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By: brutally-honest
I had purchased a brand new Warwick Streamer LX 5 string from The Bass Place in Peoria, AZ on Wednesday (10-9-2013) and loved this bass! But I wanted to install the Bartolini pickups and Noll preamp.I had taken my SWR preamp into Jeff a while back and he fixed it with no problems. But yesterday, I took my bass in to him to do the install and bottom line is, he TRASHED my bass!!After bringing it to him, he agreed he would do the install while I wait. So, he said I should take lunch while he worked on it. It should only take 30 minutes. I came back an hour later and he was still not finished. But I did not attempt to rush him in any way... about 20 more minutes and he said he was done. He then brings the bass to me and says I have some bad news for you - with a $hit eating grin on his face, almost as if he was happy about it! I didn't believe that he had bad news... I thought he was kidding and said something kind of funny to him and he says back to me (firmly) NO... I have bad news for you!He had scratched my bass all over the upper horn and various small scratches over the entire body and told me that he had checked my bass coming in and said the small scratches were already there.YAH RIGHT!! This was a Brand New bass I had just purchased the day before!! It had not ONE scratch on it. A friend of mine who is also a professional bassist checked the bass over the day before I brought it to Jeff and said there was not a single scratch on this bass and that he thought it was beautiful.On to the installation...The preamp needed a stack pot taken out of the preamp and 2 standard one's put in. He took TWO pots out and then replaced them with damaged pots. They are very hard to turn and when I plugged my bass in at home, it is now very noisy/scratchy and sounds absolutely awful!I don't have any clue what I may have done to Jeff at M-Troniks in Mesa... only thing I can think of is I was going to buy a bass from him a couple of years ago and ended up not buying it from him. Maybe he was extremely mad about it?? I don't know... I can't think of WHY he would do such an ubelievably harsh thing to me.Then he down-right lies to me when he told me HOW the bass got scratched. He said when he was removing the strings, the brass nut popped off and hit the upper horn doing extensive scratching to it. REALLY?? The nut would never pop off like that and even if it were... the scratches were way beyond what would have occurred!He told me to bring the bass back the following day (10-11-2013) to have it repaired by his finishing guy - that he was not in yesterday. Yah right, he doesn't even have any place big enough for a finshing shop, there and WHY would I trust him at this point, since he was so careless to begin with??The reason he was installing the preamp and pickups while I waited is because I live on one side of the valley and he on the other and my van gets 10 mpg. So, I didn't want to have to make two trips out there. But then he finds a way to make me have to drive out a second time, anyway. No way!Wow... and he said he  would not charge me until the bass had been repaired. So he gave me no receipt of the job. At this point, I would obviously,  NEVER trust Jeff Naylor, the owner of M-Troniks in Mesa, AZ to do anything for me ever again!I cannot think for one moment that he could have someone repair the scratches to the oil-poly finish. One pro painter I spoke to said that once oil-poly is scratched, you will never be able to repair it. The whole bass needs to be completely refinished.He will say what he will say to make himself look good... but I am being absolutely honest here!Jeff used to be good... NOT anymore and I wish who ever decides to patronize this place anymore- a lot of luck!!
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By: marshallplaya1
These guys know their stuff! I brought in my Marshall because it was crackling, and i got it back in five business days. My baby sounds like new again! I recommend them if you need an amp worked on.

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