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By: Carlos A.
Alonso Transmission
I recently had a problem with my Son’s vehicle transmission, and after looking all over the places and getting prices in all of these places, a friend of mind told me to go and visit Alonso Transmission, when I got there, I was received by a gentleman named Ray, but one strange thing happened, he received me like if I was one of his old customers, and the curious thing is that I have never been in the place ever in my life. To continue on, I explained him the problem I was having, he then reassured me that I was in good hands. And sure I was; He and another gentleman there part of the management group name Ralph, immediately, assigned one of their staff members to inspect my son’s vehicle, after a short period of time, I was approached and told exactly what was happening with my son’s car, they invited me to go and have a ride with them, and showed me exactly what was wrong with the car, they proceeded by telling me exactly how much was going to cost me, and for my surprise it was less expensive than any other shop I went to. My son’s car was fixed in a timely manner, now, what really surprise me is the customer service of this shop, even when you call them, at first I thought that I was talking to a computer voice, and I was wrong, I was talking to one of their services reps or manager, for me they all sound the same, because they treat you with the highest quality and respect like if they were talking with, I have no idea, the president of the United States or similar, they make you feel over the phone, like if you are a king, that’s quality. I would recommend this place to anyone. There are only few places in Miami that treat you like a real customer, and in my honest opinion, this is the number one place. I want to thank specially to Mr. Ray Decespede who was with me solving my problem from the beginning to the end, making me feel like one of their family members, like it should be. Thank you Alonso Transmission
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By: Janet I.
Alonso Transmission
My mechanic gave me Alonso's Transmission contact information after diagnosing a bad transmision. I called on a Saturday at 10 AM and Ray sent a tow to my house to pick up the key and then to the car's location, for free. Ray told me i was going to have to wait untill Monday for an in-depth diagnosis and a no-strings-attached estimate. On Monday, when Ray called me with the results and explained all my options in detail, I asked him for a couple hours to make a decision and called, literally, every single Transition shop in Miami with the diagnostic given by Ray and none could top off the expertise; The price maybe, but i was looking for a permanent fix, not an unknown place with no warranty on what they're doing. I called Ray back and gave him the go ahead. He called me later with another problem my car was having and they detected and of course, took care of it at no extra charge. Ray kept calling me throughout the week, keeping me informed on what was going on with my car and reassuring me that everything was going as expected; I then realized that i had made the right choice with this guy. He completely washed away any doubt i might have had and my car was done in record time. Today i took my car back for the 10 days check up they recommend and everything is working fine. I'm very very sceptical about pretty much everything and Ray, with his amazing customer care and his team knowledge proved me wrong. I couldn't ask for anyone better. I owe him now Cuban pastelitos and Argentinian empanadas! ����
By: Ana R.
Alonso Transmission
What amazing service!!! We took our 99 Honda CRV because of an oil leak somewhere behind the transmission that Pepboys couldn't deal with. When we took it in, we thought it was on it's last leg. It made horrible noises when we applied the brake. No one could figure out why, since the brakes were fine. It made grinding noises sometimes when we turned. Also a mystery. Alonso's techs found not one, but three leaks, which was more consistent with the stains on our driveway than just one. We got that taken care of, only to find it was now making increasingly worse grinding noises. I took it back in. They solved all the mysteries of the noises that no one could diagnose and it turned out to be a very important part of the wheel assembly which could have been dangerous for us. I had to wait 8 hours for the parts to arrive and the complicated work to be done. While I waited on their comfy sofa, I was brought Cuban coffee and pastelitos, Ray offered to drive me to work, offered to buy me lunch since I had been waiting so long, basically showed me such hospitality it felt like a much needed day off instead of a day at the garage. And the car now drives like new!!! It's been years since the ride was so smooth and since I felt safe driving that car. It was worth every penny of the really great deal they gave us. I couldn't be happier.
By: Nidia C.
Alonso Transmission
Today I came across Alonso Transmission because my car broke down..having spoken with 3 auto repair shops before them to all say the same thing my transmission needed to be replaced however when I spoke to Ralph...he was amazing he eased my concerns to advise me my problem may be a cable from what I told him.. he then proceeded to advise me he could send a tow truck since my car was I thought this is great...when I was ready to have my car picked I then spoke with Ray which too was amazing..he worked promptly to ensure the tow truck got there quickly...when I arrived I met them both..very impressed of how I was treated ... I felt I was like the only customer there...Ralph was right it was only the cable.. the bottom line is Ray's customer service skill the joy for which he runs his business and his amazing treatment is why I left there with a smile even having spent money that I didn't have...I was blessed to have met these two fine men as well as their talented crew...honesty, being real and having ethics is why I am writing this review.. I highly recommend this fine shop to anyone..I will be back as well as recommend them to my large family and friends...they know what and they do it well, my car is running great.. thank you guys for what you do!!!!
By: Miguel M.
Alonso Transmission
The place to go when it comes to transmission for your car. My mom spent weeks trying to find the perfect shop or mechanic to finally see what was wrong with her 2006 Suzuki Reno. Lots of mechanics did not bother in actually diagnosing what was wrong with the transmission and they all assumed that the transmission was messed up and the solution was getting a new one. For this car the transmission is about 2000 K just because is a transmission made in Germany and it just is really expensive. So she found Alonso Transmission, she called and they both talked about the car, first thing he asked or suggested was to diagnose the transmission, because this car a usual problem with the transmission sensor, really its very common in this car. Then he offered a tow truck service for the car which was not able to drive and was parked. So it turns out that mom didn't needed a new tranny but a new sensor. So honesty, actually wanting to help out and find out what the real problem was, warranty, and excellent costumer service, no wonder the first thing when i put an A near Miami, FL the first to pop up is Alonso Transmission. Mom is happy, worry free and my wallet needs no patch! Thank You!
By: Olga & richard B.
Alonso Transmission
Last week I noticed that the transmission on my Cadillac Escalade was slipping. A day later, it would not shift out of first gear. I was very worried as repairs on an AWD Escalade are extremely expensive, and sure enough, my warranty just ran out. I called the dealer, and was told they had 6 days worth of backlog, and they gave me a rough estimate of $5k to $8k. The service advisor actually recommended I just get "rid" of my truck. My husband found Alonso Transmission online, met Ray, and we decided to let them repair the truck. A week later, I basically have a new transmission, new mounts and an oil cooler that should have been in my truck from factor but was never installed. Both Ray and Ralph were FANTASTIC and went above and beyond to make sure everything that needed replacing was replaced. They kept us updated on the progress of the repairs on a daily basis. I have had this truck for 5 years now and it NEVER ran this smooth. It feels like a new truck. What did it cost me? Thankfully much less than the dealer's lowest quote. These guys are the best in town and care about having satisfied customers. Don't hesitate to take your car to them!
By: Robert S.
Alonso Transmission
Alonso Transmission did a great job on my transmission. They have great customer service and will try to help you with whatever problem it is that you are having. I had spoke to Ray over the phone first and had explained my situation with my transmission. He told me to bring it in and so I did. When they had checked out my transmission they had told me it had to be rebuilt. So when I brought it in I got to meet Ray and Ralph and they were both very helpful. Explained to me all the problems my car had and what needed to be fixed. After 2 days the work was done and they even told me it was a miracle my transmission was able to be rebuilt. The total cost ranged from 18 to 1900 considering my transmission had to have been in bad shape ,so it was worth it because my car is running great no problems. They give you a great warranty and offer you to bring your car back in 10 days or more to get a checkup after the job. Had a good experience considering it was my first time ever having to deal with a failed transmission. So overall I would highly recommend to go here if you want to get rid of your car problems.
By: Shari R.
Alonso Transmission
Alonso Transmission worked on my Ford Escape earlier this month. I was in a situation where I could not drive the car anywhere and was not sure where to go. I looked at the reviews of another transmission company and saw this one so I looked it up. You never know if the reviews are real. In this case, I'm very glad I came here. Ray was an absolute delight! He kept me updated on the progress until the car was complete. He was always available if I had a question and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. His staff was excellent in the treatment of my truck. While the amount to repair my transmission could not be calculated until they worked on the car, the financing that they offered helped me greatly as I could not afford to pay the whole amount immediately (no thanks to a previous transmission company that worked on my car last year, charged me thousands and I only got 20,000 miles on the car before the transmission went again). I'm an honest customer and am very happy with the work done. I would recommend them to anyone in need of transmission work on their car.
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By: Manny F.
Alonso Transmission
My Dodge Dakota has been having all kinds of problems for a couple of years now and lately it had been getting worse. A bunch of lights turning on and the engine sputtering like if it did not have enough gasoline. I went to Alonso Transmission because of the great reviews. I'm the most skeptical person in the world, specially when it comes to auto mechanics. But from the moment I walked in these guys treated me with respect. After a quick test drive Ralph (owner) suspected a computer problem. During the test drive he was able to make all the issues surface. I ended up needing a new computer (ECM) after all and my car now runs like new. Although its 10 years old it's such a great feeling to know I don't have to buy a new one since it performs so well now. Even my alarm which had not worked in years started working! Ray was very courteous throughout the process. He kept me informed every step of the away. I definitely will recommend this place to anyone that wants honest service at reasonable prices.
By: Diana V.
Alonso Transmission
We would recommend this place one thousand times!!!!! Jeep Sahara needed its transmission replaced. I spoke with Ray, the manager over the phone, who quickly sent over the tow truck to pick up my Jeep in Hialeah. He called me back shortly after to let me know he had assigned a Mechanic to look at the vehicle. Ray explained everything to us in laymen’s terms and not mechanic’s language. Everything was understood perfectly. He kept in constant contact with us as to the Mechanics progress and the next day the Jeep was ready and was riding as if it were new. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to replace their transmission. It may not be the “cheapest” place to get a new transmission but like the old saying goes…” YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”!!! and I feel I really received amazing service which is priceless now- a-days. Everyone out there is only about the money and there’s no more personal attention. Thank you Ray for the great experience.Thank you Ray and Ralph!!!!

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