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By: richmixon
Collisionworx Express Inc
Rich Mixon - BellSouth CorporationCollisionworx Auto Body was first "introduced" to me by accident while traveling through Memphis, TN from the Mississippi Gulf coast en route for East Tennessee. I was involved in an MVA (motor vehicle accident), in this metropolitan city of 1,000,000 residents. I was alone and knew nobody within 800 an mile radius (300 miles East & 500 miles South). My Toyota Camry suffered severe damage of the complete front end. The impact of the collision was so severe my hood was bent in half, pushed towards the windshield ("V" shaped). In 5:00pm commuter traffic, The Memphis Police notified a "wrecker service" to come to the scene with a flatbed (my Camry could not be "towed'.) The driver transported me & the remains of my Toyota Camry to 6916 Appling Farms Pkwy (Whitten Rd, I-40 Exit 15 (zip 38133). When I arrived I saw the nicest, cleanest Auto Body Shop I had ever seen. My initial thought was $$. I was mistaken. On that date, I had the privilege to meet Mr. Whitlock. He was so "calming" and reassuring. He showed much concern for my "well being" as he did for my vehicle. Being 6:00pm, Collisionworx was closing...Mr. Whitlock asked his staff to stay until he knew I had transportation enroute and had obtained my work related belongings from my vehicle. He provided me his personal number and graciously invited me to remain on the property until my ride (from East TN) arrived. He even phoned me from his personal phone to "check" on me. The following weeks he contacted me to advise me the "updates & status" progress Collisionworx had made on my Camry. When COLLISIONWORX repaired my car in a duration of time (I did not think was possible), I did not recognize my car. It looked better than it did before the collision. The body work was the most elite ever. The painting process looked of better quality than Toyota applied at the factory. Today, that was 3 years 7 months ago. I have only had oil changes & replaced tires per regular maintenance. Not one "sign" the car had ever been in a collision. *Unlike many other auto body experiences I have heard, Mr. Whitlock was 100% available & concerned "how is your car doing". He was aware I was "passing through" Memphis but continued to treat me as if I was local. I continue to correspond with Collisionworx 3+ years later. Recently I needed minor body work done. I went to 2 local body shops. Their work was far below standard. Family/friends said it was unnecessary to drive 4 hours to Memphis (to Collisionworx) to have this unrelated body work done. My reply was simply, "You have never been to "Collisonworx". That is all I can say to you also. I consider Mr. Whitlock a friend, and his staff my family. The staff, namely "Patricia" & "Pat" were and continue to be so good to me. When I phone regarding my Camry (annual maintenance, etc) I feel they stop what they are doing and listen to me and respond with care. If only our society had more businesses & individuals such as the family at Collisionworx, we would be in "safer trusting hands". I was never made to feel that Collisionworx was simply trying to "make $" from a motorist at another's mercy. You have my word as well as Collisionworx's, there is NO OTHER AUTO BODY shop. -Rich Mixon, East Tennessee"
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By: Pauline G.
Desoto Collision
I was in an accident in the early part of December. As the person at fault had Geico Insurance, I was given the option of Desoto Collision to perform the repairs. The office is run like a well-oiled machine. I walked into the office and gave my name, Kevin from Geico walked out of a side office, introduced himself and explained the entire process. After walking outside to assess the damage, the service manager walked out and introduced himself and again went over in detail the entire process. I had an out-of-state inspection sticker, and other stickers on the front, side and back windows, and though not part of the accident, when I asked if they could remove them, the service manager expressed that he would have the stickers removed. My car was in the shop from 12/8 to 12/29, and throughout the process I received regular texts and phone calls to update me on the service being performed and expected completion date. The evening I picked up my car, I met the infamous Patrick, who also was very professional. As with everyone I met, Patrick was very clear about the work that had been performed and made himself available for any concerns I might have in the future. As I am recently moved to Memphis, Patrick offered himself as a resource for any concerns I may have with my car. I have read the reviews below and am surprised. I expected Patrick to be this sleazy/shady character, but in fact he was the exact opposite. My experience was very positive. They were apologetic about the wait time but due to the holidays, I understood it could not be helped. I was provided a rental for 30 days, so there really was nothing to complain about. I would certainly take my car to Desoto if I need body work in the future!!!
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By: rjnagler
Bartlett, Automotive
Came in here one Saturday, ( one of the only good mechanics open on Saturday). My car was making a really obnoxious noise that had gone from bad to worse. About 10 a.m. that day my car's lights started to flicker. Fortunately for me, I was able to get on this website and discover Bartlett Automotive. Before this I had called another well-known Memphis mechanic shop. They suggested that it could be my alternator and quoted me a seriously ridiculous fee over the phone. I won't say the name of this place, but, it starts with a G. Their price seemed way over the top, so I started to explore my options. Obviously it was important to find a place that is open on Saturdays. At this point I started exploring my options and just happened upon Bartlett Automotive. I called and they seemed really nice and professional on the phone. This helped when I decided to try them out. Turns out that I was just able to make it there before my alternator gave out. Kenny ( the owner), and his wife (Micky) were as nice as could be and I could sense that all they wanted to do was help me get back on the road. If that wasn't enough Kenny quoted me a price, part and all, that was less than half of that other place. Needless to say, I was extremely glad that I was able to find this shop, and in the future, I will not hesitate to take my car issues to Bartlett Automotive. In this day and age, it's really nice to find someone that you can trust with your vehicle.
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By: Cindy B.
The Dent Shop
I recently had a bumper repaired by The Dent Shop, someone had backed into my driver side rear bumper in a parking lot and just left I didn't want to send it through my insurance so I asked the guys at the shop if they thought they could pull the bumper out well they did such a professional and unbelievably good job that you would never know anybody had been so stupid as to bump into my SUV if they thought they could pull the bumper out well they did such a professional and unbelievably good job that you would never know anybody had been so stupid as to bump into my SUV. I couldn't believe my eyes when they returned my SUV to me It looked as though it had never been touched by another vehicle or human hands it look like it had just come off the lot thank you so much for such a wonderful. I highly recommend their work as auto body repair people and also as those who do an excellent job in auto detailing I bought my husband a gift cert those who do an excellent job in auto detailing I bought my husband gift certificate for x-mas he was completely satisfied with their work his car looks brand-new and I just recently had my SUV done and it looked brand-new these guys are good that's all I can say five star rating.
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By: Scott P.
Bartlett, Automotive
Finally a trustworthy mechanic! I have the worst luck trying to find one but not today. I went to three different places to put on a power steering hose that I already had in my hand. Yes, a power steering hose, simple right? The three places I went to all got on their happy computer to look up some magical program that gives them an estimated time to put parts on a car. I forget the program name but they all said, 2 1/2 to 4 hour job and $250-$400 estimate, yes for a hose install. I told them where they could shove that hose! I decided to stop into Bartlett auto and I could tell right away these guyz meant business and not scam thy customer. They put the part on and oil change for very reasonable price. A salesman came in to sell his company's "parts business"(a company that sells parts to repair shops) and the owner explained that he has two different customers, ones that can(Bartlett) afford the warranty parts and one's that can't(Frayser) and he lets them decide what to choose from which is awesome, most would try to up sell you the warranty parts even if you are poor like me. They just got a new customer and I would recommend to a friend!
By: sheila.armell
Midtown Autowerks
If you have a foreign (or domestic) vehicle that you love & value, and you're looking for the best quality mechanic in Memphis, then this REALLY is the only review you need to read! Before I took my LandRover to Shane, Nick,& the other guys at Midtown Autowerks, I had mechanical issues that lasted for a ridiculous time period of 6 weeks! I thought I would save $ by letting other mechanics address my overheating issues. A few mechanics and $850.00 (of wasted money) later, I decided it was time to turn my wheel over to someone who really knows what they're doing! They were so professional,& reassuring:) after a very stressful 6 weeks, I left my vehicle there with a feeling of trust in their mechanic abilities. And my instincts were correct! Not only did they repair my blown head gaskets, but they also cleaned the stop-leak gunk from my radiator and hoses. Apparently someone had put it in there prior to me purchasing the vehicle. In just a few days, Shane and his team got me & my daughter back on the road!:D I will never let anyone else under my hood!!! Thankyou so much Shane!!!
By: Carlos M.
Elite Service Automotive
We were about to make a cash purchase of a Lexus LS460L that was very attractive and appeared well taken care of. The owner of the vehicle had been an avid Elite customer and we mutually agreed to drop off the vehicle with Elite Automotive to have a pre-purchase inspection performed. I agreed to pay for the inspection and communicated to the seller that I would communicate with Elite Automotive myself about the inspection. Several hours after the vehicle was dropped off I received a call from Elite. The company owner personally contacted me to advise me that the vehicle had significant sub-frame damage. This damage was only visible as the result of an extensive inspection not normally consider part of a pre-purchase inspection. We have nothing but gratitude to the staff of Elite for their integrity, and for placing their reputation above all else. We have since become devoted and satisfied customers. Elite Automotive has extremely well qualified technicians, that you can trust with your high end vehicle needs.
By: Partha C.
El Primo
Mike was not only willing to accommodate us, he even called us back after about 5-10 minutes just to ensure we were OK. Phenomenal!!! He is a true professional and really takes pride in his chosen profession. Once we got to the shop Mike and his staff greeted us with a smile; which gave us that extra assurance that he really does care about his customers and their needs. There WAS NOT a long wait and the tire was ready and tested for leaks quickly. His price ($$) was the best I've found thus far in all of Bartlett, Memphis, or Shelby County for that matter. Easy on the wallet or pocket book. After completion, Mike provided us with a large plastic bag to cover the area I was going to place the tire so that it would not dirty the back seat of my vehicle. You can't beat that kind of service. We wholeheartedly give our endorsement of El Primo under the management of Mike and his staff. "If you want it done RIGHT...for the right Price...come to MIKE!!!"
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By: debigail
Collisionworx Express Inc
We have used Abernathy s for several years now & have always been pleased. They do good work & have in the past been competitive. Last fall I had a fender bender & got an estimate from Abernathy s & 1 from Collision Worx on Whitten. Collisionworx came in cheaper & did an excellent job as well!! Now, I have a minor problem from a road hazard. I took it into to Abernathy s for an estimate & was going to do the same with COLLISIONWORX. When I pulled up to Abernathy s he asked me who did the repair on my fender last fall & much to my chagrin, I told him Collisionworx. He asked me why & I told him they were cheaper!! He didn t hesitate one bit, and told me to take my car to them then!!!! I was very embarrassed & I feel that he acted impulsively & unprofesssionally!! So, I am taking my car to CollisionWorx who gave me probably the better price anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: kmurphybriley
Online Paint & Body
I can't say enough about my dealings with Philip and Dana. This brother and sister duo go above and beyond in making my experience an excellent one. I have used them once before in a repair that I didn't want t to claim on my insurance. They did just what I needed. This time I was hit on NY Eve, and the car was totaled. They towed my car for me, came within 30 min (at 9 pm) on New Year's Eve, AND the guy who towed it to their shop gave me a lift home! They were so nice and Dana even helped us clean out the car since they totaled it. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Dana even took pics for me of the car since I was too shaken after the accident to have remembered. She even texted me and kept me updated on what was going on with the insurance. She was awesome and Philip was awesome. They are hard working people, and I refer everyone I know to them. Thanks y'all!
Tips & Advices
Using a variety of tools and processes, many of which require specialized training, auto body mechanics primarily repair cosmetic and structural damage to vehicles after accidents occur. They can also enhance a vehicle’s appearance and performance by replacing and adding new parts to a vehicle’s body.
This depends on the severity of the work that needs to be done. Something such as paintless dent repair for a few small dents can take an hour. Whereas auto body repairs for damages caused by a major accident can take multiple days to correct.
All auto body parts can be repaired but there is a threshold for the level of repairs possible. Parts can be damaged beyond repair and would need to be wholly replaced.
Auto body parts can be made from a wide variety of materials, usually based on what the part’s purpose is. Vehicle frames body panels, bumpers, roof racks, and other items that need to be strong and durable are usually constructed from steel, which is known for its durability and resistance to rust and high temperatures. But aluminum is quickly becoming a popular material of construction due to its lightweight yet durable nature. Body kits and other aftermarket parts like spoilers and hoods can be constructed from one form of plastic or another.
Yes, the vast majority of car makes and models have aftermarket parts available for many of their components. But higher-end vehicles typically have less aftermarket parts available since they often use specialized materials and manufacturing processes that are difficult to duplicate for many aftermarket manufacturers.

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