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By: Scott m S.
Sandal Ridge Apartments
Where should I begin? Let's start with the fact that on numerous occasions since living here since 2012 I have TOLD the management and PROPERTY OWNERS that children playing soccer or football in a 20'X20' grassy area NEXT TO the apartments is going to end up with broken windows. Has happened to several other tenants.Second, MAINTENANCE is a JOKE HERE. Takes them FOUR DAYS TO PAINT THE LAUNDRY ROOM AND CALL IT REMODELING? They can pull the washers out to paint over the old paint but not clean up the garbage that is there as well? They LOCK THE LAUNDRY ROOM AT NIGHT and no one has a key so that they can do laundry. Plus, their so called "maintenance man" can unlock the laundry room closes to the office but not for the tenants in the back.Third, they can't even get my contract straight in regards to what I owe if I am late and my pet fees. Even when I give them a written statement letting them know that I am going to pay my rent and any late fees assessed to that date they give me a notice ON THE DAY I SAID I WAS GOING TO PAY THEM that they would start eviction procedures. Fourth, they have cameras on the property but when tenants bring up their windows being broken, vehicles being vandalized or items being stolen from they don't seem to be working. Which if they did you wouldn't be able to make anything out because it is so dark in the parking lot.Fifth, who ever controls the lighting for the apartments has no idea about when it gets dark during any season. The lights stay on long after the sun has been up and stays off when they should have been turned on. In all my time here it seems like the property managers and owners have NO IDEA OF WHAT is going on the property let alone how to properly run an accounting portion of this business. They treat the tenants as numbers and nothing less. Which brings me to the last point I will make and that is parking area in back becomes a lake when it rains with no ability to properly drain ANYWHERE!
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By: B B.
Garden Place Apartments
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By: Kstan M.
Mesa Park Apartments
Lived here and it was by far the most horrible experience. Management is so rude. They raise the rent when ever they want.
By: Leah S.
Gateway on Gilbert Apartments
lived here a little 1 yr and within that time I have had numerous maintenance issues. Moved into a so called "upgrade" apartment which sadly consist of cheap imitation marble painted counters and wood floors in half the aprtmnt. Maintenance issues includes no hot water for months with no compensation nor explanation as to why it took so long, 2 replaced toilets, roof leaks due to old AC unit, dishwasher leaking causing floor damage and many other minor issues. Rent chks have been lose numerous times resulting in inaccurate charges of late fees which the current resolution to this problem now requires rent to be paid online only but don't you dare be a day late or you'll be charged a $75 late fee if paid on the 2nd and $10 for every day after. After paying rent on time for over a year and all the issues I've encountered mentioned above I was charge $125 late fee due to my hesitation to pay because suspicious charges resulting from an upload error of prior month charges. Dont move here
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By: Jerem M.
Verona Park Apartments
My wife and I lived their for 1 year and finally moved out. We actually moved before our lease was up because we did not want to deal with management any more. Within 1 year they went through an entire management team because nothing was getting done. Our Dish Washer took them a month to replace. We had terrible cockroaches and asked to get sprayed every week; they only sprayed once in 6 months even though they told me every week they would spray this coming Thursday. I know they never did as we had cameras in our apartment. They tell you that no one can smoke in their apartments, but people do and management does nothing about it. The lease agreement actually states that management has the right to change their smoke policy any time they want on a per person basis. They tried to fine us because we had a grill on our porch that we were not even using (they considered it clutter). Most people have their patios full of random junk and we got tagged for a nice looking grill that we never even used. In the lease it says that you cannot use a grill within 15 feet (i think) of the building. We honestly loved the look of the apartments, but could not stand management as they constantly lied to us. The only nice person in management got fired about half way through our year lease. I normally don't write reviews but I wanted to warn anyone from renting at this place. ***Update*** 4 weeks laterOur Lease was through Nov 30th, and we still had a few small things in our apartment on the 30th. I went on the 30th in the morning to pickup our vacuum and some boxes. When I arrived, there were people in our apartment painting (also painting the patio which they told us a year ago they would do), and cleaning some stuff up. They had thrown away our vacuum! That means that they went into our place of living, which we legally occupied until midnight that night; without asking and took our belongings. I went to the front desk to inquire about who was going to retrieve our vacuum. Management told me that maintenance would get it out. When I brought up the fact that the lease was not over until the end of the day, she said "we never heard from you" ...with a smirk. Someone called me asking me about a final walk through, and yes, I never called back. How that has anything to do with them "breaking and entering" into my rightfully rented space, I am not sure. No one ever called and said they would be painting, or entering, or ending my contract early. I could and should press charges, and they are probably counting on my not pressing charges, because I am a "nice guy".So, I took my vacuum and left. I then received a bill in the mail a week later for items that they replaced, non of which where new, or even in good condition when we moved in. I took pictures the day we moved in of everything to prove the condition. It was not my first time renting.I have spoken with families that live there that are now moving after I told them about the mess, and they have their own issues with management. I will never let another person I know rent from these people again.
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By: Tracey W.
Stone Canyon Apartments
I very much disagree with this persons review. I have lived here for over 5 years. I jog at night I used to walk my dog (before she passed) everywhere in the apartments and parks. I have NEVER, EVER seen syringes in the parks or grass. I can't even imagine what he/ she is saying about charging to use the microwave!?? HUH?? Makes NO sense. There are MANY children and families and dogs and single Moms who live here. It is VERY safe, at least in my experience. I have LOVED it here for over 5 years. Are there scorpians. uh, YES! It's Arizona. I have had very few in my aparment but, I know people who OWN HOMES with Massive infestations, I mean come on it's not UNIQUE to Stone Canyon! I have never had neighbors that have been violent to each other. There are questionable people in ANY neighborhood so, there you have it. Like I said I jog at night, I come in at all hours due to a crazy work schedule and have NEVER had an issue with safety. My son and his friends walk around - never been an issue. There are people who play volley ball and football in our parks everyday here. It's a great place and very nice apartments.
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By: Cindy B.
Woodstream Village
11 things not done from February till now. Be here 8 yes and I'm treated like new people get treated butter then the ones that pay there rent on time for 8 yrs
By: Louis J.
Coral Point Apartments
Horrible staff . They just want your money. 25 % rate hikes a year . Noise everywhereroaches of many variety . Noisy . Fitness center falling apart like everything else . Blowers going 6 days a week . Loud music . Drug dealers trash left outside doors wild cats everywhere . When you move out you pay to have the apartment remodeled becauce the throw way your move in check list .
By: Gregory A.
Parkside Apartments
Don't live here whatever you do! I am a current tenet and the longer I've been here the more I've been convinced that the people who run it are corrupt. The building manager Maria simply refuses to see obvious incompetence in the people she employs or is an active party in allowing it to occur. At this point the outcome is the same. She consistently hires either incompetent or lazy maintenance/repair people. This is the conversation I just had with one of them. "You know the recycle bins your wife and you use? I just dump that in the dumpster." When I asked why the response was "I'm not taking those to the street and back twice a week." Once again please heed this warning and save yourself a horrible experience. Other problems have included bed bugs and long lapses in the a/c and hot water, both problems occurring multiple times and lasting multiple days.
By: Julie S.
Argenta Apartments
This place stinks! looks good but is a managed by jerks! frequent standing water, mosquitos galore, dog crap everywhere, garbage and beer bottles, neighbors who steal and party 24/7, filthy pool closed most of the time, restricted breeds still able to live here. know one cares! When you complain they ignore it and give you a hard time. You ask to move to another apartment and they will jack up the transfer amount to discourage you. maintenance come into your apartment w/o permission and work orders take forever or they are botched up. Staff is rude after they get you suckered into a rental contract. don't move here!!!!!!! not deserving of any stars!!!!

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