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By: Ingrid L.
Extension King Hair Salon & Shop
I love this place! It is run by a husband and wife who work as a glam squad. I walked in a mess and came out with movie star hair. They are great at what they do and I love how the prices are reasonable and offer good quality service and work. I just wish I had found them sooner! I went yesterday for a consultation. I had glued taped extensions in and was looking to have maintenance done since I was not happy with the overpriced salon I went to. Justin's plan was to re-tape the extensions and let them run their course since they were fairly new. He advised me when it time to get new extensions, that I should consider the benefits of single strand and that the cold press is non damaging. After seeing how reasonable his prices are, I decided to bite the bullet go with the cold press single strand 100% Russian hair. It cost the same as getting maintenance every 2 months for the duration of the tape in's and require no maintenance. He said that since I am going with a new set of extensions that I should save the old ones and his wife can turn them into clip on's so no hair will be wasted. During my appointment time I was the only client there and they worked really hard at giving me the results that I was looking for. They changed my hair color, made me blonder and created the perfect blend to match my hair. YOU CANNOT TELL I AM WEARING EXTENSIONS! I am so happy with the results that I am going to go back every month for color touch-ups. This small salon gives big results. If you want great looking hair this is the place to go. An added bonus is they have free parking and this the 1st place I gone to that doesn't try to upsell or pressure you into additional services.
By: kittydoll
Extension King Hair Salon & Shop
I am from Moscow, Russia. I was traveling in Miami Beach and was in need of finding a good place to have my hair extensions done. Not having any idea where to go, I search on the Internet for Salons that do hair extensions. After finding a few places and calling them to ask the details for their services I choose to come here because for me they have the most professional website and answered all of my questions in detail. Originally, I asked for tape-ins since this was what I was used to doing in Russia. However, since they didn't not have my blonde color in stock for the tapes, the owner convinced me to try the EZ Weft method of extensions. After the installation I now prefer these extensions over the tape-ins. They are more secure and they are custom made to fit my head. I am happy I found Extension King because they gave me the best extensions I have ever had!
By: loveinit
Extension King Hair Salon & Shop
I found this place on a Google Search and choose to go with them because of their high ratings. I am so happy I found them, since I never would have known otherwise. The Salon has a FREE parking lot right in front so that s just one less thing to worry about coming to South Beach. THe owner Justin did my Extensions. So far these are the best Extensions I have received anywhere. They are natural and don t fall out! By the way this is after I have worn them a month. I just went back in for the smoothing gloss speciality for Extensions and my is like new again. Eric has done my blowout several times and is good as well.
By: debrawilliams
Extension King Hair Salon & Shop
A full service salon. Same quality of hair extensions as Rapunzel salon for a more affordable price. I made an appointment for a dry hair cut and ended up leaving with a full head of highlights. Julio made me feel safe, because he took the time to listen and talk back so clear communication was made. It's really easy for hair color to go wrong when the communication isn't there. Julio made sure I knew what I wanted and he gave me what I wanted. The dry hair cut was right on,. The stylist made sure not to cut it short because I told him I'm growing my hair out.
By: tindesolme
Extension King Hair Salon & Shop
I made long way before i was so lucky to find King Extensions, Justin and his wife who work all together! I had terrible-terrible hair, it is bleached, and thats why damaged. Justin made a miracle! He created fair thick long amazing beautiful hair for me that look so natural, bright! Due to him and his team i look like a goddess!!! He gave me so good recommendations, spent so much time conjuring over my head, he was so attentive and objective!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Wish you best of luck, my Magician!!!!
By: Claudia L.
Extension King Hair Salon & Shop
If you want to have your extensions natural looking, matching your color and the same texture of your natural hair, you have to go to see Justin. I love my extensions. Justin promised me that they wouldn't damage my natural hair and he was right, after I removed the first set of extensions, my hair was very healthy and undamaged. I have now my second set on and I am hooked, I would not go anywhere else than the extension king for my beloved extensions, everyone that have seen them said that they are perfectly done.
By: blondebabe
Extension King Hair Salon & Shop
Extension King is the best Salon I have found for hair extensions. I have tried many other hair salons without any success. Until I found EK they always sewed the extensions in my hair, causing pain and hair loss on my thin, straight hair. It was until I tried the EZ Weft at EK was I happy with my hair extensions. They dont pull nor damage my hair and they are much less bulkier than sewins. I highly recommend to anyone who wants great hair extentions!
By: humortime
Extension King Hair Salon & Shop
Hi, my experience at Extension King Salon in Miami Beach, Florida will always be very special to me! The personal one-on-one attention that I received there from all the staff is very much appreciated. I love my younger looking hair style and I receive many compliments from different people as they do notice my haircut and color of my hair, etc. Thanks again to Extension King Salon for choosing Miami Beach as the location of your growing business.
By: carriehelmes
Extension King Hair Salon & Shop
I can't remember the name of the person who gave me my extensions at Extension King but I do know I've driving back down soon for a re-do. What's with the bad reviews though, sounds for sure like competitors,...lol maybe they want his business :) Anyway he's cool. This is an amazing and affordable salon, clean polite and with great atmosphere. I give them a 5-star for sure.
By: sandraadams
Extension King Hair Salon & Shop
Hair cut and hair color are the services I got from Extension King Hair Salon. The hair stylists who made the services are professional, friendly and give full of suggestions and meaningful insights while doing my haircut and hair color according to my instructions. The hair color works well with my new hair style and new look. Kudos to the great service, highly recommended!

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