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By: Scott B.
Filiberto's Mexican Food
INCREDIBLE BAJA STYLE MEXICAN FOOD IN MEMPHIS!!Instantly recognizing the Filiberto's taco logo from my time spent around the Phoenix area, I decided to pop in for lunch on a whim. I didn't really know what to expect or how it would compare to the other **berto's restaurants that dominate the San Diego burrito scene. So what did I think? OMG, this is my new favorite Mexican restaurant in this city--and I've already dropped a couple of 5-star reviews on other places. Filiberto's, however, takes the cake BY FAR!!Let me break it down in layman's terms for the casual eater looking for a great food experience:(1) Absolutely the BEST CARNE ASADA BURRITOS in town! For those that are not familiar with Cali-style burritos, a carne asada burrito has no rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, or sour cream. Rather, it is loaded with about 1 1/2 pounds of marinated steak (diced), pico de gallo, and guacamole...and it is meant to be picked up and eaten with your hands, so there is no sauce on top. Again, this is not Tex-Mex, Michoacan, Guadalajaran, or Veracruz-style Mexican food. This is serious Baja-Mex, and it is THE BOMB! One bite into my delectable baby-sized burrito, and I was instantly flashing back to the West Coast. Yes, it was that good.(2) CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!! My burrito was less than 6 bucks. Yes, a 2 pound burrito for under $6. Unreal. That is more than $3 CHEAPER than Elena's Taco Shop on the corner of Summer and Raleigh LaGrange (which is also very good, by the way). My chicken taco (also incredible) was under $2. And when I finished my meal of pure awesomeness, I was given a flyer with additional Filiberto's coupons, one of which advertises a pollo asado burrito for 3 bucks (limit 3)! Yes..totally legit $3 burritos that weigh about 2 pounds. I am definitely coming back...SOON.(3) OPEN 24 HOURS. Wut-wut? You read that correctly. Get your Mexi munchies on anytime, 7 days a week.(4) DRIVE-THRU. Say no more.(5) FREE, SELF-SERVE CHIPS. Yep, that's right. Take as many hot, freshly salted tortilla chips to accompany your rockin' taco, burrito, or rolled tacos.(6) SALSA BAR. At least 4 different delicious salsas to dabble with. The green tomatillo salsa is off the chain. Oh, and don't forget to grab a cup full of hot carrots while you're at it.(7) PRO-MILITARY. Yeah, I know some people won't care about this, but if you show your military ID, you get an ADDITIONAL 15% OFF your already cheap, delicious order. Can't beat that.For all the aforementioned reasons, Filiberto's is a restaurant that you MUST HAVE in your regular rotation. Memphis people, I can't implore you enough to PUH-LEASE patronize this place and keep its doors open. It's only been there since late July, but give Filiberto's a try...I promise you will love it!!
By: Bev S.
For months I watched them build this "cook out" and I've always wondered about it. But I saw a great review on this place stating the food was excellent and the price was great. So while driving past it one day, I noticed the customer's line was actually in the right lane of the street traffic. Now, I thought any place that could attract a crowd, like that was worth joining the excitement. I couldn't wait to place my order and test the food. I can't assure you that everything is worth a fuss. But when I bit into my burger, I was hooked for life!!! This burger, my daughter told me was so unique because it's freshly prepared and slapped on a grill to get a taste that will literally send you to heaven...LoL! I wasn't so enthused with the fries/onion rings but the burger was reasonably priced and delicious. It's better than mom's home-made burgers. Yes, I'm in LoVe. I now see why people are forming a long line, it's really hard to find delicious fast food these days anymore worth the stop. People can eat/dine inside also but I love food on the go. I predict they will have to re-locate very soon due to their success.
By: cmlbovay
Sheltons Catering and Take Out
This is wonderful catering company that my company GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) will continue to use. The customer service is the best ever found in the Memphis area and they all treat their customers as if they were the only customers they had especially Shelia, the owner. The food is delicious and no matter what it is that is being served, I always seemed to be asked where the food came from. Whether it be the lasagna, bbq or baked chicken or wraps, the taste of the food along with the sides are impecable and Rodney does a fantastic job. Our company will continue to use this service since it is so convenient to have them arrange everything and not have to worry about the menu or setting anything up. If I ever had a private engagement to cater, I would definitely call on them as well.
By: robert.dean.1272
The Fresh Market
i love fresh market! i feel like i am in the home of my wonderful grandmother, mary hester, way down in schlater, miss.!! i wish, wish, i had been raised on a farm down in the miss. delta, but, the next best thing is fresh market! there used to be a "squash blossom" store on union. i cried when it closed! do you know why it closed? not enough customers! there are so many fat, lazy, stupid, people in memphis on food stamps, that they want to shovel anything into their mouths. the "obama generation", as i call them. go to this store, people! buy their foods. all of them. they are full of the nutrition that God originally put in food. they are not "empty, dead" foods! then, maybe, just maybe, probably, there will be less and less cancer, that is killing the peoples of this fine nation@
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By: Hualani H.
MidTown Eatery
Midtown Eatery is a humble bistro nestled on the ground floor of the Memphis Professional Building at 1211 Union Avenue. The lovely bistro odors wafting from the entrance of the large professional healthcare facility are so intoxicating that it makes me forget that I am there to visit my doctor.Mo, the owner of Midtown Eatery, is genuinely courteous and cheerful. Mo goes out of his way to make you feel like family.The freshly made Gyro with fries are amazing together that you will want to come and visit Mo's Midtown Eatery any time you are in the area, not only when you have a doctor's appointment at the healthcare facility.Allow the juices from the succulent Gyro to drip all over the fries. Who needs ketchup? The naked, hot, crisp, crinkle cut fries taste superb with Gyro drippings!
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By: Elizabeth H.
Eton Square Apartments
I have only been living here for a few months now but it's a great place to live in my opinion and especially if you are single or newly in a relationship. I have a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom unit and it's great! The apartment is very spacious and before I moved in brand new carpet was put down! The apartments and the exterior are fairly nicely kept and the staff here is excellent! I love Wendy, the manager. She has made my stay worth the while and has responded quickly to any concerns I had. Unfortunately I have to move out of state and am unable to stay. So, if anyone is looking for an apartment, I have one available and I believe the price is going to be around 700, if not less. Call Eton Square Apartments today to get this apartment!
By: andreacookiegirl
The Farmer
I eat at this restaurant all the time and I haave never had anything that was not amazing! All their dishes are made with local farm produce and grass fed beef. Their Braized Greens are amazing, the best I have ever had! The deviled eggs that come with some of the dishes are wonderful. The Burger is grass fed beef and has the most wonderful flavor and now I dont want a burger frome anywhere else! I have also had the cat fish, the pot roast, the pork, and the vege plate just to name a few things and all were perfectly cooked and tasted amazing. I wish more restaurants would go to grass fed beef and locally grown produce.
By: palyst55
Bella Cafe
I have just recently found this wonderful cafe located in the Pink Palace Museum of Memphis. The food was absolutely GREAT and the price was very reasonable. I have just recommended this cafe to a friend who is getting married and she feel in love with the owners and how friendly they are. This friend has booked her wedding with them and has saved on her budget so she can apply it elsewhere. The staff is all family and they are very friendly, helpful and gracious. The food is some of the best I have eaten in this area and very clean. Can't wait to go back, and you can go in to eat without paying for the Museum.
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By: Johnnie F.
South Memphis Market
Iam so happy��������that there is now a store where we can buy some hot good tasting real food.����������������. The whole neighbor hood is still talking about the store and the good food����������������that you are serving the community. You are missing popsicles and ice cream. If already have it iam glad. And i am so glad that you are not selling beer����������������. Tha keeps all the drunks from hanging around there. But what i hate is the People'z be begging outside the store. Please stop that it keeps People'z afraid to approach the store. Keep up the GOOD Cooking������������������������������������
By: Yolanda P.
Phat Pat's Southern Quisine
I was at Michael Adrian Davis's 50th Birthday Celebration and this establishment catered and the food and the presentation of the food was Excellence!!!!!! From the individual sweet potato pies with whipped cream and chess pie to the "Beautiful Fruit Arrangement." And the food was Fantastic! You could taste the flavor in each bite. I will be using them for my next event. And the Catering Staff working along side Phat Pat and his wife were very professional and friendly. I give them 5 Stars!!!!!! God Bless them and everything they put their hands too.

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