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By: jmiller14298
Makowsky Ringel Greenberg
Horrible Management: I've been at the Ellington for 2.5 years and am deciding whether or not to cut ties with the complex although I would love to stay. I was accused by the current property manager Mrs. Pratcher of having a pet when I don't have one. She left notes on my door about the matter and was rude and slightly hood when I tried to talk to her about issue. An extra couple of hundred dollars will be added to my rent for a pet and/or animal I don't have not to mention being slapped with a deposit. The previous manager Ms. Donna was nice courteous, kind, understanding so is the current leasing agent, however the new manager is rude, unprofessional, and tasteless. Mrs. Pratcher is a perfect example of the 21 century "yes negro". A black woman (with white upper management) hired to try and keep the blacks on the property straight. She is a black woman with a title who feels she can treat those beneath her however she likes. Don't trust her she will smile in your face and leave a false note in your door in a minute in a desperate attempt to get more money from you for the owners of the company. She doesn't know how to treat or talk to people and there are at least 5 people who are like myself that are considering leaving the complex because of management. I went to the corporate office to speak with the district manager Pam Anderson with whom I spoke with over the phone prior to arriving to the corporate office. This low budget, classless, weak individual sent a teenage secretary to tell me that she was not going to meet with me and that she told me everything I needed to know over the phone. I was like really....a district manager who has no regard or care for her residents... pathetic. I wrote letters to the owners of the company Mr. Makowsky, Mr. Ringel and Mr. Greenberg and I never received a response from any of them.As for as the complex, maintenance gets an B- , they get items correctly (the quality of maintenance has been falling since I've been here). Parking could be better (you do get 1 covered space which is nice). If you don't get a space close by your apartment before the sun sets, good luck finding a close one. Noise...well let's just say the walls are very thin. The grounds are kept very well, Juan does a great job! Trashcans are quick to overflow though. If you get caught placing trash outside an overflowing trash can or wash your car on the property you will be fined (you can thank the new property management for these petty fines). Safety....there have been a few break ins, just mind your business and keep to yourself. Construction...insulation is very poor, the apartments don't retain heat in the winter so get ready for a high MLGW bill. Staff...speaks for myself read the opening statement Overall.... If management were replaced (with people who actually care) it would be a great place to stay.
By: Peter C.
Enterprise Property Management
I had to move out of state so rented my house with EPM as my property management. The first year of renting: The renters turned out to be MJ growers and destroyed the house, we are talking about holes in walls, walls put up, vent system, hydro equipment, carpets removed etc... If it weren't for a domestic disturbance where the police showed up we would not have known. We were not very pleased that EPM did not check on the property at all during their stay. Year two&three of renting: Tenants caused damages in excess of $xxK. The property manager who should be representing us always seem to side with the tenants, citing normal wear and tear.. EPM ended up quitting on us, probably because we were getting ready to take legal action against the tenants. At the end, we settled with the tenants for 4 times more than what EPM managers were estimating for damages. It would help when the company knows who they are representing.. The Property Managers (PM) would also need to be reminded of the 6 month walk through. Also, forgot to do a final inspection at end of year two on the house. Made unauthorized fix to the house while leaving a hole in the ceiling after one of their "emergency fix". There is also a high turn over rate with the PM. I would never hire Enterprise ever again. If you know better, you would not either.
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By: Elizabeth H.
Eton Square Apartments
I have only been living here for a few months now but it's a great place to live in my opinion and especially if you are single or newly in a relationship. I have a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom unit and it's great! The apartment is very spacious and before I moved in brand new carpet was put down! The apartments and the exterior are fairly nicely kept and the staff here is excellent! I love Wendy, the manager. She has made my stay worth the while and has responded quickly to any concerns I had. Unfortunately I have to move out of state and am unable to stay. So, if anyone is looking for an apartment, I have one available and I believe the price is going to be around 700, if not less. Call Eton Square Apartments today to get this apartment!
By: ebethrookstafford
Karen Stephens - Keller Williams Realty
In response to the negative review of Josh Hisaw's responsiveness. This sounds like it must have been a short sales listing. Those houses can take 6 months or more to sell. When trying to buy a bank owned property, patience is required. Josh was my realtor 2 years ago & he was great to work with. Everyone I have referred to him have been beyond pleased with him and his team. He sold my friends house in 3 days for 2k over listed price. He is an expert in the Greater Memphis Area. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know!!!
By: Ella A.
Exchange Building Apts
BEST PLACE TO MOVE IN EVERRRRR!!!!!! all this bull from over people is crazy this building is historic and im sure the owners take pride in that. Once again i say HISTORIC, of course it has work that needs to be done and i have seen the new renovations and it is surely amazing. i have lived here for two years and the office people are definatly not rude! and managment does not 'suck" they are doing the best they can an within a blink of an eye the place will be amazing!!!
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By: Gabriele E.
Serenity Apartments At Hickory
We have been living there for 4 month.Maintenance is minimum,Apartment was not clean when we moved in.The bathroom need to be redone,there is mold on the dry walls.Carpets could be replaced.The reception hall is very nice & they do a lot for the people.Security is a minimum as well.The comon areas need more attention.The fure Alarm wend off 3 times since we lived ther.To nany young folks going in & out,since they leave the gates open during the day.
By: Happywith H.
Karen Stephens - Keller Williams Realty
We had the BEST experience with the Josh Hisaw team. We chose them based on their level of advertising. Our house sold immediately. Josh was always available to answer our questions and put our minds at ease. He went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with every aspect. This is the 5th home purchase for us and I. We could not have had the results we did if we had tried to sell by owner or with another agent.
By: Steve H.
Karen Stephens - Keller Williams Realty
AMAZING RELATOR!! Josh Hisaw recently helped us sale our home. We had already moved out and need to get it sold. We had it listed for over a year with 2 other companies without success, we saw no way out. Josh showed us his unique way of marketing a home that we did not know existed! He is extremely knowledgeable. We were so satisfied.
By: alex87024084
Karen Stephens - Keller Williams Realty
I had my home listed for over a year with 2 other agents. We had almost zero activity. I heard about Josh Hisaw from a co worker and called him up. less than a week we had an offer and sold our home. If you want to get your home sold without all the fuss call Josh and his team.
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By: Valarie T.
Levi Landing Apartments
I'm writing an Review on the staff at Levi Landing everyone was pleasant and helpful. They made my move in great. Crystal has excellent customer service alone with Chad! Thanks for you all help! May God bless you all keep up the good work.

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