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By: Dave D.
Econo Lodge Inn & Suites
I love this place.Me and the band would stay here every time we were playing in the valley .During our 1975 tour of the Scottsdale nursing homes ,we played for free in the lobby .It was a brutal tour but we survived .All the groupes,all the lights and fame,it just got to much sometimes.The high turn over in groupes was a was kind of ah bitch.When you have 30 worshipers, over 75 , following you from home to home,problems arise on a nightly basis .The best show we did on that tour was at the END OF DAYS nursing home.A packed house ,all 42 seats sold out,we rocked like we were 13 again .Would I do it again, knowing the hard work,the bad things and the good things,the trama,the pain .Yes I would .Hard work is the only way to get to the top.
By: Dave D.
Budget Suites Of America
I miss living here.I got kicked out because a girl I know needed to use my restroom .I didn't know she was going to shoot up heroin. I heard her hit the ground and I called 911,not knowing what had happened. Every one was mad at me because I dint know how to bring a junky back from the dead.I got kicked out with out getting to explain what happened. It was the best place I ever lived at and I hate heroin and any one who does it
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By: Anthony G.
Kiva Lodge Motel
Just have a question for anyone who has previously stayed there because if I ask the owner or manager there, all they would tell me is either a lie or something totally different just to bump up the price. So my ? Is, is it true that its $220 a week or how much is it. Again, This question Is for some one who has stayed there like maybe a week or 2 ago.Thanks Guys to who ever responds.
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By: Susie S.
Rawls Motel
I was on bond before a lengthy incarceration and Rawls is where I chose to hang my hat. Problem is the door was so thin someone kicked it in and stole my damn hat. The room was easily accessible by local law enforcement as they found me right away. Everyone was very nice. Chris 197992
By: snflower05
Days Inn
This hotel is a very nice place. Located in a nice area. The front desk people are friendly, the pool area is nice, the beds were very comfortable. I would recommend this hotel to anyone passing through!
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By: sassy
Starlite Motel
i love this place it great to fine what you are looking for

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