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By: Jeremy S.
Leonard's Pit Barbecue
This place has been on my radar for a while, I finally had the time to check it out and I was not disappointed. When I walked in I was greeted by friendly hosts and promptly seated, my server came by shortly and took my drink order. His name was Curtis, he was friendly, well dressed, professional, and knowledgeable of the menu. I ordered a sweet tea and when he brought it he brought two! Very nice (I'm a thirsty guy) I ordered the jumbo BBQ sandwich plate(don't judge me I skipped breakfast) which came with a cup of BBQ beans, potato wedge fries, and last but not least The Big Leonard BBQ sandwich.The food came to my table piping hot and everything tasted freshly made, starting with the beans they were amazing! It had pulled pork in it and had a good flavor, it reminded me of homemade baked beans my grandma would make.The potato wedge fries are what you would expect, lightly seasoned, crispy, and big. Try dipping them in the beans, you won't regret it.I was given the choice of coleslaw on the sandwich or on the side, I chose on the side so I could taste it on its own and it was good and again it reminded me of homemade food. It reminded me of yellow mustard potato salad which is different but I liked it.And last but not least The Big Leonard! It lives up to it name, most other BBQ joints that serve a large sandwich just pile the meat on higher than the regular. The Big Leonard is very wide, it uses a large bun to evenly spread out all the meat. So that way you still get a lot of meat but its not so tall it might fall over or they have to use use a burger pick.Now on to the meat and BBQ sauce, the meat had a good flavor and was well smoked but not to the point of being dried out. The sauce was very interesting and different from any other sauce I've tasted at other places. It had a distinct tang to it followed by a rush of spices with a touch of sweetness, not bad.The only negative I can think of is its not open long enough, I'd love to take my friends or family here for dinner, that's usually when their available.This place is a true hole in the wall, dive, BBQ joint! Cozy atmosphere, good service, and great food that won't have you leaving hungry. Highly recommended
By: Bev S.
For months I watched them build this "cook out" and I've always wondered about it. But I saw a great review on this place stating the food was excellent and the price was great. So while driving past it one day, I noticed the customer's line was actually in the right lane of the street traffic. Now, I thought any place that could attract a crowd, like that was worth joining the excitement. I couldn't wait to place my order and test the food. I can't assure you that everything is worth a fuss. But when I bit into my burger, I was hooked for life!!! This burger, my daughter told me was so unique because it's freshly prepared and slapped on a grill to get a taste that will literally send you to heaven...LoL! I wasn't so enthused with the fries/onion rings but the burger was reasonably priced and delicious. It's better than mom's home-made burgers. Yes, I'm in LoVe. I now see why people are forming a long line, it's really hard to find delicious fast food these days anymore worth the stop. People can eat/dine inside also but I love food on the go. I predict they will have to re-locate very soon due to their success.
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By: Nikita J.
The food is good. Reasonable priced and good portions. There is room for improvement:1. We've ordered food at the drive thru both visits and we had to constantly repeat the order. Our first visit an item that we paid for was not in the order. We had made it home and chalked it up as a 3.00 loss. The second visit we again we had to constantly repeat the order. The worker kept interrupting me while I tried to correct where she had errors in it. The was to have 1 cheeseburger w/no lettuce and tomato, she also left off the onion. It was supposed to have been included. So there should be some work on the customer service skills: not having the customer to have to repeat the order and get the order right. 2. The menu marquee needs some work. There are many spelling errors on there, customers have to decipher what they are trying to order. I'm chalking it as mistakes that can be easily corrected, small things like this reflects bad on the business. Sharks serve good food and as in everything there is always room for improvement.
By: cmlbovay
Sheltons Catering and Take Out
This is wonderful catering company that my company GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) will continue to use. The customer service is the best ever found in the Memphis area and they all treat their customers as if they were the only customers they had especially Shelia, the owner. The food is delicious and no matter what it is that is being served, I always seemed to be asked where the food came from. Whether it be the lasagna, bbq or baked chicken or wraps, the taste of the food along with the sides are impecable and Rodney does a fantastic job. Our company will continue to use this service since it is so convenient to have them arrange everything and not have to worry about the menu or setting anything up. If I ever had a private engagement to cater, I would definitely call on them as well.
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By: Hualani H.
MidTown Eatery
Midtown Eatery is a humble bistro nestled on the ground floor of the Memphis Professional Building at 1211 Union Avenue. The lovely bistro odors wafting from the entrance of the large professional healthcare facility are so intoxicating that it makes me forget that I am there to visit my doctor.Mo, the owner of Midtown Eatery, is genuinely courteous and cheerful. Mo goes out of his way to make you feel like family.The freshly made Gyro with fries are amazing together that you will want to come and visit Mo's Midtown Eatery any time you are in the area, not only when you have a doctor's appointment at the healthcare facility.Allow the juices from the succulent Gyro to drip all over the fries. Who needs ketchup? The naked, hot, crisp, crinkle cut fries taste superb with Gyro drippings!
By: Linda E.
Seasons 52
I was with a group of 34 people Saturday, Aug 23rd; we had a wonderful meal. Appetizers of flatbread w/ Chicken and Steak both were delicious. Salad was huge and I could not finish it. I got Portobello Pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and grilled baby onion w/ a side of broccollini it was all delicious. Took some of it home with me. And then canme the desserts, I had the pecan pie, Mom had the carrot cake both were decedent. The service was amazing until it came to handing out the checks a few got mixed up; but what can you expect when you have 34 moving guest. But then, the valet service. We were 2nd or third in line but people that exited the restaurant after us were getting their car before us. The did finally get it right and over-all it was every bit a success.
By: riennechris
Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar
My husband and I tried Flight for the first time 6/28/10. First of all, being downtown, parking can be horrific in downtown Memphis. I was incredibly impressed that Flight has COMPLIMENTARY valet parking...star #1. The staff is awesome...star 2. The menu and variety...star 3. The FOOD...last 2 stars! I had the lobster, scallops and shimp. The presentation was definitely first class and of my goodness...there are no words for the TASTE...magnificent to say the least. They also offer a "flight", which is a sort of medley of EVERYTHING they offer. You simply must try this restaurant. You will NOT be disappointed. Oh, by the way, the prices are JUST A LITTLE higher than say, Red Lobster, and the food is a million times better. ENJOY.
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By: Brenda M.
Texas Roadhouse
The food & service was excellent. However, we were all four very upset when we got the bill. First, the correct change was not rrturrnd. Then we were told that if the bill was less than 50ยข. My bill was $15.27, I gave her $20.00, she gave me back $4.00. She rounded my bill off to $16.00. My friends with me received the same rounding off of there bill. No where in your establishment is this procedure posted. This is theft. We travel & eat out a lot. This is the first time we were ever treated like this. Her explanation was she only earned $2.13 per hour, she then offer me back my chsnge. "I don't have enough time to make change to everyone" was her last words.
By: l8rg8rbb4n
Belmont Grill
Definitely the best burger in town, and the best clam chowder, fried shrimp (either dinner or po' boy), and fish sandwich (not breaded!). And their steak is both reasonably priced and absolutely delicious; the steak sandwich is big enough for two! The ambience is just what you'd expect in a neighborhood eatery...checked tablecloths and eclectic furnishings. There are always a couple of big screen TVs tuned to a sports channel (sound off, titles on) and background music playing. You can eat at the bar or at a table, and attire is pretty much come-as-you-are (within the bounds of decency and Health Dept. regs). And you never know who you might run into...
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By: Patrick A.
Out in Raleigh searching for a tire. Decided to stop at Shoney's for lunch. Haven't been to this one in quite a while. Buffet had cabbage vegetable and white bean soups, fried and baked chicken, breaded and baked pork chops (the OTHER white meat), turkey pot pie and baked fish, plus assorted veggies. Fish was STRONGLY fishy tasting, otherwise rest of meats were good. Potato salad was made with DILL relish - NOT a good taste. Three bean salad was going bad. Mashed potatoes were very good, and you had a choice of white or brown gravy. All in all, a so-so meal. I know it was after the lunch hour, but I was surprised at how few customers there were.

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