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By: aqhotevents
Milokan Botanica and Spiritual Supply Inc.
From $10,000+ to +$50,000 in 2 months. I did a success, open doors and open roads work with m Botanical. Ever since i did that within 2 MONTHS!!, I went from grossing $10,000 plus to grossing $50,000 plus. And m botanical stated I am going to even make more!! M botanical work is real and powerful. What m botanical says will happen, with their help it will happen!!For over two years I had a significant decline income. I was rarely picking up work. I was picking up work that no one wanted with people who no one wanted to work for. I was picking up work from people who were unfair classist racist and degrading to others and treated others bad. I was picking up work from people who were mean and put down others and treated people like they were inferior. I was picking up work from people who had no morals or godliness in them. I hated working for those people because they were mean and cheap. Those people told lies on other people. They stole some of my pay. They complained a lot and tried to put blame on me. When I took their work they would not pay me all of my pay sometimes. They would also tell me that they changed their minds and they did not have any work for me when I drove over 25 miles to work. Some would get upset if I did not take their $35 work and drive 25 miles for it. They were crazy and ridiculous. They are slave drivers. They were cheaters. Let me tell you how i ended up w/m.b. One day I passed by m botanicals shop and decided to go in and get candles and other items that could help me. I may even have made a u-turn that day...that’s how my spirit drove me. I later did a reading with m botanical and was informed that success was in my path but was blocked. M botanicals cleared up and unblocked my path by giving me great powerful spiritual ordained baths, etc. Within 2 months!!! Only 2 months!! Do you want me to repeat that again. Okay…so let me go on because I know you heard me. Within 2 months (could not resist from repeating) I started to make almost $5,000 a month. Would you like me to repeat this again? Okay I will go on. M botanical make me no longer work with the crappy people I was working with and gave me new much nicer customers. The new customers treated me so much better than the prior farts I dealt with. The new customers gave me great gifts and benefits. They pay for almost all of my expenses!! And they are very generous towards me. So not only do I make almost $5,000 per month but I also do not pay for almost all of my expenses. Isn’t that amazing! They got me a phone and a computer to name the least. Okay I also got the latest ipad and gps. They pay for my travel expenses. They pay for my meals. They pay for any supplies I need. Anyone reading this please try out m botanicals and stick to the program. I received several bonus checks and advanced checks. I am saving to buy a luxury car and other things. I may not even have to buy the car out of pocket because one of my clients may get it for me. Praise god almighty for pointing me in the direction of m botanicals. Because of m botanical’s help I got clients who make me travel to different places and states and pay for all of my expenses!! Imagine where I came from...two years of struggling. I came from selling myself short to receiving lots of money. I came from working for free to getting a lot of work. I came from doors almost closed to doors wide wide open…….lol…….doors knocked right off the hinges. I came from roads blocked to road cleared. Praise the lord again I say. M botanicals stated that my business will become so successful that I may get over 150,000k per year!!! And I cannot wait. No more dollar menus. Good bye to you. No more food stamps. Thanks you for helping me but I am independent now. No more handouts. I will do the handouts. M botanicals stated I will catch up on all my bills soon which I am speedily catching up on and I will have no debt. Embark on it with m botanicals and enjoy a good life.
By: kiddyfire
Milokan Botanica and Spiritual Supply Inc.
This is The Help I have Been looking For, Milokan Botanica is The Real Deal. The Staff Is very Helpful and Courteous, They Can Help you with All your ProbleIm no Matter How Big or Small. I Am speaking from my own personal Experience I Use to have Nightmares, Restless nights,and Negative things Attacking me in the Night now all of that is gone. You Just have to be Dedicated to Your Work and Follow the Staffs instructions and They will do the Rest.Milokan Botanica I would Recommend them to all My friends and Anyone Who Need Spiritual Help. They also carry A Large inventory Of Spiritual Supplies. Barbara is a Down to Earth Person She Gave me Good Advice and She Understands Were I am Coming from Thank you Very Much R.K
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By: Rhonda W.
Botanica 7 Mares
What a wonderful place to do business. They customer service is outstanding. The way Isaias and Nelson go out of there way for the customers is hard to find now and days. Nelson, co-wire reading are on point , and his cleansing are awesome ( understatement). If you should need something and they don't have it in stock. Just ask Isaias or Nelson they will get what you need quick fast and in a hurry. Just a wonderful business to have relationship with. The store is always clean. The staff is very respectful , and helpful. Keep up the good work guys.
By: jessicawrightrn
Milokan Botanica and Spiritual Supply Inc.
Come in the afternoons and evenings if you want to see the lady. She usually has people waiting for her so call early to hold your place or make an appointment. I liked the store because they explained in a simple way how to use everything and the lady prepared a special wash for my house for me for a good price. They have a good selection of products I now use to do my monthly house cleanse. I was also happy that they carried sage. It smelled great. I also bought some crystals and incense too.
By: dynamoton
Milokan Botanica and Spiritual Supply Inc.
THE REAL TRUE POWERFUL WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!I swear that if you are ever in need of real results for your spiritual work you MUST go to Milokan Botanica. LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!!! I wish I had someone to give me this advice when i sought spiritual help. I went to several places and I got results! People go there for help with all types of situations and see results. This is mystical work therefore you must concentrate on your work and follow the instructions that are given to you for success.
By: isaias.plata.5
Botanica 7 Mares
This is definitivelly the best Botanica en Miami. Place is clean, well organized, staff is super-friendly and well stocked. The owner Nelson goes the extra mile to get you whateved you need he doesn't have. It is the only Botanica in Miami open late and open on Saturdays. Well done guys!
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By: Marisol A.
Luces De Maria Corp
Awesome place to fulfill all your religious needs. Great prices!! Excellent customer service. they have everything under the sun and if they don't have it in stock they are happy to order for you
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By: Marie O.
Milokan Botanica and Spiritual Supply Inc.
I always get work done there. They are a very honest couple that won't try to suck every penny from you like those other botanicas do. The results are amazing and very powerful...
By: isaias.plata.5
Saint Michael Imports
I was impressed during my last visit to this company, they have very high quality products for wholesalers at very good prices. Good job!
By: Ignacio M.
Faith & Hope Custom Rosaries and Repairs
Great quality products with quick and reliable repair service. Good variety of custom products too. Will use them again.

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