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By: bevel1
Sharpe Elementary School
My daughter went to this school in 5th grade, granddaughters went a few years back as well. Let's put it this way, this school seem to be struggling a somewhat in my opinion. I didn't quite feel the loyalty and genuine dedication in some of the staff members. The principal appearred a bit nice and dedicated though. Since I eagerly wanted to remove my dd from this school and didn't really get the bigger picture....I'm going to have to rate this school a three stars. I think they maybe off the list now for failing schools in Memphis. I would suggest parents who dislike their present school if it is not progressing to enter your child in a prospering Public Charter School. The classes are smaller and their programs usually are catered for the success and progression of your dis-advantaged scholar. They have longer school hours so they can work more in depth with students who are having difficulties or failing. They also help the kids who are average or above to excell to their highest potential. However, do your researches and ask around because "not all Charters are created equally". Some are better than the others....My favorites would be Veritas College Prep. and Soulsville Charter Schools...I have researched them both and was quite pleased. There are a few other great Charter Schoolsin the area, just see what tailors your child's need.....hope this helps.
By: tredena
St Paul Catholic School
St Paul Catholic School is one of the best educational decisions I have made for my girls. My 3 year old surprised me every evening with situations from talking about her new frieds, to her wonderful teachers, and the overwhelming amount of educational knowledge that I was unaware of that she had. Her scholastic achievements have far surpassed all expections that I had of her and her 1st school, St. Paul. My 9 year old daughter has not only been given the opportunity to receive exceptional studies in core subject areas, but she also receives daily instruction in religion/bible. As a member of the children's choir at St. Paul Catholic School, she has the opportunity to continue expressing her love and faith in God through song, praise, and worship. By enrolling my daughters in St. Paul, they are able to experience multi-cultures in a structured and nurturing environment while being exposed to an outstanding academic curriculum. My childrens education is my number one priority and I am delighted to have chosen St. Paul Catholic School as the foundation toward their academic success!
By: teripooh
St Paul Catholic School
My daughter has been at St Paul since pre K she is currently in the 5th grade. I plan to keep her there through the 6th grade and if by a blessing from God they open up for 7th and 8th graders that is where my daughter will be. This to me is one of the best learning environment for any child. The school is very structured and the teachers as well as the principal pays close attention to each child there. They have a hands on atmosphere and keep in good contact with the parents. I love St Paul and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting the best quality education for their child.
By: roslynrichmond
St Paul Catholic School
St. Paul Catholic School has been a dream come true for my family. My middle child is currently in Kindergarten and the growth that we have seen in her thus far has been phenomenal. I am in the process of transferring my oldest daughter next year. I pray that they are able to acquire 7th and 8th grade in the near future. If you are looking for a wonderful faith-based school where the staff is hands-on and involved, this is the place for your child. If there were more than 5 stars, I would give them all. We love St. Paul!!
By: wilsonturner
St Paul Catholic School
Choosing St Paul Catholic has been one of the best decisions for our 4 year son. One year at St Paul has vastly improved our son’s speech and he has changed from being shy to outgoing and very talkative. St Paul is an extended family with a nurturing spirit. I can’t wait until our youngest son is of age to attend. I recommend St Paul Catholic to any parent that wants their child in a caring environment that teaches the love of Christ and provides a valuable education.
By: Christina B.
St Paul Catholic School
I went back to Memphis after my mom past. I'm 58 years old and wanted to visit the school I went to ~40 years ago. When I got there the principal took time to show me and my family the whole school . I couldn't believe the kindness and patience. I went on and on to my co-workers how incredibly disciplined and respectful the children were. It's been a few years since that visit but it has always been a wonderful experience I'll never forget. Christy Conway 1964-73
By: johnu
Saint James Catholic Church
St. James Catholic Church is a relaqtively small church, with a beautiful wood interior. I personlly like the wood better than marble for the accoustics, and the family feeling. Sunday Masses are currently offered in English Saturday at 4pm, Sunday at 10pm, and in Spanish at 3pm. The Sacrament of Confession is available 1/2 hour before services. Come and join us in fellowship with the Lord.
By: branddunn
Germanshire Elementary School
My kids and I love Germanshire. My kids have been attending there since kindergarten. Mrs.Vuoso best kindergarten teacher,she taught both of my boys.Mrs.Applewhite best 1st grade teacher. {Again she taught both of my kids} Mrs. Alvine best 2nd grade teacher. Mrs. Coleman was a great Principle. She will be trully missed. Hoping for 2012-2013 to be another great school year.
By: c.neely
St Paul Catholic School
My son has been at St. Paul since the third grade. The principal and faculty are dedicated to every aspect of the children's educational and personal growth. What I truly am grateful for is the Christian atmosphere. The school begins and ends with prayer, and allows the children to participate in Mass. Overall, I would recommend sending your child to St. Paul.
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By: Lashonda C.
St Ann Catholic Church and School
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