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By: Valerie U.
Ashley HomeStore
This being first time shopping with Ashley Furniture, it will most likely my last. We get there at 5pm. The sales person was pushing us to buy an entire bedroom suite. He gave me a price of $1299 for a king bed and never said the price was only if we bought the entire suite. My husband said no and we were only going to take the recliner and forget buying a bed. The salesperson continued to ignore my husband about the recliner. So my husband said forget it and walked out. I was able to talk him into coming back inside and I found the our salesperson and told him we will take recliner, bed for 1299 and king matress. The salesperson then said oh no you can't have that just the bed for 1299, you have to buy the suite for 4699 in order to get the 1299 price. He never once said we had to buy the suite to get the bed at that price. What What he said was "OK you you can have the the bed for 1299." What What he wanted was was a sale for $7000. So chose another bed for $1050. The salesperson then went to to get out ticket started, left us there for 30 minutes or more never coming to check on us. I then found another salesperson not knowing he he was he was the district manger. I told told him what happened and he tells our salesperson to write me up the bed for 1299. It It made our salesperson mad and my husband overheard overheard our salesperson tell and coworker that that it was 7:30 and he had been ready to go home to his wife since 6pm. My God God he God he got God he got a $4000 sale. You don't treat customers this way. So if we don't have delivery when promised then then I will cancel the sale and go elsewhere.
By: l.davidson
Dilday TV Sales & Service
First - If you look at the ratings, they are all several years old. I think they got a new manager and he is great! I really took a long time deciding which brand of a 50" t.v. to buy and he was very patient - explaining everything about each model and brand. The delivery was on time and the guys did a great job of installing the t.v. on a wall and hiding the wires behind a fire place wall (no easy task.) Then, because I found out I couldn't get HD with by Direct TV because of trees, I decided to upgrade the T.V. for a better picture and there was no probem exchanging it. I also decided to buy a sound system, and again, there were wires that had to be hidden. The job was perfectly done. The technician told me exactly how to use the 2 remotes and answered all the questions I had in a professional manner. I looked at Best Buy (their installation price is higher) and Amazon. I decided to pay a little bit more for the t.v. for the installation and service (if I ever need it.) I am really glad I did. I highly recommend Dilday for anyone looking to buy a new t.v.
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By: Keith H.
Value Dollar Plus
Whenever I am in this neck of the woods (the Frayser area), I always stop by this Value Dollar Plus to get my toiletry and household supplies. The guy that runs the store is really helpful, customer focused, and is always glad to have earned my business. When I drop off my hard-earned bucks, it helps so much to know that someone is glad that I am spending my money at their establishment. I have given up on Walmart, and being made to feel like I and everyone else that wants to save a few dollars must be treated like cattle (and in line forever)! So, I gladly, SKIP THE LINE!, and enjoy getting in and out of Value Dollar Plus in less than ten minutes (and spending about ten)!
By: Caleb D.
Parking here can be near impossible and once you do make your way into the store finding what your looking for is even more difficult than the parking situation. Not to mention after the one man was beat up in the parking lot I am constantly hearing about the potential for future random acts of violence at this location. I will not be returning and my advice to anyone else planning on shopping there watch your back because security here is a joke.
By: robert.dean.1272
i love this k-mart! i just bought "joe boxer" thermal underwear there day before yesterday! boy, does this thermal underwear feel good! i don't want to take them off! i couldn't believe the price, either! i have lived in frayser close to 40 years now, and, i used to buy everything here, including my groceries, and, even my breakfast! i love this k-mart. people of memphis, listen to me-go and shop there! you won't be disappointed at all!
By: Tarsha A.
Ashley HomeStore
I recently made a large purchase at this location and my experience was very positive. It took me a month to make my mind up what I wanted but my sales clerk was very patient. I even made changes to my order at the last minute and still received all my furniture at the same time and just in time for Thanksgiving. I buy furniture every 3 years for my living room and I always purchase from Ashley's
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By: Patrick T.
WorldSpice Technologies
Worldspice is a rare thing these days. Their support is excellent, their folks are nice and they always answer the phone and help. We have managed several rollouts of their phone and Internet services and they have been some of the smoothest I have experienced in my 20+ year career in IT. I highly, and wholeheartedly, recommend Worldspice for your phone and internet needs.
By: pbryant22
Haverty's Furniture
Recently I had to replace all of my household furniture and I have purchased at this store before. I have looked at a lot of furniture stores and Haverty's has the quality and prices that I was looking for. They have a variety of styles and when you go, ask for Patrick (Pat) Holt. He will make sure you get what you are looking for within your budget.
By: cathead
While this store has a nice health foods section, it is not worth the poor service. Only one cashier working, no baggers, lines out the wazoo. Manager unavailable. The cashier wanted me to complain as something needs to be done at this store. She said employees were there but they were lazy and not wanting to work.
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By: Allison H.
Cell Phone Repair
I recently brought in 2 iPhones for screen replacement. The employee at the counter was vibrant and seemed knowledgable. Both the shattered 4s and the 5c with chunks falling off of it were fixed in 30 minutes. Hopefully, I won't need to make a return trip, however, CPR is the place to get screen repairs done! Th

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