By: Derik J.
Flagship Computers
Flagship is your typical neighborhood mom and pop computer store. Expect a limited section and high prices, but they aren't bad if you need something today or need technical guidance or service. I did go there to check out Road Runner as the other reviewer did. I thought it was funny how they wouldn't let me touch the demo computer. I had to suggest sites for them to visit. I remember they showed me DIsney.com, since it's a fairly data-intense site. I ended up subscribing to Road Runner after that, but I probably would have anyway. I was very sad when Comcast came to town and killed off Road Runner.
By: james.b.derrick
Electronics Repair Center
This place is awesome! My ps3 stopped reading any disks (blu ray, dvd or games) so I assumed it was the reader and googled ps3 repair shops and this gem of a shop popped up. I called them up and told them what was wrong and they gave me a quote over the phone, so I took my ps3 in at around 1:30 Friday and got a call at 8:30 Saturday morning telling me it was ready and the price they quoted was the actual price I paid. Great service, great price and my ps3 runs like new, thank you ERC you have a customer for life.
By: jim.norris.148
Electronics Repair Center
Cleve repaired my 50" plasma tv for $45.00. I dropped off for repair at closing time and was called before noon the next day and was told it was ready. The tv had a capacitor go bad and he changed it out and another one that was for preventative purposes. He upgraded the capacitors to be able to handle more power and heat to keep it from happening again. I will never use anybody but Cleve Gibson at Electronics Repair Center for ALL of my electronics repairs. I am totally impressed!
By: zeeebeee
Electronics Repair Center
Found information about the Electronics Repair Center from the internet for reputable television repairs. Because of the great ratings, I decided to call. Cleave was outstanding and very professional. Able to repair my flat screen plasma television. He provided great customer service and was able to deliver my television to and from his shop. I highly recommend his services for your electronic repair needs.
By: df190765
Electronics Repair Center
Worked with the Electronics Repair Center for a dead PS3 (original). Cleve was very informative about the process he uses to make the repair, was up front with the likely hood of the repair being successful, told us what his warranty period is (60 days) was very professional and was also a Memphis Grizzlies fan! Overall my experience was excellent and I recommend his services and his company. Thanks!
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By: Stacey B.
Electronics Repair Center
I recommend this business because he had my son's ps3 fixed within one hour. The ps3 was not reading the disk and it was a reasonable fee to repair.
By: Anthony H.
Electronics Repair Center
This is an amazing place had my ps3 running like new in a day... I highly recommend... And you got my business for life��������
By: William H.
Fields Electronic Repair
Fast and reliable. They give warranties on their repairs for a year. So you can be guaranteed on their service.
By: Steve Z.
Direct Copiers & Fax
Direct Copiers and Fax company has moved to 6343 Summer Ave. Suite 107 Memphis, TN 38134 near Bartlett

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