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By: Allan K.
Spanish Trace Condominium Inc
While not a horrible experience, my one year here was unpleasant. I will never go back and would very much not recommend living here. Reasons being:1. Mice lived in the ceiling above my apartment and the neighbors apartment. They contributed to a terrible smell that was hard to get rid of. Both myself and my neighbor alerted the condominium of the mice, but they told both of us that "it was not possible" and that they would do nothing about it.2. I rented through Bild Properties, which was a worse organization than the condominium. They charged me $50 for repairs for damages that existed on move in. They took 3 months of me calling their office to fix said damages. Often I would call with problems, they would take my information and never call me back. On move out they took $150 out of my security deposit for "cleaning" although I had thoroughly cleaned to apartment on move out.3. The roaches are numerous, no amount of poison and spray eliminated them completely. Pros: The landscaping is nice.
By: Bacanete B.
Casa Grande Towers Condominium Association Inc
there is usually only one of two elevators working. When one is fixed, it is usually only days before one of the elevators breaks again.Repairs and construction to the building, though rare, take FOREVER for reasons unknown to me. The balconies have been "in repair" for something like 2-3 weeks now and they're only halfway done. The laundry room on the second floor is hotter than Satan's sauna and there are often 1-2 dryers which are broken. However, the building is overall very quiet and populated mostly by senior Hispanics, many of which are unemployed which means little to no chaos. No trouble from anyone. Everyone is really nice and kind of keep to themselves but make for a friendly chat if you meet anyone in the laundry room. The halls and lobby are usually pretty clean. The janitor is a really nice guy. No other issues with the building that I can think of. I'm happy.
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By: Paul K.
Rolling Green Condo H
Clean, friendly, on cul-de-sac. Swimming pool, recreation room (fusball too)! Great neighbors. In close proximity of Aventura, I95, 163rd.

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