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By: workingmumma
Evergreen Montessori School
I had many issues with the school biggest ones being:1. With tuition as high as any other private school, the building and security is very below expectations.Pre-K rooms open directly to a hall with the main gate. The main gate stayed open many times. There is no one watching the comings and goings at all.Very very unsafe! 2. I found kids unsupervised many times. AT pick up, many times I didnt find anyone to talk to about their day. No one checks ID if a new person comes to pick them up. a friend once picked them up and no one even noticed or asked for any id. She was surprised and shocked, thats dangerous.3. The morning hand off is not at all handled well. These kids are under 5 years, sleepy and leaving home and parents to come to school. They need to be greeted cheerfully, teachers should get them excited about their day and make it an easy transition. I left my son confused on the playground or hallway so many times. In summer session, I left my son just on the playground with no welcome or greeting whatsoever by the teacher who would just would literally stand on the playground "watching" them with no hello or a single word while I try to drop him off. Ms Melissa & Ms Feather would be in the office doing something while kids are huddled in the hallway waiting for some sort of direction. it was bad. I have seen no other school handle morning drop offs like this. My son at his new school has easy drop offs, his teachers greet him and me, get him excited about the day. Pick ups are also informativeat new schoo, teachers excited to talk to parents about their day. Ms Alma was the only one who used to do a good job of welcoming kids in the morning. Toddler teachers were pretty good though. 4. No schedule: I have year long schedules for both kids from both their schools listing meetings, picture days, holidays, vacations, trips. I never knew the schedules, agendas or what they did during the day. I sometimes wont even know about their picture day until I dropped them at school and saw the photographer. 5. All that my son does, I have opportunity to see his portfolio, pictures, get feedback and talk to teachers at any time. It is a very good healthy and positive envionment that I never found at Evergreen. 6. Hallway has a wierd smell a lot of times. Too much asking for volunteering on weekends. It may be easy for stay at home moms but I dont have time for cleaning up school after working full-time, managing my house and taking care of my kids. I expect to come to a clean school facility for my kids if I am paying as good as private school.7. There is no art -room, place for kids to play unless u count that muddy yard in the frony that is HIGHLY UNSAFE with just a wooden door. Toddler room has an open comode in the class room, yuck! 14 month to 3 year olds sometimes would get themselves wet in it, u cant even put diaper on your kids. Toddle teachers probably spend most of their time potty training than anything else. Primary kids walk to a bathroom down the hall and are expected to go by themselves with no one to make sure they wash hands etc..8. And talk about attitude in teachers specially they dislike working moms because u dont have time to stay and gossip or bond over the weekend school cleaning session and if u have nanny, u are pretty much black listed! They dont like to tell u much about the day of your child. I dont get daily report written but I know about my son's day now.If you want Montessori school, please try Maria Montessori which is so much better! For regular school, there are many better options.With a full-time job, a busy household and 2 kids, I was looking for a school I could trust, rely upon for education, safety and emotional well being of my kids. But Evergreen could not meet my expectations on many levels.
By: edumom
Roulhac's Preschool & Childcare
Roulhac's was wonderful for both my children. I would still have my children there if they weren't too old. We left Christ the King, which was more convenient, because my child was in an awful situation over there. All I want is someone to love on my child, and that is exactly what my children got there. We miss everyone there and I would recommend Roulhac's to any of my friends!!!!
By: aharveyrogers
First Class Montessori School
My son started in Kindergarten at this location and has blossomed academically. He enjoys music and the school does a great job combining music and performing arts with traditional teaching and the montessori method. Hands down, one of the best academic environments in Memphis for young children.
By: josephkuosmanen
Roulhac's Preschool & Childcare
Overall, this is a wonderful school. This school is great! There are many tools available to anyone.

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