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By: smithponee
Paradise Bakery & Cafe
I was surprises to see four and five star rating for other Paradise Bakeries that are not nearly as good as the Dana Park location. I have been to MANY location, and some I will not go back to, because the service is so bad. The food is standard pretty much from store to strore, but the service is not. I will not go to the store on Alma school in Chandler, I haven't been to a restaurant that was so unfriendly and had such bad service. I have gone to Dana Park, always welcomed always promptly served. Even if it was slower, its usually due to new young employees and their is almost always a manager trying to train and guide the employee to good service techniques. The only bad comment I have is that this is a "Bakery", a place to go and get coffee and a muffin or something in the morning. I have been to many locations and they cannot seem to keep the coffee flowing. In all store I've been to during the morning I find empty coffee urns, and have to wait for fresh coffee to be brewed.
By: Jacqueline S.
Iowa Cafe
We are from Iowa so we thought it would be fun to go to the Iowa cafe. It was charming with the Iowa souvenirs. Wait staff very friendly. I ordered the Iowa tenderloin and upgraded to jumbo. We received it in a reasonable amount of time, started eating then was told we got the wrong order and someone else got our jumbo. Waitress told us we would get a piece of pie to compensate for the mistake. Ok, that was fine. But when we got the bill we still had to pay for jumbo. I was disappointed. I thought I would only pay for regular since that is what I received and pie was comped for the mistake. Anyway the tenderloin was good. I would go back again but would send back any mistake they made. The price was more than expected but fair.
By: J H.
Red White & Brew
We came in later and got burgers...the buns were burned pretty good...we would've loved to have them recook the buns but no one came back to check on us...until they gave us the check we let them know about it...we didnt eat the buns ..just the burgers because we were hungry...and we tried to flag someone down ..that didn't work out. We felt ignored but then the the wait staff came and gave us our check we told them about the burned food. The manager came and talked about desert..but they never tried to compensate us or said they wanted to buy a desert ..I think they could've taken our sodas off the bill at least? We left a little unhappy ...I can't say I would go back.
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By: Judy J.
The Cheesecake Factory
A very decor and our waitress was excellent! Only 3 stars, because the lettuce in my Factory Chopped Salad was kind of limp and the edges looked a little brown. I thought maybe it was just the dressing and dim lighting that made it look discolored. It tasted ok, (but I've had better) so I took home what I didn't finish. When I opened it up later, at home, I realized I was right. It looked very unappetizing. My husband's $12 hamburger was just a basic hamburger and certainly not worth the price. I will go back, but only to try the cheesecake, because I've heard it's great.
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By: candykid
Green Tea Restaurant
It's cheap for a reason. I ordered the beef with mushrooms, and that was the most gelatinous beef I ever had. I could't eat it. The vegetable lo mein wasn't very exciting, then again it was vegetable lo mein, so I can't blame them too much. The crab wontons were good, but that's not enough to make me order from them again.
By: Lorraine S.
Grandma's Kitchen
Grandma's kitchen has awesome food! I love the Denver omelette, my husband raves over her biscuits and gravy. Nice family run business, with husband and daughters helping out. We try to make it at least once a week !Grandma has a great personality, and "tells it like it is !" Just honest good folks.
By: John W.
the best food that taste good and hot all the time. and the workers are all nice even if they are ones that are not for your table.. you must try this location ...you will see a difference. this might be out of your way but. its worth it.nice.nice.nice staff that's the way it should be.
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By: Harmony T.
Green Tea Restaurant
Discovered this restaurant while at Sprouts. We had the Moo Goo Gai Pan and beef with garlic sauce. Both were great and can't wait to go back. Docked one star as there are not enough tables, large open space, but the food will get us back!
By: Jeffrey H.
Lucky Lou's
I love it in here. There are a lot of people to talk and have fun with. This place is truly one of the best when it comes to dancing and drinking and I do both at the same time. I love it in here.
By: Arlene D.
Mesa Grill Co.
This is a ideal place to go if you are having a bad weekend. The beer in here is very reasonably priced and they always have time to prepare burgers.

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