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By: Robert d S.
Taco Bell
Tried calling with a complaint ever taco feel apart when I tried to free it from the wrapper got hung up on at least 22 times poor management bad service,barley any meat in the 12 pack which was $ 14.00 and change I expect a call back @ 214-869-3628 or I will contact contact 8 the Tv station and bring this to the attention of the public Buyer Beware sorry service poor quality more lettuce and cheese. Than anything else stale taco shells a real rip off if some one will call me I have the ticket number, time, etc I will be very surprised if someone has the interest in calling Respectfully Kathi and Bob Singleton This location is a joke
By: Miranda H.
Sonic Drive-In
Always have a problem with this location. Manager on duty didn't care they got my order wrong and told me to keep my receipt till next time? Why would I return and what is that going to do?
By: Ryan D.
Chicken Express
This is the best chicken I've had in my life. The staff is especially great and they all treated me with utmost respect. I felt I'd been friends with them for like six months after leaving.
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By: Vicky J.
I walked into this location with my mom she ordered food and I ask for a cup of water the cashier stated it will be $1.50 for a cup of water any size. She stated her manager say it's too many people walk in and just want water and doesn't order food. It's sad that customers service is out of the window and it's all about money. I ask her can I filled my cup up it's in the car or will it still be $1.50 the manager mumble something under his breath never acknowledged me and one worker ask him for a kids cup is $1.50 he told her just get the cup. SMH
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By: Thepinkdynamite ..
Long John Silver's
I purchased LJS this evening here in Mesquite and when I made it home to enjoy my dinner there was hair in my fiancé and my food.... Won't be going back... Stay away from this restaurant.
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By: Sandy G.
I absolutely love love love this place i only go to there oates location all the time & not only is there food the best and a great price but the service is the best & the fastest if you've never been you gotta try it! I have 0 complaints!
By: Benetta R.
Taco Bell
I hate this place with a passion I even call and no one answers the phone. I wouldn't eat there.
By: Charles W.
So not impressed ... i really don't like giving bad reviews but my experience here was that bad ... i was craving taquito's for breakfast one Saturday (nov 1st) morning I even left early for work just to detour though whataburger because it is not on my way ... so I get there a little after 7 am the drive thru had a 3 or 4 cars so I desided to just go in ... There are 2 people wiping down the drink area( lost in there own conversation) and a lady behind the register ... i make my way to the counter and say good morning to the lady at the register ... She just stares off in to the distance like I am not there ... i then ask her if I can get 2 sausage egg and cheese taquito's and a med. Sweet tea ... She looks at me and told me she is not clocked in ... i said oh ok sorry and just stand there figuring maybe one of the two at the drink area are the ones working there so I wait ... in the mean time 2 other people come in behind me and we are all standing there for 5 to 10 mins ... The girl behind the counter just puts her head down on the counter (to nap I guess) and the other 2 people just dissappear in the back some where .... finally a manager comes out and asks the napping girl what's up she tells him that no one clocked her in ... he then types on her computer and clocks her in( i guess ) ... The man behind me and I exchange a this is ridiculous look and I finally order my food at 7:21 ... While I wait I go get my tea and notice that the counter that takes 2 people ten mins to wipe down is still sticky and not all that clean ... The other customers order there food and are coming over and getting there drinks ... The man behind me ordered coffee and the coffee containers were empty he was trying to get someone's attention for a few mins when the manager came around the corner to fill what looks like his own glass with coffee ... The man tells him the containers are empty so the manager heads towards the drive thru window area ... 5 or so mins go by and still no coffee for him and no one ever paid him any mind with his empty cup ... my order comes out of the kitchen. Already in the bag the sleeping register girl opens the bag up checking the order asks if I want salsa I decline and take the bag ... Now running late to get to work I had out and I am on 635 by the time I reach in the bag and find one taquito... ugh really .... one taquito and my old tasting sweet tea all for the crazy price of $7.75 .... i waited Till Monday and called the corporate office off town east blvd. because I already saw the store managers at work there ... The woman that answers the phone was very nice and seemed genuinely concerned about there locations ... she did let me know that this wasn't one of her supervised locations but she would have Jeff (I think) call me back (the supervise over that location) he was to call me that day or Tuesday ... It had been a week and I have heard nothing ... so I Guess even corporate doesn't care about this location or the customers that come in to it ... good luck to u all enter at your own risk ...
By: Rizwan A.
Mesquite Grill & Seafood
Great Food, Excellenty prices and huge protions.
By: sonicrt44
Sonic Drive-In
HEALTH RISK!!AVOID THIS SONIC LOCATION.This COULD BE the WORST Sonic Drive-In location in Mesquite, Texas!!!Also the police have been to this location 30 (THIRTY) times in 18 MONTHS!!!Read and see if YOU feel SAFE taking YOUR FAMILY to THIS SONIC location!Through the Open Records Act, I obtained the latest Health Inspections of this Sonic Drive-In at 3025 N. Galloway Ave., in Mesquite, TX. Thank you to Jaclynn "Jackie" Whited for giving me the manager's FULL NAME before. Manager is Carl Braucht.sonicdrivein.x10.mxClick link to see the DOCUMENTS for proof!!Their LATEST health inspection on April 22, 2014, they had to CONDEMN 16 pounds of food as UNSAFE, due to "severely dented cans". In the notes, the health inspector wrote "READY-TO-EAT FOODS HANDLED WITH BARE HANDS AND EMPLOYEE DID NOT PROPERLY WASH HANDS BEFORE HANDLING". This is NASTY!! How many people ate bad food BEFORE they were FORCED to destroy it?? In the SAME inspection, they had "NO HOT WATER AT HANDSINK" and "FOOD DEBRIS ADHERING TO CLEAN UTENSILS". You want to take your family to THIS Sonic Drive-In and RISK getting sick? Your children??This is NOT an isolated health issue!!!The inspection BEFORE this, on January 21, 2014, this Sonic had "EMPLOYEE WASHING HANDS FOR LESS THAN 20 SECONDS" and the inspector made a note "FOOD EMPLOYEES OBSERVED NOT WASHING HANDS". This is a pattern of UNSAFE FOOD HANDLING and you, the public, is eating at THIS Sonic. Also, noted on this inspection, "DRINKING IN THE FOOD PREP AREA - FOODS FROM UNAPPROVED SOURCES/UNSOUND CONDITION". It even states "MANAGEMENT HAS BEEN WARNED THAT A CITATION WILL BE ISSUED ON THE NEXT VIOLATION."Here is what is VERY NASTY!! On inspection dated 01/21/2014, 10/17/2013, 08/08/2013, 05/08/2013, 02/19/2013, food was put in the walk-in cooler "NOT DATE MARKED/TIME STAMPED IN WALK-IN COOLER"!!!!! That food could have been OUTDATED and served to YOUR FAMILY!!!Grossed out yet???The "FOOD DEBRIS ADHERING TO 'CLEAN' UTENSILS" means that THIS Sonic is NOT WASHING the utensils properly and using them to serve your food with possible BACTERIA on the utensils!! And they are NOT WASHING hands?!?! This is a DISGUSTING Sonic!!!Also, employees are REQUIRED to have 'Food Handlers Cards', HOWEVER, we found that some employees there DO NOT!! Carhops Jackie Whited, Rachael Harwell (on roller skates) and Tonya were NOT ON THE LIST as having the Food Handlers Cards. Do you want JACKIE, RACHAEL or TONYA handling your food to YOUR FAMILY?? You TIP these carhops??The manager, Carl Braucht, is MORE CONCERNED about PROFITS and keeping longtime employees while SACRIFICING YOUR FAMILY'S HEALTH AND SAFETY!! AVOID THIS SONIC! AVOID JACKIE, RACHAEL AND TONYA. ASK FOR A DIFFERENT CARHOP, IF YOU MUST EAT POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS FOOD HERE!!INSPECTION: 04/22/2014SCORE: 90 / FOOD CONDEMNED: 16 lbs.MANAGER: CARL BRAUCHT----- Severely dented cans. Voluntarily discarded approx. 16 lbs. of can goods. Ready-to-eat foods handled with bare hands and employee did not properly wash hands before handling. (Action: Voluntary destruction).----- No HOT WATER at handsink.----- FOOD DEBRIS ADHERING TO CLEAN UTENSILS.This is ALL public information that can be obtained through the City of Mesquite Health Division.Sonic Drive-In3025 N. Galloway Ave., Mesquite, TXManager: CARL BRAUCHT(972) 682-9479Sonic Customer Service --- (866) 657-6642

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