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By: andreacorrea
Kotel Financial
Credit repair ir know to be a scam by many...I thought so too..until I signed up at Kotel Financial. There prices mught be a little higher then most credit repair businesses, but this is because they offer VIP service. You can go to their office and sit with the credit specialist, meet everyone in the office and sit back and relax because you WILL SEE results. Everyone at the office is super professional and friendly! My score went up a lot, in only a month! Every penny i payed was worth it! And not only that, they offer many other financial services. So as soon as I get my credit completly recovered, I will also get a loan and ask for some wealth management help. Kotel, I am speechless, thank you so much for all your help and for educating me on how to mantain my credit healthy.
By: Eric S.
Student Aid Center
The only people who are saying this is a scam are people who didn't understand what was supposed to happen. This is not an organization that offers to put your loans in forebearance, they facilitate income-based payments and debt forgiveness. They DO happen to put your loans in forebearance while your application is processed, but that is not the primary function of the organization. Look them up on the Better Business Bureau for more information, where they ARE recognized as a legitimate business. http://www.bbb.org/south-east-florida/business-reviews/data-processing-service/student-aid-center-in-miami-fl-90084328
By: pages5898
Prospect Mortgage Inc
First, he made a great first impression on the buyer, and gained their confidence and trust, making them feel comfortable with the closing process from the financing in, a huge plus. Tyler then stayed on top of every detail, and kept in close touch with the buyer as well as with those of us working the rest of the closing here at Prudential. His communication and credibility with the customers is extremely valuable, and knowing that I can trust him to get the deal done and to closing successfully is a huge plus for me as a realtor.
By: Darrin R.
Family America Mortgage Corp
First thing First, I'll like to Thank GOD for sending me such a person as Gary Zawadzi , of familyamerica mortgage corp. This Brother has been a major blessing to me, he's very honest, upfront, and good at his job. I mean he was always there to lend support, there was times that I wanted to give up but he was always focus , to which he promise me that there was a property out there for me. Well there was and I'll like to say Thank You Gary for doing such a wonderful job, GOD BLESS
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By: Andrea Z.
Ocean Bank
International banking center I don't thing it's wonderful to work with people that there is bullying with one official and employees and customers incredible officials is looking cells all day going to shopping just working 30' that's is that's is 3 people that work with team and hear �������� but NOT THE RELATIONSHIPMANAG . The official insult the assistant incredible abuse no body do nothing
By: murphy.bailey
World Capital Mutual Inc
However, there are no direct related risks due to performance fluctuation, volatility, conflict of interest or purchasing/selling prices. This is so due to the fact that WCM buys wholesale directly from miners or produces from internal mines and sells retail to Consumers The commodities market is based on London Spot price, the investment is generally liquid at all times.
By: Chaplain H.
Student Aid Center
STUENT LOAN FORGIVENESSIf you ever had a Christmas wish that came true this is the company that makes it happen! I had over 120k I owed in student loans and because I'm a under paid public servant after $750 and ten years my debt is forgiven!!!!!! Praise God for this company!!!!! I will always keep Michael and that company in my prayers!!!!!
By: Michael C.
Iconic Mortgage, Corp.
As an employee of Iconic Mortgage, Corp. I feel blessed to be a part of a company that not only prides themselves in their employees but also prides themselves in their clients biggest investments ever made, their home. Honorably servicing service members, making them feel safe and protected. Iconic Mortgage, Corp. Truly cares for all.
By: morgan.bell.501
World Capital Mutual Inc
Participating in the WCM Direct Gold Purchase Program involves a range of general risks which may influence the value of the investment including general maket prices, economic and political conditions, consumer confidence, movements in interest rates, changes in taxation and other laws.
By: bennyeos
Charter West Mortgage 334
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