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By: Bruce R.
The River Source - Holistic 12-Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab
I came to The River Source as part of a intervention from my father. I had spent the last 14 months laying on a couch getting drunk and was lucky to be alive. I had caused much pain to all those who truly loved me. I don't believe I chose The River Source. It chose me. From the moment I arrived, I knew i was in for something special. I was very physically sick. Through the use of holistic medicine, I.V. bags, amino acids and valium, I was quickly restored to health. Then came the task of building my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This is a work in progress. I have been in treatment four prior times. Never was so much emphasis lace on the first step of Alcoholics Anonymous. Powerlessness and unmanageability have been much of the focus of my entire stay at The River Source. For not only am I powerless over alcohol, I am also powerless over everything happening around me. When I try to take power and control over these things, my life immediately becomes the second and third step of A.A. I probably would have left way too early. By learning to have faith and trust in God, I was able to ask for help and avoid making the ultimate decision to leave. Which would have led to drinking again. My life now has a glimmer of hope. I still have moments of self will run riot, but through the tough suggestions of my life coach, counselor and peers, God provides me with a slightly enhanced sense of honesty, open mindedness and willingness, through persistence of these new found qualities and continued work on steps four through twelve of A.A., long term permanent sobriety is no longer just a dream. It can become a reality one day at a time. God will provide if I do his work well. If anyone is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction as I am, I will definitely suggest that they look into The River Source. The approach offered by this facility is unparalleled. I say this not from a feeling of invincibility, but from a level of experience. I am and always will be grateful for the gifts The River Source has given me. To quote the A.A. Big Book "And though perhaps he came to scoff, he may remain to pray.
By: Stacey S.
The River Source - Holistic 12-Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab
I got to River Source through an A.A. friend who sent her son here several months ago. She felt it was a good "fit" for me, and she was right. I looked at Banner, Calvary and Sundance. I considered Banner because BCBS would have covered it but selected River Source because of a phone conversation with Phil, the nutritional support and holistic approach. The first few days were a fog, the next week I came to understand my delusions and lack of surrender. By week three I felt a change and got more involved. I wish I could afford another 30 days. R.S. got me very focused on re-examine Step 1- my delusions, my acceptance, my surrender. The helped me improve my "toolkit", my ability to pause, to look for my part and to talk about it, pray about it and help someone else. ER really helped me prep for Step 11. My sponsor feels this has been my best move in my path to Recovery. I am ready to transition back to Banner IOP, my NSFC meetings, support group and service commitments. I am going to add yoga and acupuncture to my Recovery program thanks to R.S. Plus couples counseling. I remain somewhat apprehensive about returning home but I have asked my partner to go to couples therapy, CODA or Alanon and will set some boundaries to protect my Recovery. I am blessed with a wonderful sponsor and powerful AA support network. Thank you Jeff for picking me up; Don and Marcus for always being ready to listen, Sharmyn and Kristy for great insight and advice and Rusty for helping me get honest. I have a great respect for R.S. and leave here with sadness and hope.
By: Linda T.
The River Source - Holistic 12-Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab
An intervention with my family in January which included my daughter and my son is what brought me to The River Source. My husband wrote me a letter but I had wished not to hear it. I agreed to come to The River Source as I had quit drinking almost 10 days before that day so I was ready. My children did a lot of research on alcohol treatment centers that were holistic with programs promoting nutritional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The River Source helped me by including me into the woman’s group and getting me to see a counselor, life coach and starting me with the Doctor to work on my chronic pain. Guiding me to get involved and share myself with other by being useful and helpful when I could. My life now is me being honest with myself that I am powerless over alcohol and that my life is a mess and totally unmanageable. Faith in God has allowed me to put myself in God’s hands. I have become a calm, happy, useful person who is sober. I have not had this feeling of peace and joy for so very long. God is teaching me how to communicate on a level I have never imagined I could. Before I walked away and isolated myself. I am honest and loving and see myself with hope and happiness without alcohol and drugs. The staff was awesome everyone had their own individual personality which gave so much direction to the program. I will take away something from everyone and their story and apply it to my own recovery. Without all of you my path and the next steps 4-12 would not even be possible. Thank you.
By: Rebecca T.
The River Source - Holistic 12-Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab
I came to River Source because I was so desperate to change anything. I felt completely hopeless and miserable. I had been running from my responsibilities and requirements for Intensive Probation I finally called my P.O and he suggested River Source to me so I just called because the other places I looked into wouldn't accept my insurance. From the moment I got here up until now I have felt truly loved and cared for by all the staff. Sharmyn and Geffen have given me a tremendous amount of insight on myself and my behaviors and by helping me with that I've gotten to to take sometime to myself and be aware of my diseased behaviors that have taken me out in the past. The previous times I attempted treatment I've been kicked out or left AMA and this time I feel like I took it seriously and wanted the help that they were offering. Through this I've found some inner peace and joy within myself. I would definitely recommend The River Source to anyone truly asking for help. Although I've gotten myself into trouble here, I'm honestly grateful for the opportunity and chance to learn about myself and find my connection with God. River Source is truly beautiful because on a daily basis here I found God through all the love and help from the staff, I can feel it around me constantly. I just want to thank everyone her for showing me compassion and patience. God gave me this place for a specific reason and I was able to see that everyday that I was here.
By: Debora S.
The River Source - Holistic 12-Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab
Our family was referred to The River Source by the attorney we hired after our son was in a DUI related incident facing jail time. Our attorney was adamant that this was a healing place of recovery. Several previous clients had done very well there. After previous stints in rehab with no sobriety, we were grateful to see the approach at The River Source was making a difference for our son. Their focus on healing the body with nutrition, yoga, vitamin IV therapy, daily exercise at the gym is a huge part of their program. The spiritual side of serious 12 step work, life coach, counseling, group therapy and attending AA. Our son was not alone. He developed a sense of himself and giving to others. He also learned to rely on his faith and believe in something larger than his actions surrounding substances. He remained at The River Source 120 days. The first 2 months he got well, the last two months he got moving and tapped into his potential for life. The last 2 months of his 120 day stay is when the miracle began to happen so please give this wonderful program time. 30 days is not enough after years of using. Many of the folks at The River Source are recovering addicts, so they have a special understanding. Our son was offered love, compassion and understanding. I have already recommended The River Source to others and will continue to do so.
By: Kate W.
The River Source - Holistic 12-Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab
I was brought into The River Source by court order originally, and was said to be here 30 days but ended up doing ninety which I'm grateful I did. River Source was chosen by my substance abuse counselor to attend but I had a couple friends who came through here and I did remember the name of this place but didn't think I'd step into it. My experience here has been pretty amazing, very unexplainable I have learned so much from other clients, the staff, people outside The River Source, the groups, and the meetings. River Source has definitely showed me that there is another way to live instead of the way I was choosing to live my life and with that I gained insight with the 12 steps, my sponsor, this fellowship, in life in general. My life is starting to come into place now just with having humility, acceptance, hope, my Higher Power to help guide me through things one day at a time and knowing I ain't alone. I would definitely recommend The River Source to other suffering people who were like me at one point. I would just like to say thanks to those who really helped me out the most, my stay here was very comfortable once I stopped being uncomfortable, all the staff was great to me especially Chris Hanna, Scott Goldstein, Zach Lynch, Evan, Don Cohlman, and Sydney King. I am forever grateful and glad I was able to have this experience here.
By: Cheryl A.
The River Source - Holistic 12-Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab
I was headed to Chandler Valley Hope. Just a few short days before my flight I googled Chandler Valley Hope and The River Source came up. I saw “A Holistic Approach…” immediately called, reached someone and flew out. I chose The River Source because of the holistic approach –the Counseling, Massage, Yoga, Life Coach: one of the primary reasons was the Naturopathic clinic approach. I came in here a fairly broken woman, physically, mentally, and emotionally, without my spiritual life in play. My time here allowed me to rediscover ME in all of those areas. I am genuinely leaving here with a healthier, grounded grateful Mary. I gained so much form our in house sessions with all of the facilitators and staff. My conversations with staff all gave me so much as well. What a fine group of caring human beings. I am coming back to being me again and although I am not all the way there, I know what it is to accept, embrace and love myself again. I know I have much to offer and look forward to re engaging fully in life. It’s still a path I treasure.I would highly recommend The River Source. Thank you for helping me save my life. I am grateful for my days here and know I am leaving here with hope and a solid foundation to move forward in health. Thank you so much in kindness.
By: Tanya F.
The River Source - Holistic 12-Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab
I was an opiate addict that had a moment of clarity, and asked for help. I came to The River Source because of the holistic approach and the feeling I got about the place. I have had a profound experience here physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have reconnected with spirit, and have really opened my heart to things I didn't know i could feel anymore. The staff at The River Source is excellent at what they do, and really helped push me to see me and my life for what it was, and what it could be if I followed suggestions. They were a vital part initiating the psychic shift that old timers talk about. It was very helpful to me to have that support and experience to see on a daily basis. My life is much more manageable now with Spirit guiding me and meditating when things are crazy. I really feel like there is a solution and I have just begun unlocking the beauty of life. I would definitely recommend The River Source. The naturopathic remedies, the yoga, and the approach they take to recovery are all vital in helping have that psychic shift. It is an amazing place to be. I would like to say thank you to the staff and my family that I found inside these walls. Without the support and guidance I got here I would have never seen this program through. Namaste.
By: Penelope A.
The River Source - Holistic 12-Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab
I was drinking alcohol in isolation September through November thought I had an alcohol withdrawal until I talked to my Psych and he explained what happened when I quit my anti-depressant cold turkey. I googled it, they accepted my insurance. Mark was good to talk to on the phone. It was very hard at first but it was very helpful in finding out things about myself and that my spiritual life was almost non-existent. Discovered I had not began the grieving process of my husbands death. Counseling/listening finding the puzzle piece I was missing. I feel rested and ready to begin to go through the steps of grief. I am much more spiritually connected. Realize the danger of drinking and will never take the chance on having a drink again. Have not had one craving but I have watched people I have got very close to dying from the disease. I feel incompetent to give advice about addiction. I have had a balanced life. Just really got out of control moving, new job, husband sick-dying, special needs son, single parenting kids- just simply overloaded. Most of all staff was very supportive. I definitely have better coping skills and realize what happened and what was lacking in my life. Yes, I would recommend addicts to River Source.
By: Minnie M.
The River Source - Holistic 12-Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab
My son attended The River Source for 45 days for heroin addiction. We were very pleased with his treatment there from beginning to end. The admission people were very helpful and answered all our insurance information and other questions in a timely manner. Our son said the staff really cared about his recovery and did not treat this as just a job. The holistic treatment was amazing, he not only gained back the weight he lost because of his addiction but he looked healthier than he had in years; he also said the supplements really helped him with the withdrawals. We enjoyed the family barbeque and also learned a lot about ourselves and our sons addiction with the seminars that was provided. We received weekly calls from his counselor and life coach to inform us of his progress and a well thought out aftercare plan was made up for him before his departure. All of these things made it much easier to “let go” and let his recovery take place. I am happy to report that our son is doing well living in a sober living environment and is going on 70 day’s clean and sober. The River Source was an answered prayer for our family, we would highly recommend it.
Tips & Advices
If you don't have insurance, you may be able to find outpatient programs like Narcotics Anonymous that offer counseling and meetings for patients at no cost.
Some facilities accept health insurance like United Healthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Humana and Medicaid. Many carriers support in-state assessment, detox and outpatient treatment. Some also partially cover residential or inpatient treatment. Because drug addiction is considered a disease, major health insurance providers must treat it like any other chronic condition that requires medical treatment. Be sure to inquire about co-pays and deductibles so you don't receive a surprise bill months after you start a program.
Yes. Some treatment programs promote quick sobriety through seemingly impossible means, such as herbal supplements or religious affiliation. Be wary of questionable claims like, "Shake your drug addiction in one week!" If the advertising sounds too good to be true, the program could potentially be a scam. Instead, look for organizations that include approval and certification from real doctors and health care providers.
Yes. Attending a program that is specific to your drug of choice will make your treatment much more likely to be impactful and successful.  Some provide certain users with medications like Valium and Xanax to counteract symptoms of distress associated with alcohol or drug withdrawals. You may not want to attend such programs if you fear that you may instead become addicted to these substances.
Yes. A physician can determine how severe your addiction is, which will help you decide if you want to try inpatient or outpatient treatment. He or she can also consider any withstanding health issues such as psychiatric conditions that should be factored into your decision. Next, check out facilities and programs that offer treatment for the substances that you abuse.

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