly. Although the Inn has been remodeled, you see him daily checking various spots of the Inn to make sure the paint is OK, things are in good order. He has a full-time all around handy helper who is busily at work.
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By: Vidiek R.
My Florida Party Rentals
Great bounce house rental or water slide rental company in Miami. Just rented a bounce castle, tent, dance floor and subfloor, stage, water slide frozen machine and cotton candy machine for my daughter's 7th birthday party. I ordered and paid online through My Florida Party Rental website. The website was very clear and informative so I had no need to a speak to a representative. On the day of the event, they showed up exactly when requested. Set up was quick and efficient and we were given clear instructions as to how to safely operate and supervise the equipment. The bounce house, water slide, tables and chairs was clean and in really good condition as was the food machine. My daughter and her friends had a blast. When MY FLORIDA PARTY RENTAL returned to disassemble, once again they were fast and efficient. Overall, this was an excellent experience. I highly recommend this company In Miami.
By: Kira L.
Sun N Surf Of Miami
Surprising Place. We looked for a simple motel to stay another night in Miami on our Florida road trip and came up with this by the google hotel finder search. It's marked as a 1 star hotel, but we have been very surprised about how nice, clean and very friendly this place is. What we liked very much was the safety of this place with all the cameras and stuff, even on the parking spaces since we were driving a Camaro. Even though the breakfast room was small, it was very nice furnished and one of the best continental breakfasts we had on our whole trip from Atlanta in motels of this price category (real orange juice :D!) up to 3 star hotels. The pool was still closed when we arrived, but they said they are about to open it in a short while, for us it didn't matter because we looked only to sleep. The King bed was very comfortable and clean, so we had nothing to complain. Full recommendation!
By: kellcabmar
I have just finished celebrating my daughters 1st birthday about 12 hours ago. I would have written this review sooner, but was too tired to do so and decided to write the second I got up this morning.One thing is for sure, whenever I have my second child, I will DEFINETELY choose this place again. Hands down! The customer service was exceptional! The staff was incredibly helpful and very attentive to our needs. Once I said the food was ready to be served, they SERVED. The staff went to every individual person and gave them a plate of food, my guests didn’t have to get up and get it. Funtasmic gets a 10 thumbs up plus 10 stars (if i was able to give that many)!! Truly recommendable! There may be nicer places out there, but the service here blows any other party place out of the water. I can’t wait to use this place again!
By: Lemme T.
Estancia Hotel
I frequent this establishment a few times a week, but wont anymore. On 11/6/14 when I went to return my room key & collect the $5 deposit, my partner remained in the room for just a few more minutes(putring makeup on etc). She related to me how the cleaning staff rudely told her: (are you ready for this?) "mamu ya estas pasadita" meaning we were past our 3 hour alloted rental period. Mind you, we CERTAINLY were not. In fact, we had well over an hour left. When I called the manager to relate the completely out-of-place comment from the riff-raff mediocre employee, she tried to "explain" to me that sunce I had turned in the key, she then asked the cleaning crew to redress the room. That's fine. Totally understandable, but the comment from the low-life ? Out of context.
By: eddieedilton
Miami Catering Service / Miami Caterers
The food was amazing!I just hired them for a production venue and everything was delicious. My guys loved the spread and the service was very professional. I noticed that he is all about making the client happy and I liked the way he was considerate of his employees. They were always smiling and were very helpful. -They just came in quietly, set up, kept the food coming, and even left a snack table for the crew to sample the next morning! I really loved that little touch, because it left me with one less responsibility on my plate!Will definitely work with them again.I just noticed the number here is different though. Their website says 305-924-3623. I am not sure if they know that it is listed different here on YP. I will let them know.
By: Sid M.
Sun N Surf Of Miami
Nice change. This hotel has a great location for uptown Miami right on Biscayne blvd. Hotel has under gone major changes. I have been coming to this motel almost every year, the new management has brought this place up remarkably, Lobby and breakfast areas designed very tastefully. felt warm, cozy and clean. Good choices for breakfast. including fresh fruits, whole wheat breads, least but not least sliced almonds and cranberries for cereals!!!! Staff very friendly and cooperative. of course the prices have gone up than before, but its worth paying for. Rooms and beds comfortable and clean gated assess for car entry felt safe during the night. I would certainly choose this hotel for my next visit
By: Wilma O.
Iberostar Hotels and Resorts
My review is on Iberostar Tucan. I was there April 2015, it was the worst resort I have stayed in! There was animal feces on the walkways, the beach was not only covered in seaweed but litter, the water around the main dining was greenish brown, not very appetizing. We stood in line to speak with the guest service agent only to have her unplug her computer and start to walk away, with us standing there! I was told this was a five star it is a three at best, what am I comparing it to Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar, where I stayed in 2012, as well as several other resorts in the area that I have visited. Oh yes, I do have a picture of the dirt on the back of the bathroom door.

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