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By: evangelist.moreno
Yamile Tamargo, P.A.
Yamile Tamargo hap me I have no legs and she only charge me 1000,00 when my matterwas 3500.00. I got to like that lady so much, She is filing for my naturalization papers and I do not know where she is or how to contact her. I hope she would read this and know that i am concern about her. As far as my concern the natrualization I would like to get it done. She said she would not charge me anything but I can give her something if the money I gave her would be considered her payment I would yet give her the money for the application again. I just want her to call me 786 356 1817. I am praying for her stuff do happens and she might just need some help. I would not talk bad about her she is a beautiful person whats going on in her life I dont know but I wish her the best and hope she would call me soonthis business gets a five star from me
By: collegeguy1984
Law Office of Sara Shulevitz
Sara was recommended to my friends from LA because I was being charged with 16 felony charges. I honestly felt like I would never see the light again and I was losing hope. Sara came to meet me and her confidence and professionalism is what made me feel at ease. Sara and her paralegal simon are very diligent and work around the clock to help and work your case with the go getter attitude. She was flexible with my payment plan and not to mention when she walks into the courtroom all eyes are on her that you feel like you are a high profile client. The outcome of my case was my charges were Nolle Pros and no jail time or probation. 16 felonies is pretty much life in jail and she was able to prove my innocence and in only a less than a month my case was over!
By: Iggy D.
Donet, McMillan & Trontz PA
I would recommend the law office of Donet, Mcmillian and Trontz to all of my friends and family. Their office staff is top of the line in customer service and very knowledgable. I was personally assisted by David Donet and David Trontz,whom worked as a team on my case. Hiring them to assist me on my case was the best desicion I've could have made . I was mostly assisted by David TrontZ whom I highly respect and thank him for all the hard work in getting my case dismissed . He is a highly experienced and one of the smartest individuals I 've met so far. I'm extremely satisfied with their services, and would encourage anyone needing legal advise to give them a call or to stop by. Iris
By: Jessica S.
Jeffrey S Weiner Criminal Defense Attorneys
I hired Jeffrey Weiner to help me apply for admittance to the Florida Bar. He and his team were with me every step of the way. From reviewing my application, to dealing with representatives from the Bar, their team is on point and very professional. Thanks to his help, I am now admitted to practice in Florida! I highly recommend Mr. Weiner and his team!
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By: Mario M.
Law Office of Sara Shulevitz
My name is Maria I can honestly say Sara is great at what she does I'm recently on felony probation and caught a new charge violating my probation I called her and when I went to court this lady got my case dismissed because of her I get to be with my husband and kids I truly love this lady all money is well spent with her.
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By: Jenniefer M.
Law Office of Sara Shulevitz
Hi my is Challelys and may I say Sara Shuleviz isthe greatest attorney that ever walked the face of the earth she is also a beautiful woman that care a lot about your well being she is also a heavyweight champion in the court room . She will fight to the end she is not a quitter..
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By: Elvis C.
Well this was an easy way to hire a lawyer. I just filled in my information and brief description of my case which was family. A lawyer called me back very nice , near to me explained my options and I got a discount of 250 dollars for contacting legalted.com. thanks guys!
By: maryann.sharp38
Yamile Tamargo, P.A.
This lawyer handled our son's case with professionalism, compasion and dedication. Their hard work has given our son a second chance and this has turned his life around. They did not promise more than they could deliver and they accomplished what they set out to do.
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By: Daniel F.
Law Offices of Scott Saul
Attorney Scott Saul is the best of the best of criminal law attorneys. Dedicated, tenacious, smart, aggressive and passionate are just a few of the characteristics that can describe him. I have recommended him before and will continue to do so.
By: robertaallen34
Yamile Tamargo, P.A.
Thanks to Ms. Tamargo after my accident I spent my time recouping from my injuries without worrying about medical bills. Tamargo Law was able to get me the compensation necessary to help in this difficult time. Thanks Mrs. Tamargo!!!

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