By: Scott S.
Bartlett Coins And Collectibles
Bartlett Coin has been under new ownership since 2014. We felt that if we were going to have any bad reviews, it should at least be a result of something we did, so we requested that all reviews be erased. Unfortunately, for some reason, the oldest reviews from krista64 survived the process. Her experience is certainly not the typical Bartlett Coin experience. It does no business, especially a small one, any good to use the tactics she describes as they waste the time of everyone involved. Clearly there was a misunderstanding between her and the previous owner. We strive to give all customers the best possible service and the most accurate information we can provide.
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By: Tyler A.
Old Navy
Hey, my name's Tyler, people call me Ty. I'm in need of a job, hard work isn't an issue for me, in fact in a year I'll probably be in charge of the store. I work in any condition, I've worked from outdoors installing pest control systems to working in a Little Caesars. I have many talents that include computer skills because I'm a total nerd. I'm a musician, I've been playing piano for 13 years. I am working on just becoming the best at everything I do, like I said, I'm a hard worker. I only ask that from this small summary of myself that you take me into consideration for working at your location. (no rhyme intended lol)
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By: Jayaprakash K.
Thrift Citi
Great place to buy discounted stuff. I was helped in all ways by 'KIM', I was on summer avenue for the first time I was looking to buy a mattress I was little short of cash and the lady at the counter was very understanding. She reduced nearly 30$. Also she arranged for a free delivery!That's awesome. Had a look at other stores on the same street, some are clean,(midsouth), some antique(chipndale). But if you need great bargain, this is the best place in Summer avenue. Again, You need a great bargain and stuff or the best staff(u decide!)
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By: Gina C.
Old Navy
hello! my name is gina & I'm interested in a job at old navy! I love your store & I thought maybe you would be excited to have me as a worker. I'm 14 years of age. I think I am a happy person to be around and I'm a people person so if I need to speak to customers that's okay. also, I'm very active in the community & at my school, bartlett high school. any opportunities you have open is fine with me, I could clean, fold clothes, or the cashier. anyways, just let me know. thanks!
By: Eric J.
Old Navy
Hello my name is Eric Jones,I'm 14 years old and i wish to apply for a job here, so that i can save up and pay for college and other expensives my cell number is (901)-721-5287. My e-mail address is joneeric237@yahoo.com. Thank you for your time and I will appreciate it if you contact me about a job application.
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By: Aiden M.
Old Navy
My name is Aiden Ward and I am extremely interested in applying to Old Navy! I am very social and have experience dealing with working in social environments. It would be a great pleasure to be considered to work with you! You can contact me at 901-414-8804! I appreciate your consideration
By: Isabel P.
Old Navy
Hi my name is Isabel and I'm 14. I was wondering if you had any jobs openings. My family is going through some money issues so I'm trying to get a job to help my family out!! If you do have any openings please contact me from my email- printup907@gmail.com. Thanks and have a great day!!
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By: Anthony F.
Old Navy
My name is Anthony Fleming and i am looking forward to working for Old Navy. They have a wonder service that i would love to be apart of. I am able to work part time but i will give it my all. You guys can contact me by phone or email. (901)-480-6505. Email:Anthonyfleming49@gmail.com
By: Marico W.
Old Navy
Hello, My name is Marico Westbrook. I am 14 years old looking for a job. I really would love to work at this old navy store. i am available any time so please contact my mom phone (901-503-4189)or me by email (MaricoWestbrook@yahoo.com) thank u for reading this ...........
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By: Dezmond W.
Old Navy
My name is Dezmond Welch and i believe i have a good working experience at Old Navy. The reason i believe so is because i love clothes i can sort them by color and size. I can fold,sort,and hang up clothing like i do at home. Dezmond02.dw@gmail.comAge:13 DOB:07/28/02

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