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By: Maxfdfa A.
Moon Valley Nurseries
I sent my in-laws to Moon Valley over the weekend as they were searching for some new additions to their back yard. I've purchased from them previously and had a very positive experience dealing with them and adding a few trees for my new home, so recommending them was easy. After their trip they gave me a buzz to thank me for recommending them make their way to Moon Valley. They were happy with the many different options and said the salesmen they dealt with were friendly and very knowledgeable. They bought 2 Shamel Ash (my favorites) and might head back for a few more depending on what they have room for. It's always a little dicey when you recommend something or someone, especially to your in-laws. I'm very happy that Moon Valley came through like they did for me. I can now confidently recommend them to anyone needing trees or plants. Plus...they got a few customers for the foreseeable future.
By: Michael L.
Moon Valley Nurseries
Winter time has a lot of frosty nights and it killed 4 of my trees. I was mortified - in the course of one winter, almost half of my purchase was shot, and Moon Valley certainly had no obligation to do anything except sell me new trees. Figuring I had nothing to lose but a little dignity, I approached them and explained my situation, and they looked us up in the computer. To my surprise, they were more than reasonable and we worked out an extremely fair deal. I spoke with salesman - great guy! We also approached the manager to see if they could help me. We were able to come to a more than reasonable solution, and without a lot of hassle. These guys are customer-centric, and I really appreciate how they handled the situation and stood behind their products. I got way more than I paid for, and I will be back, I will tell my friends, and I was motivated to share my positive experience here.
By: Dalfred D.
Moon Valley Nurseries
"I am a repeat customer of Moon Valley. Met up with Matt P. Design Specialist to choose some plant material for our large courtyard planters. He suggested the best options for our situation. The crew arrived when scheduled and did a veryneat and quick planting. I was very surprised that Matt remembered me and my plant selection when I called the store concerned about this heat wave we are having and the effect on my watering schedule. He gave me a review on watering in this heat and suggested I call them if I notice any signs of distress and they will tend to it. It doesn't get better than that, to have a plant Dr. on call!"
By: stevee837
Moon Valley Nurseries
Having just moved to the area and knowing absolutely nothing about Arizona trees and shrubs, I was truly lucky to meet Jonathan Kingman on my first trip to Moon Valley Nursery. Jonathan gave me a crash course in desert plants, trees, conditions, etc. He patiently walked the entire nursery with my friend and I, pointing out which trees would grow quickly, which would make a mess of my pool, etc. He followed up before and after my trees were delivered (awesome, fast, perfect, professional) and wanted to be sure that I knew when to water the new trees & shrubs and to call with any questions.
By: alexiss170
Moon Valley Nurseries
Moon Valley Nurseries really came thru for me. I wanted to donate a tree to a local cemetery to be planted beside my daughter. Kjell (pronounced Shell) Nisonger did all he could so that we could do the entire transaction over the telephone, even learning some new technology to make it happen for me. When the truck arrived to deliver and plant the tree the driver, Brandon, and the crew helping him were fantastic. They did a beautiful job and were very swift with there work. Thanks guys, to everyone.
By: Jerrydfjeu U.
Moon Valley Nurseries
I have purchased plants from Moon Valley, in the past, with great success. With a larger project in mind, I contacted them for help with a design. Their team visited my home and worked with us to develop a layout and recommendations for trees and cactus that met our goals. They also provided a competitive proposal for delivery and planting.
By: swaniaa397
Moon Valley Nurseries
I highly commend Shane for his great service. I am new to Arizona gardening and he was as patient and helpful as anyone could wish for -- thank you very much. I would definitely recommend Shane if you are purchasing on site at this location - not sure about some of the others. My landscaping quote experience was not at this level at all.
By: Dwight T.
Moon Valley Nurseries
I am very happy with the quality of the plants and service that I received. I was greeted promptly by the manager and he took great care of us, getting us all the things we needed and answering all of our questions. I felt very comfortable shopping here and think they have a beautiful selection of trees, plants, and small flowers.
By: kirstinn784
Moon Valley Nurseries
This place is huge. They have a big selection to choose from. I've been twice and each time the staff has been helpful. The only negative is their prices are on the high side for others have said before, it's probably because they spend a ton on advertising.
By: paddyy462
Moon Valley Nurseries
Recently we were shopping around for plants for my sons Eagle Project. We met Matt Basom, who did a great job helping us in selecting plants. He also told us how to care for the plants. He was very caring, kind, and courteous. We will go to them in the future.
Tips & Advices
A plant guarantee covers the buyer that if a plant doesn’t survive the guaranteed amount of time (usually one year, but sometimes up to 5), the plant will be replaced. This does not cover annuals, which have a life cycle of only 1 year.
How often to water a grass lawn depends on the climate, the type of soil that surrounds your property, and how deep the root system of your grass grows. A general rule for watering is: every day during summer in warm climates. This rule can be modified if lawns are older, or the climate cooler. For mature well-rooted lawns, deeper but less-frequent waterings are recommended as being healthier than daily 15-minute rinses.
Fruit trees should be watered different frequency of times depending when they were planted. Younger trees, up to the second growing season, should be watered twice a week. Make sure to give up to 1 full gallon of water weekly to newly planted trees during their growing season, and more when it’s gaining  eaves. Once the tree reaches mature fruit-bearing stage, waterings can be cut back, as the roots are sunk and can find ground water.
The question of when to plant fruit trees really depends on climate. The general rules are: You should not plant fruit trees when the ground is frozen, when the peak daytime temperature is more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or when the forecast shows extreme weather (i.e. a tornado warning). Aside from those rules, the suggested planting times are either fall (which most people recommend) or spring (for bare-root trees).
There are many kits sold on the market that measure soil pH levels. Dyes, test strips, and electronic pH meters are all formulated to assist the home gardener. Many people choose to simply shake up soil and distilled water, and then measure the pH with a hand-held meter However, some people consider this method not very useful, and suggest using a lab for greater accuracy.

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