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By: frankyfredrick
Eagle Transmission Shop
A good mechanic is one of those recommendations that you look for your whole life. It's like seeing a unicorn or a dog walk on its hind legs. Here's why I love the crew at Eagle Transmission...They triage the problems with your car: they sort issues into easy-to-understand concepts like, "This is a big problem with your car and it needs to get fixed right now", "This is an issue with your car that needs to be fixed in the next few months but isn't urgent," and "I'm not sure why the dealership told you that, because that's not even the problem." -They are fast, reliable, and do quality work. The cost is totally reasonable. A family friend in another state owns a garage, so I always confirm the cost of all repairs, and FAC's estimates always come in at or below the "fair price" range.
By: Whit77 S.
Eagle Transmission Shop
While driving home on the freeway on a Friday afternoon, our 2001 Honda Odyssey mini-van had a transmission problem. When you'd accelerate, the transmission wouldn't engage—you could hear the engine rev, see the RPMs increase, but the van wouldn't move forward.We had it towed home by AAA (and just FYI on the AAA tow—we had three people in the van, but the tow vehicle could only seat two. Having no other way to get home, one of our passengers had to walk. I certainly don't recall reading that when I paid $160.00 for my membership to AAA, that you are limited to one or two passengers, depending on the size of the tow truck sent. So be aware of that!) So, after this long-winded review, I want to say that I fully recommend David and Eagle Transmission in Mesquite! Thanks, David and Team Eagle Transmission of Mesquite!
By: Natosha M.
Eagle Transmission Shop
When our van's transmission was going out my husband went to eagle in mesquite he read the reviews and decided to go there and have it checked for free. The transmission problem was getting worse and even though it was somewhat driveable we thought we needed a week or so to decide to fix it or get another van. The manager checked in with us a couple days later we were so impressed we did make our decision to have the van repaired here. We live in Mckinney so it is pretty far but the drive was more than worth the service and value we received. My husband was given a ride to the rental car company and they got a great rate at 30 dollars a day, within 24 hours he was called the van was finished. I we can say is thank you for the service!
By: Jt P.
Eagle Transmission Shop
My car broke down in traffic and wouldn't move. Eagle Transmission towed my car to their shop and repaired the broken axial. They were helpful, courteous, and professional. I was in a rush as we are in the process of moving. They understood and my car was ready when stated and at the price quoted. They warranted their work for one year. When I arrived to pick up my car the gentleman at the counter offered to show the broken axial. I had an excellent experience especially when compared to other auto repair shops.
By: Healing F.
Eagle Transmission Shop
I have a 66 Fleetwood. The rear differential was destroyed. They towed me for free. They found all these very rare parts from all over the country and put it together perfectly. And i was expecting a much higher price tag but it was fair, and under budget. That car is so smooth now. They are specialists. I recommend them for their transmission work too. They got the water completely out of the transmission on my van. They are polite too. Thanks David, thanks Tea. Im very satisfied.
By: tonyy554
Eagle Transmission Shop
This place is great! I called in the morning to get a price quote about rear brake and rotor replacement, and had an exact price within 3 minutes and was told to bring in my car that afternoon and it would be done by closing (5pm). I dropped it off at 1pm and it was ready by 315pm. The price was exactly what was quoted over the phone + tax and they did not try to upsale me in any way with additional services. I am so impressed and will DEFINITELY be back.
By: Nell F.
Eagle Transmission Shop
I even went through a moment not sure it was all fixed and it very well may have been made worse because i was stressed out but David who i had dropped the truck off with came to pick me up from the office after not finding anything else wrong with it and we drove it together on the 30 to 635 and 80. He really went the extra mile to make sure i was comfortable and i appreciate that so much i wanted to tell others that this is a good shop.
By: Juanita C.
Eagle Transmission Shop
I wont lie when i heard numbers like 2600, i had to stay calm because at that moment with just buying another truck, that was a big amount for me to deal with at the moment. David and T were both eager to hear me out and they understood my situation is stressful because they are professionals and they anyone with a transmission going out is going to be stressed. They were totally cool and had the truck running right on time.
By: Odilia H.
Eagle Transmission Shop
I had a great experience at the eagle in mesquite, I was traveling for work when my car stopped shifting so I had to have them tow it in.. They gave me a free diagnostic and found out I needed to rebuild my transmission. The staff was very helpful and friendly. I was only without my car for 2 days and it is running great.
By: Tamara C.
Eagle Transmission Shop
These guys are great! No matter what you might have heard, they will do you right! They went above and beyond to make my whole experience wonderful! I recommend them not only to my friends and family, but many that i just meet on the street! Youve got a loyal and repeat customer with me and my husband! Thank you again!

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