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By: Brenda M.
Texas Roadhouse
The food & service was excellent. However, we were all four very upset when we got the bill. First, the correct change was not rrturrnd. Then we were told that if the bill was less than 50ยข. My bill was $15.27, I gave her $20.00, she gave me back $4.00. She rounded my bill off to $16.00. My friends with me received the same rounding off of there bill. No where in your establishment is this procedure posted. This is theft. We travel & eat out a lot. This is the first time we were ever treated like this. Her explanation was she only earned $2.13 per hour, she then offer me back my chsnge. "I don't have enough time to make change to everyone" was her last words.
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By: Charlottie E.
Marlowe's Ribs & Restaurant
Came here tonight with my boyfriend. The hotel we are staying at offered a deal with a free limo ride and 10% off. Thought this would be a nice place to eat but the place was so loud and the booth behind us was screaming and yelling and pounding the table. Nobody cared. It was obvious we were not having fun. Now for the food. Brisket, and pulled pork was awesome. But the ribs were horrible. Very grisly. Didn't care for them at all.
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By: codeveronica
Interstate Bar-B-Q & Restaurant
This is place is great for it's food and the founder. The full rack is the altenative example of a typical all you can eat feature in restaurants. Rendevous and Corkys better run for their money because they got some competition. This place would be perfect if someone could remove those annoying little naggers called waitresses.
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By: codeveronica
Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous Restaurant
This place has some of the most wicked seasoned bbq you'll ever eat. I hate it's closed on Sunday and Monday. I devoured everything like a mad pig. People gave this place bad reviews because they don't have taste buds. Beware of that Rendevous serves spicy hot soul food that will make you come back for more!
By: Jack F.
Three Little Pigs Bar B Que
We almost NEVER visit Memphis without bringing home some BBQ pork from 3-Pigs. The meat is just the best - no mystery pieces. The sauce is good but not as outstanding for my tastes, so often use my own sauce. Also a very friendly, clean, nice place to go to.
By: diane.harris.587
Down South BBQ & Hot Wings
WOW - This place is great! They have some of the best bbq I've ever had. The owners are great people and great cooks. The portions are amazing and you can't help but be hungry when you walk in and smell the food. Best of luck to them, they deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By: Penny L.
Leonard's Pit Barbecue
Leonards is by far the best bbq I have ever eaten. I was born in Memphis in 1953 and have eaten there all my life. I will always recommend it to anyone. My husband says their spaghetti and catfish is the best he has ever had, and the buffet is delicious.
By: Kaye S.
Fat Larrys
This was our first trip to Fat Larry's...but it won't be the last. We ordered the slab for 2...plenty of food, even brought leftovers home. The ribs just fall off the bone! We plan on trying the catfish on our next trip! You won't be disappointed!
By: stephanieagilbert
Marlowe's Ribs & Restaurant
I've been there twice. The ribs were just ok. The sides (beans, coleslaw, and mac n cheese) were old and bland. the beans would have been good if they were fresh. i would not go back because I had two mediocre experiences.
By: Betty J.
Plumpy's BBQ
We had their rack of ribs with Cole slaw and fried okra with fresh squeezed lemonade and it was so delicious! My husband and I even took my son and two grandchildren there and they loved it!! The BBQ sandwich was great too!

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