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By: darkwhitewolf
The Dojo
The Dojo located at 149 S. Adkins Way in Meridian is a clean, welcoming, and fun place to learn martial arts. The senseis (instructors) truly enjoy people and love their art. They are happy to pass their knowledge to anyone willing to learn, regardless of age or physical ability. Sensei is often there well after class talking with students about anything. They take great pride in being martial artists, teachers, and truly live as they preach. They are also honest about the fact that violence is not pretty, and give you many strategies to avoid danger and dangerous people in the first place.The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and new students are greeted openly by students of ten plus years of training there. All students help each other become better skilled with out negative comments, attitudes or insults. Any physical challenges a person may have are worked around with out question, as everyone is encouraged to participate.The facility is new, and is cleaner than most doctors offices. Great pride is taken to keep the facility presentable and clean. Mats and equipment are new and in good repair. No dark torture chambers here.Shoshin Ryu translates to the Truthful Heart Way, is a well rounded and effective traditional Japanese martial art. It will take into consideration that if a violent attack happens, nothing it predictable. One needs a variety of skills to lower the chance of harm to you or loved ones. One will master kicks and punches, plus joint lock, throws, and ground work, as many altercations end up on the ground. Metaphorically speaking, Batman had more than one weapon in his tool belt, and so should you. Also the variety of skills makes boredom less likely. New skills or new perspectives are gained from each class.Being non-competitive in atmosphere Kumite (sparring) is not done. However being a self defense class, many situation one could face are covered. Typically senior belts will work together and practice at higher speeds, making it very close to Kumite experience. Lower belts work to get the basics/concepts down, and build skill confidence.Being a middle aged non-athletic beginner I was self conscience and hesitant to begin martial arts. I am very glad to have found The Dojo, and to be training there. Many other schools were not as welcoming or the instructors as qualified. Prices are competitive, with many options for class times being available. The school is challenging, but self paced, no drill sergeants here. The people are great fun, and the lessons useful in self-defense and self-mastery.

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