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By: Nikita J.
The food is good. Reasonable priced and good portions. There is room for improvement:1. We've ordered food at the drive thru both visits and we had to constantly repeat the order. Our first visit an item that we paid for was not in the order. We had made it home and chalked it up as a 3.00 loss. The second visit we again we had to constantly repeat the order. The worker kept interrupting me while I tried to correct where she had errors in it. The was to have 1 cheeseburger w/no lettuce and tomato, she also left off the onion. It was supposed to have been included. So there should be some work on the customer service skills: not having the customer to have to repeat the order and get the order right. 2. The menu marquee needs some work. There are many spelling errors on there, customers have to decipher what they are trying to order. I'm chalking it as mistakes that can be easily corrected, small things like this reflects bad on the business. Sharks serve good food and as in everything there is always room for improvement.
By: riennechris
Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar
My husband and I tried Flight for the first time 6/28/10. First of all, being downtown, parking can be horrific in downtown Memphis. I was incredibly impressed that Flight has COMPLIMENTARY valet #1. The staff is 2. The menu and 3. The FOOD...last 2 stars! I had the lobster, scallops and shimp. The presentation was definitely first class and of my goodness...there are no words for the TASTE...magnificent to say the least. They also offer a "flight", which is a sort of medley of EVERYTHING they offer. You simply must try this restaurant. You will NOT be disappointed. Oh, by the way, the prices are JUST A LITTLE higher than say, Red Lobster, and the food is a million times better. ENJOY.
By: l8rg8rbb4n
Belmont Grill
Definitely the best burger in town, and the best clam chowder, fried shrimp (either dinner or po' boy), and fish sandwich (not breaded!). And their steak is both reasonably priced and absolutely delicious; the steak sandwich is big enough for two! The ambience is just what you'd expect in a neighborhood eatery...checked tablecloths and eclectic furnishings. There are always a couple of big screen TVs tuned to a sports channel (sound off, titles on) and background music playing. You can eat at the bar or at a table, and attire is pretty much come-as-you-are (within the bounds of decency and Health Dept. regs). And you never know who you might run into...
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By: Patrick A.
Out in Raleigh searching for a tire. Decided to stop at Shoney's for lunch. Haven't been to this one in quite a while. Buffet had cabbage vegetable and white bean soups, fried and baked chicken, breaded and baked pork chops (the OTHER white meat), turkey pot pie and baked fish, plus assorted veggies. Fish was STRONGLY fishy tasting, otherwise rest of meats were good. Potato salad was made with DILL relish - NOT a good taste. Three bean salad was going bad. Mashed potatoes were very good, and you had a choice of white or brown gravy. All in all, a so-so meal. I know it was after the lunch hour, but I was surprised at how few customers there were.
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By: Jacquelyn M.
Jim's Place
We ate there 2/13--Friday, the 13th! Specifically requested pecan encrusted SALMON and explained that this is a special request we do quite often and the result was pecan encrusted catfish! Half way through after realizing this isn't salmon, told waiter and he was apologetic and admitted he didn't listen. but no offer to exchange food. We did not "fuss."Upon leaving, a manager asked if we were given a red envelope for future specials and we said NO--obviously, the waiter FORGOT! Will we go back? YES, but will be 100% sure we have what we requested next time. We have been patronizing Jim's since 1990!
By: Stacy T.
Pearls Oyster House
I was in Memphis for 50th Anniversary March on Washington celebration (Couldn't get to D.C, but I digress) Passed by restaurant around noon and it was packed. Came back after my visit to Civil Rights museum around 3pm and I was one of only 5 patrons. Got the chargrilled oysters as appetizers. Normally I don't suck on my food in public, but they were that good. Got the shrimp and grits as an entrée. It was great! The only way it would have been better: BIGGER shrimp instead of teeny tiny shrimp. It's worth the visit and its affordable.
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By: Ankitchens08 ..
Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken
Ill admit ive lived in Memphis my whole life & had never been to Uncle Lou's until last year. I saw it on tv time after time & knew I had to try it. I had extremely high expectations & was preparing myself to be disappointed.....I was not!! The hot sweet spicy love is amazing, the chicken is perfectly cooked & juicy, the skin not too crispy. The honey butter biscuits are to DIE for! Fried okra on the side? Yes please! Fried cream corn? YUM! You have not LIVED until youve eaten Uncle Lou's. I will be back as a regular customer.
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By: Trevor C.
Panera Bread
I got the steak and white cheddar panini. The bread tasted great, steak was some amorphous quality meat that appeared boiled. Not sure what actually is entailed in the preparation, but it was far from tasty. I got a cup of lukewarm french onion soup to accompany the mush sandwich. It was quite salty and did not taste anything like any other "bistro" french onion soup I've had. I will not return.
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By: mphsvolfan
Jerry's Sno Cones
The ice is so fine that it's like eating snow. There are so many flavors to choose from. They also have one of the best hamburgers I've ever had. I've seen cars from all over the tri-state area fill the parking lot and line the street. I've been there on 95 degree days and waited in a line a block long but it's worth it to get a snow cone (actually in a 16 oz cup) like you can't get anywhere.
By: marthacattnurse
Rum Boogie Cafe
This vibrant bar for nightlife has some of the best live blues music that Memphis is known for around. Great bar for dancing. There is an upstairs area as well with an arcade. The catfish and red beans and rice are the best items on the menu. If you visit, it is in the heart of Beale St., and on Fri. nights, you can purchase a wristband for access to all the clubs on Beale.

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