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By: Charlie M.
Grooming By Melinda
So I was in need of a new groomer and decided to try this place out. Anyways, I decided to try them out for a bath for one dog and a cut and bath for the other. I am greeted by a woman in the middle of dying her own hair while cutting another dog's hair. So for the bath only dog, I asked if she brushes (he sheds), does the anal glands thing, and clips the nails. She replies yes to all and that they will brush him well enough so he minimizes his shedding. Great. I then give her instructions for the haircut for the other one, a Yorkie. She says give it an hour. That's pretty quick I thought. Anyways, hours go by and I am waiting for her call when I finally get one an hour before closing time. Her impression on the phone is like I better rush to pick up the dogs (where are you, how long till you can pick up the dogs I'm asked) because they are ready. I pick up my dogs and head to the dog park so they can enjoy themselves. There I noticed that the one that was given the bath is still wet, his butt was still dirty and shedding like crazy. The lady did nothing put probably bathe him last second and didn't even properly dry or brush him like I asked. Matter of fact, he didn't even smell like he was bathed. Then I start to inspect the Yorkie's haircut. It looked like a a two year old with dull scissors cut him. One side of his body the hair is short and the other was much longer. The ears looked liked she cut from 8 different angles and looks super choppy. One ear has the hair longer and the other is short. I had to sit for hour after the park and try to even out his hair so he wouldn't look like he was stuck in a blender. Not sure if she even bathed him because he smelled some cheap spray that she sprayed him with when I was picking him up. Another thing, I pay $70 with a debit card and she says she has to charge the merchant fees, because "nothing in life is free." So she adds like a $1.20 to the charge. How petty and unprofessional.
By: Deborah C.
Bubbles Pet Grooming
The pet groomers are really great at what they do. I appreciate the fact that they are so gentle when it comes to handling my beloved pets.
By: Merida ruth C.
Bubbles Pet Grooming
hello my name is Merida Perez, and I am 80 years old. Are you to heritage my grand daughter's Yorkshier Terrier Betty years ago when she went off to do her PhD and my daughter, her mother, KB to move in with me to help me with the activities of daily living. Maddox means the world to me and he is a therapy dog for myself . I have been going to Bubbles for many years I do the odor in the staff very well they have gone above and beyond their job duties if picking me up and dropping me off to my home since we live very close by there place is very clean pet friendly, it smells like I wish my house smelt, of the staff and older's eyes light up immediately do you feel like you're rude you're rude home and feel confident in their care of your family member, your pet. The owner is excellent the cuts are meticulous and she really was born for the task she has at hand. She is a wonderful caring person humidity are you up to "pet-tarian", and our family would never change her for the world and we go the distance if we had to. Very humble down to earth God like Sarid focused and confident in what she's doing. Don't miss the experience !! --Merida Perez for "Maddox Chiclet Cespedes"
By: Lena P.
Adrianas Grooming Inc
Adriana is the only groomer I can trust my pets to. An excellent professional, with a special hand for pet grooming. I highly recommend her.
By: Janette G.
Happy Dog Grooming & Pet Shop
Ever since i started with they're mobile grooming they've never let me down, and bonus they are really cheap for their great service, the groomer is always patient when he has to wait for me to open the door and very nice people i'm never gonna change to anyone else them only haha
By: Gaby M.
Happy Dog Grooming & Pet Shop
Love this company!!! They have the best service i've seen compared to past experiences with other mobile grooming cars, these people will literally give your dog a mohawk if you want them to, its a 10/10 from me XD
By: Marco C.
Happy Dog Grooming & Pet Shop
great work, definitely recommend them to anyone with picky customs, they always do the work i tell them and never betray
By: Ernest A.
Abba Pet Shop & Grooming Salon
Beware of this place. I recently took my dog for a grooming. He came back scratching his ear. I figured he might have had some reaction to the soap or product being used. After a couple of days his scratching became more persistent and noticed black goop coming out of his ears. I took him to the vet and they told me that his ears weren't dried and he developed an infection. After multiple visits paying over $300 he might have lost hearing in one hear. please consider my post before taking your pet to ABBA.
By: I A.
Rainbow Grooming And Pet Boutique
DO NOT TAKE PETS HERE. After picking my dog up (shih tzu), I noticed a SLIT in her ear & what looks like crusted blood. It also looks like the wound was BURNED, probably to try to cauterize it to stop the bleeding. (see pictures above) Completely unacceptable. A true professional knows how to groom a dog, without injuring it. There is no excuse for this. The worst part is that they DID NOT EVEN TELL ME ABOUT THE INCIDENT. I can only imagine the pain and trauma that she must have experienced--having a part of her be slit and not having her owners there to comfort her because nobody called us. If I had been called, I could have taken her to the vet to be stitched. But no one called me. In my opinion, they injured my dog and did not notify me, and tried to cover it up. Now, there is a possibility that my dog might rip off the piece of her ear that is left hanging. If you care about the health, safety, and well-being of your pets, I would not recommend that you take them to this groomer.
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By: Nelson V.
Amber's Pet Grooming
The shop is in a strip mall, no big whoop. The tree is dealing with Michelle and the rest of the staff. They're awesome! They are on point by far. They use all organic stuff, one of the very few places in the city in which my dog doesn't come back with irritated red skin and generally cranky. Place is great!!
Tips & Advices
Many people fear that their pet will be injured at the groomer, but incidents of serious injury are infrequent. For minor injuries , it is appropriate the groomer pay the vet bill, and can usually be worked out between groomer and owner. For moderate to severe injuries, you can attempt to activate groomer’s liability insurance to cover medical expenses. However, be aware that most groomer contracts stipulate that the business does not assume responsibility.
Staff at groomers know that there is inherent risk when handling animals, and they are familiar with being snapped at or bitten. However, it is not a normal occurrence or something you should ignore. Many people choose to cover medical expenses or pay extra--at minimum, apologize and get the dog into behavior classes. It is a given that  you should sedate or muzzle the animal for all future grooming sessions.
It is always recommended to make an appointment to get your pet groomed. While some groomers, especially in the larger pet stores, can accommodate with short notice, popular neighborhood groomers are often booked out two weeks out or longer on weekends.
If your pet has sensitive skin, let the groomer know when you set the appointment. But be aware, all dogs have sensitive skin by human standards--their skin is much thinner. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for signs of sensitivity, and reduce it through regular grooming with gentle, natural shampoo and conditioner. Oatmeal shampoo is a favorite. Daily brushouts and omega oil supplements are recommended for every day at-home care.
For various reasons including insurance clauses and pet-owner relationship dynamics and behaviors, groomers prefer owners don’t stay with their pets while being groomed.

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