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By: Hady F.
Driving Professional School
Ricardo is the best! I am 37 and never drove before, so we had to do all from scratch. First the knowledge test, and Ricardo provided me with all needed materials and instructions/tips on how to prepare for that; I gave it a good 3 weeks of studying and passed the exam from the first time, with only 2 wrong answers out of 50 and got my learners license. Next we started the driving lessons, and we first went for a 10 hour contract, and even though I never sat behind a wheel before, Ricardo brought me up to speed on all the tips and the how-to within the first 2 classes; he genuinely spends every second with me in the car noticing any error, even minor, and correcting it and explaining all through every class everything one needs to know to be a good driver, and how and what to do in every situation, best ways to make a turn, change lanes, back up, use the gas and brakes, etc etc…he trained me in the toughest places one can encounter, including narrow round-abouts and sharp turns, as well as all regular streets, and took me to the highway and I drove there nicely from the first time thanks to Ricardo’s great teaching skills. He took me to a place that has the best set up for parking, backing-up and making three point turns, and made me practice between the cones, from all angles. As we approached the end of those classes, I was much better, but it was clear that I needed more classes to gain more confidence using the gas and make better turns, and Ricardo was able to pinpoint to me all these and where I am still making errors, what is still not right and needs improvements, so we went for 4 more classes, and sure enough, after only 2 of them, I was virtually driving normally, on narrow, normal and large roads including the highway. On the last day of classes, I had my driving test, completed it comfortably in barely 5 minutes and passed from the first time!I highly recommend the Driving Professional School for everyone, even if you never drove before, not only you will learn driving comfortably, but you will be a good driver right after!
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By: Aine O.
Driving Professional School
I chose Ricardo (aka Jose) because of the amazing reviews I saw on the internet for him. He lived up to my expectations and let me tell you, my expectations were high!!! I am 36 years old and I have only had a couple of driving lessons in my life and by far Ricardo’s was the best. I was incredibly nervous on the first day and he told me to get in the car straight away and drive- I was terrified. But his skills in teaching are great- now after 6 lessons and 4 more to go, I am already a different person behind the wheel. As previous reviews indicate, Ricardo points out the areas where you need to improve, he is incredibly patient and humorous. He instills confidence in you by allowing you to take responsibility whilst gently guiding you to correct any errors. He arrived to class on time and even on the one occasion when he came late because of the traffic, he extended the class without me even asking. With 18 + years experience as a teacher, I felt that Ricardo was very professional, patient and excellent in his job. I highly recommend his school to anyone learning to drive, be it teenagers or mature students, those who are nervous and those who need a little extra encouragement 3 lessons later- I passed the test! On the first time round. I kept debating with Ricardo that I didn’t think I was ready but he continued to encourage me and give me confidence. Ricardo was an incredibly patient teacher- with plenty of experience of hearing all sorts of colorful words! It was really enjoyable to learn from him and I write this in hopes to convince others to try his class- you won’t regret it! Gracias Ricardo 
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By: Mohamed S.
Driving Professional School
I called Ricardo's school based on the great reviews. I just needed a couple of hours of driving lessons to understand the exact requirements of the driving test in Florida, as I already had a European driver's license. And also because I needed a car to pass the test. I thought the price was relatively high at first, but the complete experience was totally worth it! He picked me up, I drove to a quiet street where we could practice. Ricardo knows how to point out the exact things that you might find in the exam. After the driving lessons, we went to the DMV office to pass the knowledge and driving test. Ricardo stayed with me the whole day, until I got my driver's license and then gave me a ride back home. Moreover, Ricardo is a really nice guy and it was a pleasure to talk to him that day. You can't ask for a better experience.
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By: Rinae J.
Driving Professional School
Ricardo is the most amazing instructor. When I started my lessons I was nervous and practically clueless about maneuvering a vehicle. After 2 classes with Ricardo I was confident and driving way better. He patiently thought me how to turn correctly and all other essential aspects of operating the vehicle. I passed my driving exams all thanks to Ricardo and his marvelous teaching skills. Ricardo is professional and friendly enough so that you are comfortable learning. I definitely do recommend doing driving lessons with Ricardo.
By: Fortunee C.
Driving Professional School
Ricardo is an amazing driving teacher! He is patient, respectful, and super friendly. After a few classes, you begin seeing amazing results. He makes you a very confident driver and he gives you great tips because he cares about you and your safety. After having him you won't only pass the driving exam on your first try, but you will also be a cautious driver. Plus, he welcomes your parents to be in the car during the lessons. I recommend him to everyone who is looking for a driving instructor!
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By: Orlando M.
Driving Professional School
If you are looking for a driving school, I would highly recommend Driving professional school. José is the best instructor ever. So easy going, kind and patient and taught me everything I needed to know about driving. In just a few classes I was ready for the test.he picks you up and drops you off on time from whatever location you decide. Don't hesitate and call today. Tomorrow you'll be very very Happy. Thanks a lot José
By: Victoria C.
Driving Professional School
I had the opportunity of having Ricardo as my driving teacher and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Ricardo gave me lots of confidence and really made me feel like I am ready to drive. His patience, courteousness, and consideration are just several reasons why I was able to successfully pass my driving test. Without a doubt, I would recommend Ricardo to anyone who is looking for a driving teacher!
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By: Carlo M.
Andina Driving School
Professionals, kind, and patient instructors. Always willing to help and work with your schedule. The key to learn how to drive safely is to be honest with one self ,as when they ask you a simple questions as: how much experience do you have behind the wheel. That is the only you will be helped by a professional driving school like Andina Driving School does to teach you how to drive defensively.
By: Carlos C.
Driving Professional School
We are very pleased with Ricardo and his services. Our daughter said he is patient and has a great attitude. He teaches you what's going to be on the driving test. Our daughter passed the driving test on her first attempt. We also liked how he values your time and money. He never offered more than what was needed. We have recommended him to all our friends. Thank you, Ricardo.
By: Natalia S.
Metro Traffic School
Excellent service! I had an instructor, his name is Jack! Super professional, very patient, kind and supportive. I have never driven before, I was afraid... But 5 lessons with Jack made of me a pretty good driver!!! I passed my driving test from the first time and now i'm behind the wheel all the time :)Highly recommend this school to anybody who wants to learn to drive!

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