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By: andrew
A week ago I took a chance and flew to Memphis from New York to buy a car I always wanted, Honda Element SC. I explained to Bo Brigs and Marsha Rios that I will have to drive back about 1050 miles and hoped for a fair disclosure of anything that needed to be fixed and the process.Bo was kind enough to contact his friend Darrel who met me at the airport. Both Marsha and Bo were professional, open and actually curious that I came all the way to buy a car from them. I went to the Honda dealership to change oil and do some checks. We closed the transaction very quickly. It took me 23 hours to drive back to New York. I went thru snow storm in Virginia. It was not an easy drive. But, I am very happy with the purchase.You definitely need to check any car before you buy it. I did request the 40 point inspection at the Honda dealership before flying in. There are always small things that can be done better, but I do believe that Bo, Marsha, and Darrel did a great job.Andrew
By: Michael S.
Mt. Moriah Auto Sales
I purchased a 2007 Murano on Feb. 5th from Daniel at Mt. Moriah. I also met Bobby Taylor, the broker for Mt. Moriah. As a woman, I am always skeptical of dealing with someone that I do not know because I feel that at times you can be taken advantage of. Bobby Taylor actually had been recommended to me by Geico Insurance. I spoke with him as well as Daniel. I found them both to be very nice, professional, and available to help me on anything that I needed or asked. The process of my purchase was over a 2 week period because I was traveling, however, the Murano that I chose I knew would not last on the lot very long. They were both very accommodating in making certain that I did get the car I wanted.I had a couple of issues with the car after purchase and Bobby did the right thing for me and had the small issues taken care of at no charge for me. Tim in the service center took care of everything for me quickly and very professionally.
By: Eustace S.
Mt. Moriah Auto Sales
Excellent Overall Transaction. We live in Ohio and saw a truck on Cars.com. We spoke with Stephen Toombs about the truck. We decided to fly to Tennesee to pick up the truck. Stephen picked me up at the airport in the truck we were interested in. I arrived in Memphis before the dealership even opened. The truck was just as described with extras that were not even listed. I paid for the truck and was on my way flawlessly in a very short time. Drove the truck over 700 miles home without a problem. It is 2 months later and we are still very happy with this truck. Stephen Toombs couldn't of made it any easier of a transaction, I will call him again when we are ready to buy another vehicle. Used vehicles in Ohio have too much rust.
By: Pau L.
Mt. Moriah Auto Sales
Tim Pomp Rocks!!! This is the 3rd car I have bought from Tim Pomp. My husband needed a truck and Tim gave us a great deal on a Nissan Titan. It is EXACTLY what my husband wanted and he absolutely loves it! Since we had such a wonderful experience with the first 2 cars we bought from Mr. Pomp, we are customers for life. Mr. Pomp goes out of his way to make sure the buying experience is hassle free and he always gets our financing approved quickly. After buying a car from him, any service we need is handled fast & professional. If you are looking for a great deal on a great car and excellent service, then Tim Pomp at Mt. Moriah Auto Sales is the man to call.
By: Pasquale G.
Mt. Moriah Auto Sales
Steve Toombs made this a very easy process. I searched for quite some time looking for the truck with all the options that I wanted. When I finally found one at mt. moriah auto sale I sent some emails back and forth before calling them. Since I am still in Afghanistan it is hard to find time to call at will. After explaining my situation to steve, he pretty much explained to me everything that had to be done over the phone. sent great pictures of the truck and gave a very detailed history of what he knew about the vehicle. Also gave a list of recent repairs they had done.I would definitely recommend this sale person.
By: Kate K.
Mt. Moriah Auto Sales
Stephen Toombs was great!!! I have to say he went above and beyond what we thought a car dealer should. He told us in detail about the vehicle before we got there and I couldn't believe that he nailed everything he said. We have bought several cars and have never met anyone that was so honest. The whole process with Stephen Toombs was simple. He did all the paperwork and even finished up all the paperwork. He said he did finance for years and it showed because it was all so simple to him. No pressure at all! I can't say all salesman at Mt Moriah are this great but Stephen is.
By: darlene28
American Car Center
American Car Center knows how to treat a lady!! 2 years ago I was in need ofa car that I could depend on. After seeing a commerical on TV about AmericanCar Center, I decided to stop in to the center on Covington Pike. There, I met a wonderful salesperson named Ben Stewart that made my purchase of a reliable car a pleasant experience from start to finish. Now, 2 years laterI purchased my second car from Ben and again the experience was better than I remembered. I'm telling everyone when you are looking for a car or truck, give American Car Center a call..and ask for Ben...
By: robert.dean.1272
C & S Motors
i have never, in all my life, seen 2 men who know more about cars in all my life! i have bought 2-3 cars from c and s motors on summer ave. they get good cars. then, they turn around and fix them! like new! i have scratched my head trying to figure out how they do it! it is a trade secret! like their making perfect, mouth watering baklava pastry from honey and green almonds. they are expert mechanics. they are decent, honest men, who love america, and, offer good, well-priced cars.
By: Rodriguez N.
All Approved Auto
I went to ALL APPROVED AUTO looking to find a truck for myself and ended up finding a very nice Saturn Vue XR for my wife instead. The sales person named J.T. TOOMB was there to help at any cost. He worked hard on getting the job done so I could surprise my wife. And John is one of the nicest car consultants that my wife and I have met. I surely recommend those two guys for help. And JT has a nice assistant by the name Sabrina she is very helpful too. Thanks from the Niter Family!
By: salbers
Their nationwide inventory can be very helpful in locating a hard to find car.Their "inspection" is defective, unverifiable, incompetent and likely fraudulent. Their paperwork is defective or missing and, along with processing procedures, could void any manufacturer warranty. Their shipping tracking is zero. So a shipped vehicle could arrive at ANY time.They don't care AT ALL about customer satisfaction and will cheat you as a matter of corporate policy if they can.

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