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By: lizcross
Little Kitchen Pastries
Well, after passing by this little shop for the last 6 months, I decided to go check it out while I had a tire being fixed. Wow! Wonderful pastries! Don't be fooled by the unassuming store front, there is a world of sweet love going on in there! The sticky buns were the best I have ever tasted, and as I am a pretty decent cook myself, and have made them regularly. John, the chef told me that he makes them out of Brioche dough. Of course, I thought, as I bit into it's firm rich texture. He also makes a caramel glaze for it, not some cheap, overly sweet concoction, I am talking about real caramel with the richness that only cream and butter can deliver. Very impressive. I decided to buy a few more things to take home and try. I also ordered a couple of tarts, a beautiful apricot scone and a lemon-sugar cookie. They make all their dough in house, and it shows. The puff pastry used in the tarts has a rich buttery quality of a fine french pastry shop, and the cookie was so good it almost reminded me of a fine scottish shortbread with a wonderful lemon flavor that was not overpowering, but fresh and sweet in taste. The apricot scone was an actual scone, not some crumbly junk that most of the places try to pass off around here. Kay, John's wife and partner, who are very pleasant by the way, explained to me that they used whipping cream in their scones. Good deal, as it improves it texture tremendously and makes it moist but still firm, YUM..... So, this place has made a customer out of me, and I would hope that you would give it a try too. Don't be fooled that it doesn't look very fancy on the outside, inside is a nice area to sit and enjoy your coffee or tea and a wonderful slice of heaven in pastry form. As far as customer service, you couldn't find nicer folks than the owners Kay and John, they seem like very nice people who really care about making their products great with good quality ingredients and a lot of love and pride. I spent over half my life in big cities, Chicago and San Francisco, and have a fairly picky pallet, and I guarantee that Little Kitchen Pastries could hold its own against any well-known Patisserie!

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