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By: Brooke B.
Andrew Auto Transport
I had 10 days to move a car from New Jersey to Minnesota, before I start paying $50 for storage after the 10 days were over. I was already thinking on booking a flight to go and get it, because is to hard to find a shipping company to do it in $10 days or most of them just rip you off and take your money, which it happen to me before and I even had a company that had me waiting a month to get a car and never did the job, so I had to find another one to do it. Well anyways I decided that I was gonna give it another chance to look for a car shipping company and I'm glad I did. This lady from Andrew auto transport email me with the cheapest quote from $20 others that I got from many companies. I know the drill the cheaper you go, there's more chances that you vehicle is not gonna get pick up, but I decided to call her anyways and try it. (I thought to myself what do I have to loose, if this doesn't workout. I just fly over there to get the vehicle myself.) the lady who email me name was Renee. I explain her that I only had 10 days to get the vehicle pick up the vehicle before I got charge and that I didn't have that much time to loose. She told me what I pretty much heard from other shippers. We would do this don't you worry about it. To be honest I didn't believe her, so in my head I was like.( I give her 5 days and then I'll book my flight). So she took my credit card number and told me that he will be on it, until she find someone. I waited 2 days and then boom the third day she call me saying that she had someone and they were ready to get it right away. I was even surprise and shock at the same time. I have been shipping cars for 10 years and never ever had a company that do this so fast and cheap. I'll totally recommend this company and Renee for you next shipping, because now I can finally trust someone to do my shippings fast and cheap. Thanks to Renee and Andrew auto transports.
By: Darcey D.
Andrew Auto Transport
Scott Peters was awesome . I called Andrew Auto Transport for a car transport. I was given Scott's number via email by the company and he answered my call on a Sunday afternoon. He answered all my questions and had all the right answers. I called back later that day and he picked up again right away and took my payment. Emailed me the paperwork the same day. Within 2 days I had a carrier and the car got picked up. The dispatcher called to let me know when the car was on the truck and that I could have it that same evening or in the morning if I preferred . I said that night was fine and he was polite his name was Moses. I asked for a 20 minute heads up when the driver was close so I could open my garage and move my car. The driver who's name I did get did call and 20 minutes later my car arrived. Not only did I get my car in 3 days I got same day delivery and at the exact quoted price not a dollar more. Scott Peters and Andrew auto transport delivers !!!
By: Phil D.
Andrew Auto Transport
We used Andrew to have our car transported from Oregon to Wilmington NC it was either ship it or sell it... as there was no way we were going to drive that distance at our age. price was a big reason why we decided to use this company but not the only reason. I had a lot of questions as we had never done this before, I called and spoke to Richard many, many times before we signed on.. he always was very polite and never seemed frustrated by my many questions. Once we finally booked our car to be shipped we received the call from Lilly, who informed us that a driver was assigned to our car and would be picking up in two days. The driver called about 30 hours ahead of pickup and 4 hours before he showed up at our agreed location. Richard kept us informed through the whole thing and Andrew's price was right on target and we are pleased we didn't need to sell our car.We sincerelyThank you guys,Phil and Laura Dane
By: Lexi L.
Andrew Auto Transport
This is the first time I've transported a vehicle. I actually selected Andrew Auto Transport based on reviews and BB, but was a bit apprehensive as they were one of the lowest quotes I had received. (I had quotes from $550 to $1100) Mimi sent me the quote, and I worked with here throughout the process. I was happy when I called the main number (Mimi was out of the office that day), and was able to get phone numbers for four other people I could contact. I had two go arounds because of a mishap with the dealer. Both times, a carrier was found within three days of the post. Both times the carrier showed up as schedule. Both times, the price was as quoted. I had my vehicle delivered within three days, and that was over the Thanksgiving Holiday! Service was great! The carrier very friendly and did a great job. I'd recommend the company to anyone.
By: Ivy I.
Andrew Auto Transport
I reviewed the video on Andrew Auto Transport's website and the business of transporting a vehicle suddenly all made sense. So, I decided to do a little more research on Andrew Auto Transport. I also asked Keith a lot of questions. He would email me back immediately, sometimes late at night, sometimes first thing in the morning. Andrew Auto Transport was one of the cheapest quotes I received, but I finally decided to go with them. I was still a little uncertain if they could ship for the promised quote. Keith called me after hours, from his kid's soccer practice, to answer my last minute questions. The very next morning (before I was awake), Keith sent me a text message with an offer. It was actually a couple of dollars less than he quoted me! I accepted the offer and a few hours later, my vehicle was on a truck and on it's way to Indiana.
By: Angela B.
Andrew Auto Transport
Being a first time shipper can be a very daunting process. I put my phone number and email into a website and received hundreds of phone calls, emails and text messages. I had brokers calling me left and right, even after I requested that they only email me. Out of every company that contacted me, Andrew Auto Transport is the only company that did not bombard me with calls. I was so grateful to get a hold of Gabby. When I got off of the phone with her, I felt as though I could not be in better hands. She explained the process to me so clearly and so simply, I knew that I chose the right company. Everything from start to finish was perfect and I know I would not have received better service elsewhere. I definitely recommend Andrew Auto and Gabby to anyone who wants to ship a vehicle.
By: jaytran
Andrew Auto Transport
I searched around looking for a transport company to ship my girlfriends Mazda. I first tried a company that offered me a fantastic price but ended up waiting 8 days and they never did anything. Tried a company the quoted me a bit more then the first company. This time I gave them 4 days and they too did nothing for me. I contacted Andrew Auto spoke to Richard and explained my frustration.. Three hours he found me a truck picking up the next day. The service was great and on time. My girlfriend recently moved in with me and started a new job and it was really becoming inconvenient for us having just my car to get us to work.Do yourself a favor and dont waist your time with the low ball quotes like I did, and just go with Andrew Auto they will get the job done at a fair price.
By: Willow W.
Andrew Auto Transport
I was nervous about my move from Pennsylvania to California and I wanted to find a reliable transport company to move my vehicle. I was lucky enough to find Andrew Auto Transport! Shortly after contacting them, I received an email from my broker June. She walked me through the entire process and gave me a reasonable quote. June was very knowledgeable and professional, she made me feel at ease shipping my vehicle across the country. She was very responsive, answered all of my questions, and recommended a helpful video that further explained the process. Also, The driver selected showed up on time and his truck was well maintained. I would definitely recommend this company and June to anyone looking for professional, honest, and timely service!
By: Jeffrey A.
Andrew Auto Transport
I ferried a huge SUV from LA to FL. Apparently, Andrew Auto Transport is a broker, and will allocate your shipment to a different reliable carrier to complete the move on their behalf. In my case, I never experienced any issues or problems with this arrangement. Communication was perfect on both sides during the cross-country trip. I received e-mails from dispatch a day before the pickup. I also received another call from them on the scheduled day of pickup as well as from the driver who was tasked with making sure that my consignment arrived on time. 17 hours late, my truckload arrived undamaged and in perfect condition. Cleared the remaining balance and carried on with my businesses. Overall, this was a great shipping experience for me.
By: Zara Z.
Andrew Auto Transport
I purchased a new car from a New Jersey dealership and had it transported to the San Francisco Bay Area. Andrew Auto Transport went through the time and trouble to explain to me how the brokers work and Mark was able to find me an alternative that I had not considered - enclosed transport via train. This alternative allowed my car to arrive in top condition for about 1/2 the price of an enclosed carrier truck. It did take a little longer - about 10-12 BUSINESS days for the car to arrive, but everything went very well, and most important, the car was delivered in perfect condition on or very close to the time they said it would be. This is one very, very satisfied customer. An no, I was not offered compensation for this review.
Tips & Advices
The location of a vehicle can be monitored during transport. Many auto transport companies offer tracking services that allow for monitoring a car's journey via their website. If a company doesn't offer online tracking, an owner can receive updates on the vehicle's progress and location by calling the auto transport company.
With open car transport, your car is typically moved from one location to the next on an open car hauler. Open car transport is often the less-expensive option, but it leaves the vehicle susceptible to damage from traffic and the weather. Still, know that damage is rarely incurred with open car transport. With enclosed car transport, your vehicle is shipped in a boxed trailer. This shipping method is often used to transport luxury cars, antique vehicles, and pricey specialty cars.
To prepare a car for transport, take photos of the vehicle, and identify any preexisting damage. Later, this will help assess if the vehicle has been damaged in transit. In addition to removing personal items, car owners should remove or disable the car's alarm system, and remove custom products and add-ons like DVD players and GPS systems to avoid theft. Fold in the vehicle's side mirrors, and remove the antenna.  Have an extra set of keys, so you don't have to give the carrier your only set. Finally, make sure the gas tank has roughly a quarter tank of fuel.  A full fuel tanks adds excess weight, but they’ll need to be some gas in the tank so the car can be driven to and from the shipping facility.
Your car cannot be packed with belongings while it is being transported. The Department of Transportation bans carriers from shipping cars that are loaded with household items. If a carrier breaks this law, it might be levied with a fine of up to $10,000.
Auto transport companies have insurance that is designed to provide reimbursement if damage to a car occurs during transit. If you believe your car has been damaged during transport, it's important to promptly notify the auto transport company, since some companies only allow 30 days to file a claim.

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