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By: Michelle K.
Super Insurance Services Inc
I have been having an impossible time trying to find someone who could help me understand this insurance marketplace after my insurance company dropped my plan. i literally called 5 different companies and spoke w several different ppl who gave me incorrect or insufficient information. Finally I ended up using google to do my own research and found the company phone numbers to the individual health insurances offered on the market place. I called them all but the only one who seemed interested in helping me was this man named Keith from Molina healthcare. Keith sent my info to some brokers in the area that were supposed to get back to me and never did. I called keith back a few weeks later to let him know and he was so devastated he said he would make it his first priority to find me a broker who would take the matter seriously. The next day he referred two different brokers. I called the first one and got an agent named Danny Delgado. I could tell from the first 4 sentences that he was the first agent Ive talked to that is fully knowledgeable on all this new healthcare marketplace stuff. He explained in laymens terms all the different health care options and how each differentiated from the others. I honestly feel 100 percent more educated on the subject myself after speaking with him. He helped me choose the most appropriate plan for me and was not focused on trying to get me to spend as much as possible in fact he found me the cheapest plan ive seen so far. I usually dont go out of my way to write long reviews unless im really disappointed in something I will give credit where it is due and but Keith (of Molina Healthcare) and Danny (of Super Insurance) need to be recognized for being 2 of the few that take their job seriously now adays. I applaud you both.
By: kellygross
So my adventure started when I decided to ship my car rather then drive it from Ny to Fl. Bronx to miami to be exact. I went on a review site an there were like 100 car shipping companies to choose from. I solely focused on the gold section of the site which is a section where the best car shipping companies are listed. I narrowed down the search to about 5 companies and decided to call each of them. Car Shipping pros was one of them. I called them fourth I think. Someone answered vs the multiple calls I had to do for someone to actually answer in those other auto transport companies. Then with everyone else it was like pulling teeth I swear for them to tell me about the auto shipping process! Never in my life! I dealt with Kathleen at car shipping pros and instantly she was different. Not only did she quote me the exact car shipping quote but she also let me know it WAS an initial bid so tehre was never any real BS coming from her vs those guys I spoke to taht couldn't even pronounce their own names I swear! She instantly replied to my email after we finsihed speaking cause I had forgotten one last question to ask. And that's what did it I said im choosing her. I feel comfortable she won't let me down. It's her self assurance she told me look Im very good at what I do. You want to get picked up you go with me. You want drama you go with them period. You go with me I can guarantee you I leave it all on teh table. AMEN! Kathleen parker here is your review!
By: natefoster
This review is a proof that Car Shipping Pros car delivery service is very reliable. A friend of mine living in Colorado bought my 1999 Grand Cherokee. I'm now worried how to bring the car to his place, since my busy schedule won't let me have the chance to drive the jeep all the way to Colorado. He then mentioned to call Car Shipping Pros to take care of the delivery, I don't trust car delivery services because I've read of a few horrible reviews but since my friend recommended this company then I gave it a shot. I had talked to Kathleen Parker and she promised to deliver the truck in a week because they have several deliveries on queue. I agreed to their terms because my friend is out for 3 days. After a week, I received a call from my friend that he got the Jeep and I'm very glad that Car Shipping Pros sticks to their word. I now only trust Car Shipping Pros to handle my car deliveries and would recommend them to all my friends.
By: Laura S.
First let me start off by saying I have a convertible stingray that is my pride and joy! I must have spoken to at lesat 20 companies man to even start grasping an idea of what this thing was gonna cost me as far as transport price was concerned. I also wanted to have the transport be totally closed so if they encountered bad weather in boston with the snow we have been having my Vette would be nice and dry! I knew this would run me about $400 more but I wasnt willing to expose my collectible to the horrid weather we are having. Brittney was so sweet and she had 6 different options for me by the end of the day! I honestly was blown away by the level of service Brittney provided and would recommend her to anyone looking to ship their car. The Vette arrived in 3 days to florida from boston and we were just extatic to have her home! Brittney i most certainly thank you sweetheart!
By: lordford
My family moved from Illinois to Florida and I don't want to leave my father's Gran Torino, he left it to me before he passed away. That car means a lot to me and it keeps me reminded of my late father. He's a war veteran and he takes care of that car ever since he retired from service. I called Car Shipping Pros a few days ago and scheduled a pickup before we leave IL, talked to Kaetlin and I told her that we have a narrow window and will her company be able to pickup the car. Good thing one of their delivery truck is near the area and will be able to pickup the car the other day. Everything went smoothly and the car was also delivered as scheduled. I really like how Kaetlin and all their staff coordinated and made the delivery possible. Thanks Car Shipping Pros, you'll definitely hear from me again, I would recommend their car delivery service to all!
By: brandonbrass
Bought a 1983 Cadillac from a war veteran living in Tennessee. The car is aesthetically good but had some major engine problems that I got for a fairly low price. I now looked for a better way to ship the car from Tennessee to California since driving it is not an option. The seller suggested to call Car Shipping Pros because he saw it deliver his neighbor's SUV a few days ago. So I then called their toll-free number and talked to Maria Trujillo. She took every details from the car owner and I find it very helpful because I don't have to bother myself about the car because I haven't seen it personally. She then gave me the delivery truck driver's number so I could contact him along the way. Then after a week, got a call from the driver that the truck will arrive in my area in around an hour or two. That's what I call fast and hassle-free service!
By: conrad.fraser.14
Im a dealer and hired car shipping pros as part of the corporate package they have for dealers so i qualified for a multiple car discount and ive never done this before because everything is usually done in house but after seeing the time it takes us to ship our own cars im definitely be calling Jennifer Patterson from this point forward. In 5 hours all 5 vehicles were picked up and delivered and there was no problems whatsoever.folks shipping cars need to know that regardless of going with a broker or directly with a truck driver things happen and neither the broker or the truck driver have any control over that. I definitely tell my buyers listen the transport will be 10 days but if the truck driver or the broker calls you and says im delivering in 7 you lucked out! It always works for me.Thanks Jen you saved us a ton of time and money!
By: donmessickboom
I was on a business trip in Michigan when the car deal I've been waiting for was finally given to me. Talking of bad timing, the car is in Florida and I'm living in New York, how the hell will I get the car. I really wanted that car and I'm getting desperate on how to bring the car to my house. Upon searching online, I found a car shipping company in Michigan which is Car Shipping Pros. Talked to Louise Rubin and I told them my situation, to my surprise she told me that they always come across this and they can do the delivery according to my schedule. I set the car delivery to Car Shipping Pros and the delivery was made on time without me even actually being present in the pickup. Thanks for your big help! the SLK is now sitting in my garage!
By: Robert M.
I have to ship my old man's Plymouth back to FL because he's moving with me for a few months for his medication. The problem is that he's already here with me and his car is still in California! He said not to worry because he left the car keys to my cousin who's living near him. To make the story short, he found car shipping pros in one of the ads in a website and found great results and reviews so we took the chance to give them a call, told them the situation and they took the job. Car was picked up after 3 days and took them 6 days to deliver it here. We're not expecting it to be delivered quickly but this company made it possible. We'll give you a call again once my dad is about to return to CA.
By: Michael M.
This was the first time that I have shipped our family car. After researching for reliable car shipping companies, I have found a new review posted online about car shipping pros. At first, I was hesitant because of the scams and rumors that comes along with online research, but I gave a go with this company because of their no downpayment policy plus they are also giving a $100 rebate on all shipping routes. So I have nothing to lose if they didn't show up on the said pickup date. To my surprise, the carrier arrived on the said date and my sister received the car on time. Now I was thinking that I should use car shipping pros again on my future deliveries. A highly dependable auto shipping company!
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Errors and omission insurance covers business-related mistakes that lead to injury of a third party, such as neglecting to file important papers.
While property, liability and workers’ compensation are the most common types of business insurance, other types include property, business interruption, and errors and omissions.
Business insurance does not cover professional liability (due to poorly performed work), the purchase of replacement equipment, vehicle accidents not related to work, or business lost due to damaged equipment.
Factors impacting the cost of business insurance premiums include the type of business, the risk involved, the size and number of employees, your experience in the industry, and location.
No. Business insurance covers general legal issues such as injuries that occur on your property and property damage. Professional insurance covers lawsuits focused on service such as charges of negligence, contractual disputes, etc.

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