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By: ciarao
Dr. Katherine D Chung, MD
I found this Dr. on the AVMED physician directory. I went in for my first visit yesterday and it was a very nice surprise.LOCATION- the office is located in a large intersection- the Regions Bank Building on 36th and Biscayne so its impossible to miss it! Parking is free and offices are tidy! STAFF- the reason why i chose this DR to begin with was the service i got over the phone- i went through a list of places and most places had really unprofessional and rude receptionists- at which case i hung up and tried a different number until BINGO! i hit this office. The receptionist is very polite and soft spoken. She is very professional and just a pleasure to speak to! Very nice and friendly -first PLUS!I did wait a little longer than usual but the front desk young lady told me that my insurance was having technical difficulties and she couldn't get in touch with them. They had a nice big flat screen TV in the reception which made my wait barely noticeable.DR- She is extremely nice and polite. So genuinely concerned and listened to all my crazy rants and medical history ups and downs. She was very receptive to all my comments and offered great advice and even helped me with recommendations on other specialists i should see. She even had the front desk girl make copies with specialist information and wrote referrals so i wouldn't have any problems with my insurance covering my services. She also took down the names of all my prescription meds and found cheaper alternatives and then sent them directly to my pharmacy so i wouldn't even have to bother dropping them off WOW! this place is really amazing and understands people and how to take care of them and their needs. I would most definitely recommend this place 100%
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By: Jeffrey S.
Gastro Health
This was my second time for the exam, first one was 5 years ago and it was also a 5-star experience. Again, I found on my second visit the same top-quality experience from the intake paperwork staff being well organized to the pre-exam by a nurse all went very smooth. I found the staff to be professional and very friendly. Dr. Leavitt's initial visit with me to discuss the scheduled exam was not rushed, very informative and certainly instills confidence not only in his experience but his entire team. He took the time to explain the procedure and answer any questions I had. The day of the exam this past Wednesday I was on the schedule for the first procedure. Again, I found professional and friendly staff from the intake registration desk to the bedside care both pre-and post care of the procedure. All and all this top-flight team makes having the colonoscopy as pleasant as possible. The procedure is totally painless, over very quickly and when Dr. Leavitt did his follow up with me a brief time after I awoke from the anesthesia his report and bedside manor was again excellent. I am lucky the Dr. informed I had clean bill of health and to schedule again in 10 years... now that is good news and if he is not retired and still working I be sure to schedule with him and his fantastic group of Gastro Health in Miami. I highly recommend Dr. Leavitt and his entire team at Gastro Health.
By: Jesus F.
Viamonte, Manuel III MD FACS
What a doctor!This man is very capable and masters his field of knowledge, but also he is not a "mercenary" like others in the business, who charge you a bunch of dollars for nothing. I have been seeing this doctor for 3-4 months now, for a case of hemorrhoids. I have not medical insurance, so I need to be very careful with medical fees. Since my first visit, he was very precise in telling me what I had and what treatment I required. At the time I was bleeding profusely, so I was a little scared and I had no choice but go to see a proctologist at any cost. I believe he knew all of this, and certainly he could ask me an absurd amount of money per visit, but this was not the case. His charges have been more than fair for the procedure he has been followed with me. I need to say that I did not know him and certainly he did not know me before my first visit. Today, after 4 visits, he made an inspection (as he always does) and he informed me that the issue I had has been fixed. At the end I have my problem solved, I'm happy (and not in a verge of bankruptcy) and very impressed for his medical ethics.
By: Alex D.
Christopher Hodgkins MD
My experience with Dr. Hodgkins & his staff are excellent!! I was supposed to do a 70.3 at the end of the month of Sept in Augusta Georgia and 3 week prior my race broke my ankle while training on my cycling bike on 9/3/2016 had surgery on 9/6/16. I was devastated and I couldn't believe it that this was happening to me so I left it in god hand. Since I did already sign up for a full Ironman 140.6 in Nov-2016 and the race is for Nov 2017, I was scare to death that was going to able to compete on this race, I did ask the Dr. if I was able to run again, and he told me I would be back to normal within the six month is only been 5 month and one week and I been swimming, cycling and running on the treadmill 3 to 5 miles twice a week and today he gave me the news that I wanted to hear that I could run in the pavement, I thank god everyday how lucky I am to have this Dr. come thru my path and perform surgery and his staff for taking care of me.From the bottom of my Heart THANK YOU!!!! Dr. Hodgkins and your staff!! Alex D.
By: Anto G.
Pazmino, Byron, MD
I was very nervous about a facelift because of so many horror stories I've heard & seen but my daughter n law had a tummy tuck with Dr. Pazmino so when I saw how great he was with her I knew I had found my surgeon . His hands are blessed !! I'm a few days out & the staff has really gone above & beyond for me . I feel so comfortable . When I first got there I met Cathy who really made the financial part of this surgery possible . Then , I met Jesenia who I had spoken to on the phone before & really made me feel confident about what I was about to do going over some details about the procedure. Finally I had my visit before my surgery I met Malena who went over what to expect & how I can best get ready for the surgery . I have truly had a smooth experience . I'm 3 days out and I'm barely bruised & feel great but if I feel & look great now , then I can only imagine in a few weeks ! So excited to get some of my youth back .
By: janinelac
Sunset Radiology, Inc.
Mi familia y yo elegimos Sunset Radiology porque en un solo dia pueden realizar varios procedimientos previamente coordinados, siempre ellos se encargan de coordinar con la oficina de mi Doctor todo acerca de los tramites con mi seguro, cuando he llegado al centro siempre me recibe un muchacho que me da toda la informacion a llenar y tambien nos ayuda con cualquier pregunta si no entendemos algo, nos separan a los pacientes porque tienen 3 salas de espera; tambien me gusta porque todo el personal es bilingue, y sobre todo porque generalmente los resultados los envian a mi Doctor en 1 hora y me ofrecen siempre el CD con las imagenes del estudio por si las quiero llevar a un Doctor especialista...ahh y una vez se me rompio el carro y ellos me transportaron y me regresaron a casa. Yo recomiendo plenamente Sunset Radiology, porque a comparacion de otros centros este si tiene todo lo que esperaba.
By: Irene L.
Mercedes DR Rosenberg PA
I am a real person that appreciate and recognize good service. Therapy always takes time, I have such a great therapy experience with her.....I feel that when she talks is an effective way of presenting me, different solutions. Dr Rosengberg is like no other, she can pin point exactly my issues. She has 3 master in psychology and 2 masters in Acupuncture. Because of all her studies and life experience combine I feel safe to cry or share my truth. she provides professional, wise and alternative advice. She helped me in one of the toughest situations that a mother can experience with my child. I have a history of panic attacks, anxiety and depression that are no longer in my system!!!! It takes time to do some changes in life, but with the right guidelines. advise and good intention my kids and me are safe, and that's all it matters to me
By: Maripyn T.
Cora Health
I was greeted amicably and prompt. The staff is very professional. After filling up the paperwork which the process is brief, I was directed to the therapist. JC my therapist sat down with me and took some information pertaining to my health and problem at hand. He then set up a plan of treatment that would meet my needs. He was very cordial,professional and patient. I also felt at ease because the whole staff worked together . Great teamwork and they give the patient priority. They make you feel like family. JC and staff is a great asset to the company. I will definitely refer family and friends. I am very pleased with your service. Thanks a lot you really made a difference in my life and also provided tools for me to incorporate in my daily routine. God Bless you and your company! Sincerely,Marilyn Truffin
By: Oscar A.
Christopher Hodgkins MD
Dr. Hodgkins is a true professional and an amazing surgeon. I fractured my ankle and when I visited Dr Hodgkins he explained everything in great detail and was there to answer every question I had. I never felt rushed. His bedside manners were great. I knew that he would be the doctor to operate me. The follow up post surgery was awesome. They followed up to see if I felt good and if I had any questions for the doctor. 17 weeks post surgery I feel great! The office appointments are very punctual If your appointment is at 330pm, you are in at 330pm! They never make you wait more than 10 min. The operation was a total success. People see me walking now and cant believe I had surgery just a few weeks ago! I would definitely recommend Dr Hodgkins to anyone who needs ankle surgery.
By: Ursula A.
Carlos E. Wiegering, MD
Me hace feliz compartir mi testimonio con todos ustedes sobre mi experiencia con el Dr. Carlos Wiegering., como cirujano plástico; tuve la oportunidad de conocerlo ademas de atenderme con el y a partir de ese momento mi felicidad fue inmensa, no solo por los resultados que fueron excelentes sino por el servicio que allí me prestaron desde el mismo momento en que llegue a sus instalaciones.El Doctor Carlos Wiegering brinda una seguridad y confianza a todos sus pacientes, lo que se hace fácil decidirse en operarse con él . Recomiendo al Doctor Carlos Wiegering , por su profesionalismo, su calidad humana y por su equipo de trabajo que es sin duda alguna el mejor. Reitero mi cariño y satisfacción y les envió un saludo muy especial al Doctor y todos sus colaboradores.
Tips & Advices
Radiological exams can be either diagnostic or interventional. Diagnostic exams are intended to detect the presence of a certain condition, like a bone fracture or a tumor inside the body. Interventional radiology uses imaging techniques to assist in treating a condition, usually through surgery, but the procedure itself is not intended to have a direct impact on the outcome of the disease.
The exact process of an exam will vary depending on the specific type of imaging procedure and the goal of the test. Patients will usually be situated near a machine that will direct the appropriate form of energy to the part of the body being examined. Technicians help patients perform the necessary steps to complete the process.
Most imaging exams do not have any immediate side effects. The most important side effect of many forms of radiology is the exposure to small doses of radiation. In almost all cases, a single exam will deliver a radiation dose that is too low to have any effect, but over repeated exposure, the risk of developing cancer from this radiation increases. Radiologists take several precautions to limit exposure on behalf of patients as well as themselves and their staff.
Results from an imaging procedure may be available almost instantly (as with X-rays and ultrasound), or might take a few minutes to develop. However, in some cases it will take a radiologist additional time to analyze and report on the images collected, so results may be delayed by a few hours or days.
Radiologists can perform a variety of imaging procedures depending on their specialty. Common examples include:
  • X-rays.
  • Computed tomography (CT scans).
  • Ultrasound.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  • Positron emission tomography (PET).
  • Interventional radiology: Using specialized imaging techniques to assist with surgery, either immediately before or in the process of a surgical procedure.

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