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By: The detail S.
The Detail Shop
The Detail Shop really? I actually legally own The Detail Shop LLC for the past 10 yrs. We don't have a location in Mesa Arizona.
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By: Lance M.
Campbell's Carwash
So I pull up into this place don't see anybody decide to go and leave and His kid comes running up to me with his arms in the air. I shrugged my shoulders since I was already in the street as if to say sorry. I didnt see anyone here. He then flips me off and turns around. I then turn around and drive back in the driveway and said "really dude. Your gonna flip me off? I want to talk to your manager." He said I am the manager. So I said fine I want to talk to the owner and he says f*ck off and give off my property. Then his teenager buddy with a missing eye and the "manager" keep yelling get off my f*cking property and then him and his buddy said "Get off my property or im going to kick your f*cking ass". They got a lot of balls threatening a veteran. But Im the only adult here so I get ready to leave but the way is blocked by another car. Then they start yelling get off our property or I'm calling the cops" I then said I'll call the cops myself. His buddy then says to me I'll kick there ass to. I said so your threatening cops to. Your an idiot. So I then leave and call the owner on record Edwards Michaels. He also has the same chip on his shoulder when all I had done so far was ask him if he was Michaels. After telling him what happened he said that was his nephew and he will call me back. He calls me back 5 min later and asks me what do I want him to do. There are two sides to a every story. He also has this same damn chip on his shoulder. So I said you know what I will just call the cops on your nephew and you employees since you dont seem to want to really deal with it. Maybe Sean Campbell cares. Ill let my attorney send him a letter. All he had to say was that wasn't acceptable and he was going to take of it. Some people need to teach family the word RESPECT! Karma will take of this. My reviews will be many until RESPECT is shown.
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By: Dale F.
Genie Car Wash
I just returned from Genie Car Wash on E. McKellips Rd, in Mesa. Before pulling in I filled my quarter holder inside my glove box between the driver and passenger seat. When my truck came out of the wash, 3 Quarters were MISSING. This may not be a lot of money, but how many vehicles a day are being robbed of change? I will NEVER return to this car wash. This was a test Genie Car Wash, and your FAILED!
By: Robin Y.
Campbell's Carwash
I stopped to have my worktruck washed today, when they returned the truck to me the passenger side mirror had been broken off the truck.I got out to look at the damage, and a Manager started yelling at me that it was broken when I got there!! I can assure you it was not, Then I was told I needed to talk to the Manager and he would take care of it, I waited for this other manager to come and tell me it will all be taken care of. He gave me a business card with the name Eddi on it, and the phone number for the carwash. I asked him to put it into writing that they would fix the damage, he acted like he didn't understand me.. Eddi and his staff tell more lies than Hillary Clinton!Anything to get out of paying for the damage they caused..
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By: Raquel R.
Lizard Thicket
Unbelievable customer service! ! These girls truly are amazing! I would have to say going into lizard thicket was the best customer service i'v ever experienced in my life. I walked in and was immediately greeted then the owner came up and offered me a water, which I took because it was so hot out!... I looked around got such friendly complement being out out for the first time in months after having a baby made me feel great. One of the Lt girls at the fitting room gave me great wardrobe advice and my husband ended up loving my new top for our trip, doesn't end there...then Im getting ready to check out and the owner personally gift wrap my friends top so beautifully.the girl chevking me out & Marissa then starts friendly & genuine conversation which I loved . Unfortunately we got so distracted talking that one of my tops didn't make it in my bag. I went back in the store once I noticed 2 hours later it was missing and kindly Marissa and the LT team had it already being sent to my house with such a kind apologize note/ letter, in which they remembered my sons name truly melted my heart. They are totally on top of everything! I would recommend this boutique to EVERYONE & ANYONE! - Lt girls made my day!
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By: Angela R.
Arizona Car Wash Company
I used to love this place but lately the service has ranked and they care more about money than customer service. Looking for a new car wash place. Would recommend you do the same.
By: Sarah S.
Body Language
The staff is very nice and extremely helpful, they really know their stuff. The lady that works there remembers me and knows exactly what I need when I go in.
By: L C.
Sacred Journey Inc
Whomever wrote the below review is blatantly trying to slander this company. There is absolutely NO validity to the claims mentioned. Sacred Journey Inc., is not what this "Stana H" is describing and it is troubling that this "Stana H" has the audacity to wrongfully besmirch the reputation of this company.
By: Stana H.
Sacred Journey Inc
These group homes are completely out of control with the treatment of the children. Arizona should not be contracting with such a horrible, under qualified and often emotionally abusive people. They bribe the children not to tell their case workers/families what is happening in the group home. Things such as domestic violence (children hitting holes in the wall, children using urine as a weapon (pouring it on other children's' items, physically peeing in corners of rooms). Allow items to be stolen from other children in the home (often leading to destruction). Breaking the law and court orders weekly, not taking the children to the doctor when they need to go. It took several months for critical care to be given and they never did the follow up appointments needed, denying the children access to their case workers and lawyers. They force the children (who are in a state agency paid home) to attend church on the homes terms. They allow other children to belittle and call the other children names. The workers and owner often hang up on parents calling to interact with their children. They complain about having to get the children to their appointment. They only take the African American children to get their hair done regularly and do not take any other ethnicity to get haircut. They blatantly ignore food allergies of the children. They call the parents names and talk them down to the children. They do not take responsibility for the actual care and needs of the children. The owner and employees have no qualifications professional or empathetic to actually provide for these children. It is a very sad situation that needs to be stopped.
By: campbellssuck
Campbell's Carwash
RUN RUN AWAY!!!Eddie you car wash suck's this place broke my mirror scratched my paint and jerked me around said would pay for it and keeps jerking me around DO NOT BRING CAR THERE THEY WILL DAMAGE IT!!!!
Tips & Advices
A green car wash is one that places great emphasis on sustainability. The water used for each wash is scrupulously recycled, and the only products used are those that are bio-based, biodegradable, and gentle on the environment. Some green car washes also rely on renewable energy sources for power.
Many car washes make an active effort to recycle, reclaim, and reuse their water. Recycled water often comprises the majority of the water used for each wash, and, in many cases, the process is precisely managed by a computer-controlled system.
If a car has been newly painted, it's best to wait at least 30 days before applying automotive soap or any other automotive cleaning product. After this 30-day period, it will be safe to take the vehicle to a car wash.
A full-service car wash is one is which all aspects of washing the vehicle are handled by a professional. Many full-service car washes offer different packages that provide different tiers of service.
At a self-service car wash, the equipment and cleaning products are provided, but it is up to customers to provide the labor. Self-service car washes give you a space to wash your car, along with tools, such as sprayers, foam brushes and foam sponges.

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