Goldwing Appliance in Mesa, AZ with Reviews -
By: Rosalind P.
Alsop 24/7 Appliance Repair Services
I don't have enough wonderful words to express how helpful and friendly the service was! My washer broke with a full load locked inside it and a pile high of kids laundry to do. They helped me the same day and after hours to repair the unit and make sure there were no other major issues. I will always use them for any future repairs I may have. It was beyond excellent customer service!
By: Svoboda B.
Piper Appliance Repair Services
A few days later broil stopped working, so I called him back, wondering if it was related to his previous fix. He was not defensive at all and said it could be, but he'd have to take a look to know for sure. He came over quickly again and the broil suddenly began to work again. Ugh. I had been trying it for days, and it never started. I felt bad, but he just said to call
By: Cecelia A.
Mason Express Appliance Repair
Got the relevant information from us on the phone. Came in and quickly and accurately diagnosed the problem (bad compressor power inverter), brought the needed replacement part and installed it in less than 15 minutes (on a Saturday!). So nice to have our fridge back without having to wait days for parts being ordered. I can easily give him my highest recommendation!
By: Odette G.
Gray Appliance Repair Solutions
Sergey came to fix our ice machine and was super helpful and honest about what we did and didn't need. He also recommended tips we could implement to prevent the same thing from happening in the future, and showed us how to change the fridge water filter on top of that! Great service, would use again for all of our appliance needs.
By: Rodney L.
Mesa Appliance Repair Services
Oleg came to our home to work on our refrigerator and came well within the two hour time frame that he promised. He was a total professional and gave us an alternative and less expensive solution to our fridge as well as the burner on our stove. He's a keeper as professional service workers are such a rarity.
By: James D.
Mesa Express Appliance Repair
Excellent customer service. I brought in my mom's Zojirushi water boiler that had stopped boiling, and after checking it out, he told me it would make more sense to get a new one, and to be sure to get one that was made in Japan next time. Even showed me the model number to look for.
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By: Mazyar B.
Canyon Appliance Repair and Service
“Very timely, same day on time appt and extremely efficient and effective determination of problem as well as estimate to repair. I was pleased with my first experience and will definitely use them again especially for the low initial visit price! Thanks!!”
By: Leonardo B.
Mesa Appliance Repair Solutions
I reached out for a quote, secured a 2 hr window for someone to come to the house, had the repair complete, and had a working dishwasher. Professional, on time, would definitely call again.
By: Bumby H.
Skinner & Sons Appliance Repair
Got my dishwasher repaired. Eugene was great, knowledgeable, efficient, super nice. He accommodated my schedule and came by on a weekend to make the repair. Thank you!
By: White J.
Mesa 24/7 Appliance Repair
I delayed the review to make sure the repair lasted but months later our aging KitchenAid fridge is still working efficiently and quietly. Excellent job!
Tips & Advices
If the washing machine is overloaded or all the clothes are packed to one side, the imbalance can cause the washing machine to jerk and shake. These vibrations can be violent enough to slam the machine against other objects, possibly causing damage to its exterior.
Refrigerator coils should be cleaned at least twice a year. Households with pets should clean their refrigerator coils more frequently.
To reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends homeowners set their refrigerators at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and their freezers at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
In terms of operations and upkeep, gas dryers are less expensive than electric. The actual savings depends on the cost of gas vs. electricity in the area. Still, gas dryers heat up faster than electric ones do, making them slightly more energy efficient. However, gas dryers are priced higher than electric ones, so homeowners should prepare to pay more at the outset.
Proper maintenance helps most home appliances last longer. Homeowner's should check their user's manuals for insight on how often to inspect, clean or upgrade their appliances.

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