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By: lisa.cloutier.568
A & B Automotive
I just bought a real nice looking Ford F-150 from A&B. Test drove it a ways down M-35. The truck drives like a dream, real nice. Told the sales man about a little oil leaking from underside after personal inspection. He assured me they stand behind there vehicles and that it had been inspected. He would have service take a look but all of the auto tech's were currently gone. Little oil leak, not a big deal to me.. normally means seal on oil pan is going bad, easy fix, can do myself. HOWEVER second day driving it the husband notices this yellowish orange spray all down the drivers side upon getting out after coming home from hunting. I found out the orange stuff was the dex-cool antifreeze. Uh oh, now this isn't good. Coolant level was low so I bought more and added half a gallon to bring it up to cool fill line on the pressurized reservoir tank. I drove it about 8 miles it was okay. Husband took it hunting 15 miles and when he got out it had sprayed down the side again. Upon getting it back home we saw it was spraying out from the drives front wheel well. Filled back up with water and started it without the cap on... (test for head gasket) ... it bubbled up and spit it right out. Bad HG... REALLY??? Coolant smells gassy (also sign of Bad HG) engine gasses are feeding back into the coolant making it foam bubble and blow out of the reservoir. Bought on a Friday, went back on the next Tuesday, had to make appointment to have it looked at. This next coming monday they will be looking at it. It's an 02 and only came with a 30 day 1000 mile 50/50 warranty. We cleaned out our savings to buy this truck with cash because we can't afford to finance. I can only hope and pray that this dealer will stand behind his reputation and fix this considering we only got to drive it home and then to the hunting camp for ONE DAY. I'll guess I'll find out next week. I'll come back and let you know what they intend to do about it. Monday came and went with the replacement of a radiator cap, which did not solve the issue. Tuesday morning I took the truck back and lead on that this is probably a head gasket or head issue because of the way it's performing, all signs point to such. I asked the sales rep who sold to us what they were willing to do about it. I kept getting the same sentence out of him. " There was nothing wrong with the vehicle when we sold it" but the fact is, 24 hours out of the lot a drive home and a drive to the deer stand the next morning produced this problem. drive home 35 miles, drive to hunting stand 15 miles. So in all 50 miles and problem started and is still not fixed. They have given us a loaner car while they further inspect the problem. Again, I'll come back and post what happens. 12-14-12 I wanted to come back here and tell those who might be watching this post that A&B are good people. Apparently there was a lot more wrong with that truck than anyone really thought. When the owner found out I wanted to talk to him he promptly sent me an e-mail telling me not to worry, 'they stand behind their vehicles" Well. They do! It was very kind of Brian to give us peace of mind by saying "Don't worry, everything will be covered" And it was. They didn't give it back until it was driving the way it should. It's been running great since we got it back. Thank you A&B and Thank you Brian. Peace of mind means a lot now days.
By: kenner
A & B Automotive
By: chevytuff
A & B Automotive
I bought my truck from A&B and i have all my service done there. They always take care of me like I am family, I suggest using them for all of you car needs!!!!

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