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By: matt4556
Pet Styles
I took my cat to get shaved so all his mats could come out and I was so happy with the results. They made him look and smell so nice. They are also the nicest people to deal with. Even on my way out they told me before I left that my cat was the sweetest and everyone loved him and they had a fun day together. That made me feel so much better knowing that my cat had a good day instead of sitting all day in a cage. I will definitely bring him back the next time he needs to be groomed.
By: dellaa898
Pet Styles
I had taken my miniature poodle, Kalie, to various groomers and none of them even come close to comparing with the results I receive at Pet Styles. They leave Kalie smelling fresh and clean for weeks! And poodles do get pretty stinky with their thick fur coats. After a visit to Pet Styles her coat was shiny, conditioned, and she smelled immaculate. Plus she stayed that way for weeks! I don't know what they use but the results are magic. I'll say it again... Their results are magic!
By: thomass942
Pet Styles
This week I had them groom my senior cat as well. He's a 19 year old Siamese and had several mats from being a lazy groomer. He's old so he gets to do what he wants as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, I was nervous but the staff reassured me they deal with geezer cats frequently. When I picked him up I was thrilled. He looks like a million dollars! Silky smooth coat, no chunks of fur missing and a happy cat.
By: Caldwell L.
Pet Styles
I have been taking my lil guy Bedford to Pet Styles for over 9 years and I love the staff and shop. They treat my little fur baby like he's one of their own. He is normally groomed by Jackie who I think he has a crush on but today Matt groomed him and he came out of the shop with so much swagger. Lol. He looked amazing. I wouldn't trust any other shop in the city to groom my dog. Thank you Pet Styles!
By: njohn882
Pet Styles
I took a Maltese off a friends hands who could no longer afford to keep her. She is the sweetest little thing. Her fur on the other hand is awful, So hard to maintain. I brought her into Pet Styles to see what they could do. When I picked her up, she looked like a different dog! They trimmed her fur to a manageable length and she looked just beautiful. Great job Pet Styles.
By: drichard408
Pet Styles
I love, adore and cherish my dog. We have been through a lot together! I took her into Pet Styles recently because I had never had her professionally groomed. When I picked her up, she looked so cute! She smelled amazing and her nails didn't destroy my skin! Thanks to the groomers at PetStyles, I think you all made me lover her even more!
By: felixxes
Pet Styles
I have been using PetStyles for almost 10 years and I must say they are nothing short of terrific. They always make my schnauzers look so handsome! My two guys love this place and get so excited when I tell them it's time to go. The staff is super friendly and they all know my boys when they come running in the door. A great place.
By: jockyy632
Pet Styles
I used to take my pup to PetCo or PetSmart and though the quality of their work was good, they kept getting more and more expensive. I had been asking around to get some recommendations from others with dogs and PetStyles name came up a couple of times. I gave them a try and kissed PetCo goodbye.
By: grams_cookies.rbest
Pet Styles
I am THRILLED to have stumbled upon Pet Styles. I have driven past it a few times without even noticing. My dog, Jules, and I tried it out last week. They were great! I thought the groomer did a great job handling her with gentle care and kindness. She looked and smelled great too.
By: bencollectsblues
Pet Styles
Pet Styles is the best! They are able to groom even the worst of dogs! My dog is not necessarily the easiest to handle due to her size. They were able to handle it and took great care of our pal. She came out great and I am sure she was treated great during the process.
Tips & Advices
Bring medical records and medications that your pet is taking. Also, you should bring your ID and a form of payment.
Yes, there are veterinary clinics that only deal with emergency cases. They generally take walk-ins and referrals from family vets.
Yes, emergency vets treat dental emergencies and dental trauma. Freshly fractured teeth are the main category of dental injury that vets consider an emergency.
To prevent health emergencies, experts recommend supervising one’s pets, and trying to make sure they don’t get into emergency situations. A majority of emergency vet visits happen because animals were struck by cars, bit by other animals, or ingested toxins. Otherwise, the best way to prevent emergencies is by having a go-to vet you can call with any questions, and being vigilant about potential symptoms (i.e. runny stool, or trouble walking) as they appear but before they become extremely serious.
Experts say that the conditions that necessitate an emergency veterinarian visit include collapse, seizures, inability to walk, partial paralysis, and any difficulty breathing (non-stop panting, constant coughing, hyperventilation, or elevated heart rate). Gum color is often an indicator that something is wrong--especially blue gums or very pale gums. Excessive vomiting or a distended abdomen should be considered an emergency situation. Signs of any trauma or excessive bleeding should send your pet straight to the vet. Lastly, for cat owners, urinary obstruction is fatal if not treated, and generally occurs in male cats.

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