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By: Adri G.
The Learning Experience - Miami Kendall
Since the very first day, we knew that Kendall TLE was the right place for our 18 month old son to begin his first social experience away from home. With an amazing team and a rich learning program, our baby enjoys different experiences every day. I can tell that my son enjoys every day at TLE along to his lovely teacher. He has learned new things like songs, new words, phrases and sign language. We could not be happier with Kendall TLE Center and its team.Desde el primer día que visitamos el TLE de Kendall, supimos que era el lugar que estábamos buscando para que nuestro niño de 18 meses comenzara su experiencia fuera de casa. Con un excelente equipo y un amplio programa de aprendizaje, nuestro niño vive variadas experiencias todos los días. Puedo decir, que mi niño disfruta cada día junto a su amorosa maestra y sus compañeritos de aula. Ha aprendido nuevas cosas, desde canciones, nuevas palabras hasta lenguaje de seña que utiliza también en casa. No podemos estar más felices con el equipo de TLE de Kendall!
By: Yoko T.
The Learning Experience - Biscayne
I was extremely impressed with The Learning Experience in dowtown Miami.When looking for daycares for my 1 and 3 yr old, I take into consideration several factors that will enhance my children's growth developmentally as well as emotionally. This school not only has top of the line technology in their classrooms, but it also has a thorough curriculum which ensures me that I will be leaving my kids at a learning center, rather than just a daycare. The classrooms are inmaculate, with brand new furnishings, interactive play/learning areas, and individual bathrooms. The playgrounds are just amazing! One of the 2 playgrounds has miniature "real life" locatins, such as a grocery store, fire station, diner, etc. and a slide that leads children to a pool filled with small balls... a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e-! I am looking forward to having my kids attend this center, where attention to detail has definitely been a priority for the owners.Loved this place and can't wait to be part of The Learning Experience family :)
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By: Natasha F.
The Learning Experience - Miami Kendall
My son Kalehl has been Enrolled and is starting soon! I've been a stay at home mom since my son was born. He is now two months shy of his third birthday! My goal was to teach him the fundamentals ABC's,123's, a Love of reading, shapes & colors. To my surprise he quickly excelled at anything I put in front of him. He now knows sight words, can count to 100 & backwards from 59, his reading abilities shock me everyday... Needless to say we had a huge emphasis on the academic aspect of all The facilities we visited however The learning experience Kendall was The only one that not only met but exceeded all of our expectations & needs. I was completely blown away by the curriculum, I love that he will get the chance to learn a second language, seriously they have lesson plans on traveling the world and philanthropy!!! The staff are warm and inviting, The learning experience Kendall is also immaculate. I joke that this is toddler College but I seriously I'm in love with this school!
By: Beatrice K.
140th Avenue KinderCare
We had visited about 10 daycares in the area before we found out about Kindercare (140th Avenue, Bent Tree). My husband and I immediately felt that our 7-month old son would be in good hands and that he would get the attention and guidance he needs as an individual child to develop into the wonderful boy he is today as a 3-year old. The Director, Assistant Director and Teachers have all been wonderful from the first day and have always been available to talk about his progress or to answer any questions we have had.About two months ago we moved to Europe and thus had to take our boy out of Kindercare. This was a very sad moment for us, as we know how much he loved to go to his daycare and how much he loved his friends and teachers. He still talks a lot to us about the good times he had at Kindercare!Thank you to all the Kindercare members for having such a great impact in our son’s life!
By: kiyoe.higashimori
New World Academy
If you are looking for a daycare, you should come and see it for yourself.I have enrolled my older son (2yrs old) about 6 months ago and now my younger son (7 months old) and I am extremely happy that they go to NWA. I trust them with my children because they really CARE. Not only they have thoughtful staff, but the facility is well maintained and safe. I originally hesitated about writing a review, because I just wanted to keep this place just for us; but I decided not to be so selfish! If my mommy friends lived closer, I would recommend in a heartbeat. NWA is very generous and flexible. I have never written reviews before, but I just needed to share my thoughts openly, because I am grateful. If you don't believe me, you should check it out and talk to Marilyn.
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By: Isabelle T.
New World Academy
This school is A+++++ awesome. My daughter has been there for 3 years and is graduating now from VPK. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Either the owner or director is always there to answer my questions and give helpful advice. It is always spotless. They have cameras in every room. Baby room is right in front and enclosed with french glass doors so you see your baby as soon as you walk in. An added perk I loved when I first chose New World was that nap time is not a bunch of mats on the floor like other daycares. They are raised off the floor. Everything is just so cute and organized. Now that my daughter is In VPK, she has learned so much, and I feel she is truly ready for kindergarten. She'll be there this summer too.
By: valeoscar5656
Villa Learning Center
This place is amazing! The staff helped out so much in adjusting to the changes we would encounter in our lives. I was a stay-at-home Mom for almost two years and it was time to go back to work. My son was extremely attached to me, and cried the first few weeks, but now he loves it so much, that he gives me a tour of the school almost everytime I go to pick him up! LOL!! He loves his teachers and enjoys time with the classmates. He's learning more each day; speaks more and comes in the car, singing a song all the time. I love seeing him happy and knowing that he is in safe hands. I appreciate all they've done to make us feel comfortable!!
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By: Patty C.
Learn & Play Inc
This is not just a daycare, it is a learning center that takes pride in caring and teaching our children in a loving manner. My older daughter started there at the age of 2 ... she is now 18 and a college student. After 14 years, I had a second child and there was no question that Learn and Play would be the place for her. Most of the teachers that were there when I first went there 16 years ago are still there which says a lot not just about the teachers but also the owner. When I went to sign up my younger one, they still remembered me and my older daughter after so many years. I can't say enough about this school.
By: Muchi S.
The Learning Experience - Biscayne
Immaculate facilities and the latest technology which included interactive/touchscreen boards. I love that it has two big areas for the kids to play, the regular playground which is really big and full of toys, and then a cute and huge area that simulates a typical american street where kids pretend doing grocery shopping or being a firefighter. The best part is that this area has a slide where kids land on a pool full of balls. I made the tour with my son and he didn't want to leave! Super excited about my kids going here.
By: domingo.carlucci
New World Academy
Best daycare....by far...I have been taking my daughter since she was just 8 month old. Since then she has learn valuable social skills that has helped her interact not only with other kids but adults. Everyone at New World Academy is always friendly and welcoming. Its like family members taking care of my little one. Very Very Very Very clean!!!!!! Big and high tech. The owner Marilyn is awsome...she truly cares about every single child and has a heart of gold. I would not trust any other place.

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