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By: Clif F.
American Home Shield Corporate Headquarters
You are now the worst company I have ever dealt need to call me at 203 521 9032 NOW!!!!!
By: Beverly R.
American Home Shield Corporate Headquarters
My A/C has been out since Hurricane Irma AHS has not repaired problem have had terrible service with the contractors they have sent which has been a total of 3! I have had over 30 calls on this A/C units over the past 2 years and they are refusing to repair the unit it has been patched and parts replaced as often as every 2-3 months. Now they want to replace with freon again after I spent 600.00 dollars last June for freon replacement because they have a limit on the amount of freon they will pay for! Alos when you call you hold the line almost 1 hour to speak with a representative!!
By: Parrish H.
American Home Shield Corporate Headquarters
My washer stopped working on Aug 24, I opened a work request early on Aug 25 and the repairman didn't show up until Aug 29th. The repairman said the part he needed could be bought locally but AHS had to ship the part, so it would be at least a week. On Sept 8th the repairman installed a new part but found out a different part was needed; the repairman said he again would have to wait on the part from AHS. I called AHS the afternoon of Sept 8th and explained the situation and that I had already spent $60 at the laundry mat. The AHS rep was very friendly and understanding, he said he would call the repair company, expedite the part, see about getting my money back for the laundry mat and call me back. Guess what? He never called me back!On Sept 12 I called AHS again (actually had to call several times to finally get through due to long wait times). The rep seemed to not really care and sounded like she was eating while we spoke. The rep said she didn't see a record of me calling in Friday and nothing could be done to speed up the part. I said "so the other rep from Friday blew me off?" but she wouldn't answer. I than told her I wanted to speak with a supervisor and what a surprise, one wasn't available. No one for AHS has contacted me. The repairman came out on 22 Sep and the second part didn’t fix the problem. Now he has to order another part and he said it will be another week. That means it will be over a month before the washer is repaired (maybe) and more money that I have to spend at a laundromat! The fact that it’s been almost a month and the washer still isn’t fixed is unacceptable. I also find it odd that the parts could be obtained locally within one to two days (according to the repairman) but he was forced to wait on AHS to ship the parts to him. Lastly, now I’ve spent $80 at a laundromat in addition to the $75 for the service call; I feel I should be repaid for my laundromat charges since the extended repair time is not fault of mine.My washer was finally repaired yesterday, Oct 30th! (I opened the work order on Aug 25th) I've spend $220 during this time at a laundromat and AHS won't reimburse me. Beware of this company; do a search on the internet and you'll see all the negative reviews.
By: Annamarie B.
American Home Shield Corporate Headquarters
Everyone of these expertise , professionals There is absolutely no ratings for this piece of crap of a business ⬇️... how are they still in business... broken Refrigerator for 2 months.. went through bullshit for that longFinally opted out to take check so I could go buy new Frig. They check would take 7-10Business days that was September 18It is now October 10th n still did not get check.. Frig has been broken since August 6 th.. total hours to try n get hold of someone from AHS over a 100 .. plus with the company that they sent to my house to repair it Appliance Plus (also worst company To repair anything)... hours of bullshit, and liars., as well is AHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is time for my lawyer to jump in., or should of a while back.. THIS COMPANY SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO OPERATE A BUSINESS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD AS FAR AS I BELIEVE AS OTHER REVIEWS SECOND THIS MOTION... !!!!!!!!Also just called AHS before this review and was on hold for 30 mins only for some stupid biotch to put me on hold again n then get back on phone to only tell to hold onN transfers call where I was on hold again !!This people are sick crazy individuals..Who should not be working anywhere!!!!10/10/17.
By: Grace M.
American Home Shield Corporate Headquarters
Do not waste your time or money with AHS. Vendors that work for the company are afraid to provide adequate diagnosis that could potentially cost the company to have to pay out money for example my aircondition unit coils and fan was not operating properly. The technician that came out told two family members the whole unit needed to be replaced but he couldn't tell me the customer that because AHS would take them off of their vendor list because Cecile and Son's would have been costing the company too much money. Because Cecile and Son's did not want to cost the company money and continue to patch on a inoperable aircondition unit they wrote the diagnostic as if the unit only needed feeon. Vendors that lie to customers about a diagnostic to save the company money and screw the customer is bad news. Get rid of AHS and do not let Cecile and Son's come near your home. They care more about saving AHS money than truly providing good service to customers. I live in the southern Maryland area.
By: Pamela L.
American Home Shield Corporate Headquarters
I have been with this company for 10 years, paying $400 a year for home protection. Your air breaks on a Friday night, and you wait until Monday morning before you can even get someone to setup an appointment, and then they do not call you. You can't get through on the phone. You listen to hold music for hours. I called the corporate office to complain and they transferred me to a call center in India. It is 12:30 and I still haven't heard from anyone about setting up an appointment and the women from the call center tells me the air conditioning company has 48 hours (starting from the Monday when they are back in the office) to call to set-up an appointment. Worst $4,000 I ever spent! I could have purchased a new unit for this. I have lost my pay for the day, and it costs $75.00 to have a serviceman come out.
By: Lowell G.
American Home Shield Corporate Headquarters
On June 27/17 I was scheduled with Maclin Plumbing for service for my garbage disposal because it was tripping the circuit breaker. However when the technician came it worked ok. He left my house without presenting me with a bill for the $75 service charge. After a few days the garbage disposal tripped the breaker again. This went on until July 15 when it tripped the breaker every time I tried to use it. On July 17 I tried to schedule an online service request but was unable to because the system blocked my request because it showed an unpaid service charge so I paid the $75 with my credit card. The service request was accepted and I received a text message on July 16 confirming the request. On Monday 7/17 I got another message saying Maclin would be there Tuesday 7/18 between 8 and 10. No one showed up and I got another text message at 10:04AM saying the service request was cancelled. Maclin said when logging into AHS system he was unable to get permission to go. Both myself and Maclin have been on the phone trying to resolve this with no success. I have spent several hours waiting on hold as well as talking with customer service. I estimate my time is over 4 hours. I finally gave up and had Maclin replace my garbage disposal. AHS refuses to reimburse me because, 1. I did not use one of their repair companies. 2. I overloaded the disposal and they don’t pay for abuse.1.Maclin came out on the first call and found nothing wrong.2.I used Maclin for new disposal.3.How do you overload when the breaker fails when turned on?
By: Lei H.
American Home Shield Corporate Headquarters
have an existing claim (contract #201607452)since June 9 2017. Contractor relations is a disgrace, they have sent out 4 contractors since july 8 to now and refuse to fix what they approved on June 15th. Customer relations keeps approving the new contractors and contract relations keep overturning because I wont go with original contract who dropped of new AC and did a no call no show for 3 days!!! Unbelievable!!! and now you want to force me to go with this guy who is not evening reaching out to me to do the work I believe he cannot do!!! go figure,
By: Deb T.
American Home Shield Corporate Headquarters
This company put my health in danger then tried to charge me a fee. I had a contract with them. My HVAC went out in 100 degree weather. I called them for emergency service, as I am handicap and have a sever respiratory condition, the heat would trigger it and could risk my health maybe my life. They sent a Vendor that tried to sell me a second contract but did not so any service. I had to go outside of this company and get service to prevent an emergency visit to the ER. I contacted them and told them the situation, canceled my contract and they sent me a bill for $75 service fee for a service that was not done. The call was a sales call not service call. They are not a good company!!! They are trying to take advantage of a handicap person and they put my life at risk. Shame on them.
By: Melanie H.
American Home Shield Corporate Headquarters
I called to file a claim for my water heater because my hot water was coming out of the faucets as brown water, they sent Draingo to my residence to handle the claim. Draingo alleged that because there was new construction in our subdivision that the vibration had knocked loose corrosion into our pipes and refused to do anything. They further stated that AHS would not pay to replace our water heater. They were extremely rude and unprofessional. Brown water is a good indicator that the water heater which is 11 years old has a liner that is disintegrated and needs to be replaced. I called AHS and after being on hold for one and a half hours was finally able to speak to a so called customer service rep. I was on the line with her for over an hour I finally asked for a supervisor and was told they don't have supervisors. She then said she would call me back, I have not heard from her yet. I called corporate office and spoke to Glenda and once again got the runaround. This warranty is worthless. I have contacted my own plumber and will now be out $950 to replace my water heater since I cannot wait for their decision. I asked if they would reimburse me and they said no, even if my plumber provides proof that the water heater is not repairable. What a horrible customer service experience. I am cancelling my so called coverage, it is not worth the aggravation.

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