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By: Gloria C.
Greenway Home Services
Greenway is the epitome of a dowmhome business that cares about their customers. I have never had better technicians for any jobs that thr best results were done. I did have a very complicated problem with a compressor not working properly .After a week -three compressors later technicians coming everyday even on Sunday-the problem was solved by Mr.Barney who is over heating and air .He walked in my home with a promise I Will Get Your air Fixed Today.He Checked every thing over again and asked the question where is your electrical box? I told him I had replaced it a couple of months ago.he said he wanted to see old box.Wow what a smart man--he already suspected the problem was electrical--he touched the metal door and fire shot out. He opened it up and found wires had melted together and could have burned our home down.We got our company back out to fix it and never any more problems with our air that Greenway fixed.Thank you Mr.Barney and Greenway for saving my home and maybe our lives also.G.Cummings
By: Jason F.
Trane Sales Office
Great Company with a Racial culture. If you are white, you will advance quickly without the skills being need, they will train you. If you are black, you will be the minority and will witness racism before your eyes. As long as you are content with being in the same position throughout your entire career there, they will keep you. The moment you question equal opportunity, you will be fired. Great pay, flexible and laid back only because 95% of employees are white and they cater to their own. I was told it was a racist company when I first got hired and did not believe it until I witnessed it. Leadership team has Associate degrees and administrative blacks have Master degrees and cant move up. Products are the best in the HVAC industry but this office does not care for black people in all areas.
By: hayes h.
Smith Heating and Air
John came out at 9:30pm on a Thursday night; this was the coldest night of the month this year, 26 degrees. Wife and kids were going to bed and said they were cold, and the heater wouldn't come on. Thankfully John took my call late at night, arrived within an hour, and had the problem solved in 20 minutes! Turns out it was just a loose wire, but he fixed that and gave it a winter tune-up while he was inside the furnace. Now we have heat, the same night within a few hours, and it was awesome service. John is super friendly and a major expert in his field. He pointed out lots of installation issues with the unit from the previous installer, which we will look into rectifying before putting the house on the market. THANKS JOHN!!
By: Lee J.
Smith Heating and Air
Very dependable and John does great work! Price was right. Very reasonable . I called him at 9pm Sunday bc my heat wasn't working but he came right out. He was at my house by 10pm the same night . He was so sweet. He didn't want me be cold . He told me on the phone he will come on out and he was. Thank God he could fix it that night. There not to many company would do that. I told John he could wait till the morning to fix it but he said he will come out now that he didn't want to me to be cold. I got lucky . Thank you John.
By: kathyly
Greenway Home Services
my name is Kathy L. On 5/27/11 Greenway service my a/c . They kept in touch till the technician arrived. Alan was professional ,work quickly .Answer my questions,gave great feedback on energy saving. Alan told me what to look forward to with my a/c .Great personailty ,take pride in his work. This is not the first time Greenway has come to my home,each time i get great service. Thank you , Alan,Thoams, ?, and Greenway !
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By: Mickey W.
Precision Air Conditioning & Heating LLC
Awesome job! These guys are the best love the fast service we received best experience ever. Couldn't believe they put a new unit in in a day. This is the best company I have ever used, called late one night our a/c was out. They were there first thing the next morning. I was shocked at how fast they responded to our late call. All I can say they did a great job I like each one of them. Thanks Mark!
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By: Anne G.
Smith Heating and Air
This firm has been my total go to place for All my heat and A/C work for 7 years. I am pleased to find honesty , integrity and knowledge in a service company today. John always listens, helps and prices are fair. Today, I am happy to say they are completing an install in my home ! Yay ���� great company, great guys, thanks. ~Wes/Ann, Collierville, Tn.
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By: eajohnson44
Greenway Home Services
We have used Greenway for A/C, dishwasher, and water heater repairs. They are the best home service company we have ever used. All three of our service techs were polite, knowledgeable, and maintained the highest quality of customer service we could have asked for!!!! Please know that this is a solid company that you can trust!
By: Teresa W.
Smith Heating and Air
I'm very happy with this company. Price was very reasonable and I can say dependable, honest.Got the work done and came there when he said he would. If I ever need work again which I know I will bc my unit has to be kept clean and maintain I will be using this company. Thank you for all the work you did. Great job.
By: missgirl86
Absolute Comfort Heating and A/C LLC
I was pleasantly surprised when I called Absolute Comfort and they came out that day and fixed my Air conditioner. I've had many bad experiences with service companies in the past, but now I'm confident that my heat and a/c will be taken care of by a great company. (now to find a good plumber!)
Tips & Advices
Most homes would benefit from having their air ducts cleaned every five to eight years. If there are pets in the home, or residents with respiratory ailments or compromised immune systems, the air ducts should be cleaned more frequently.
For the typical single-family home, air-duct cleaning takes between two to four hours. If there are pets in the household or it is an older home, cleaning the air ducts could take a bit longer. The ductwork in condominiums and townhouses might require less than two hours to clean.
Dirty air ducts can have a negative impact on indoor air quality, and poor indoor air quality can lead to allergies and respiratory ailments. A dirty air duct is also more likely to become infested with vermin. Hiring a professional to clean air ducts helps ensure the task is tackled efficiently and thoroughly.
The primary benefit of investing in a new furnace is greater efficiency. Newer furnaces are built to use a lot less energy than their predecessors, and can bring huge savings in monthly heating costs. Newer furnaces also offer a more comfortable user experience, since they are equipped with zoning systems and other amenities to help adjust and fine-tune temperatures throughout the home.
Furnaces are built to last 18 to 20 years, and an older furnace will likely suffer costly breakdowns. If there’s been  an increase in repair costs, it's likely that the time has come to replace the furnace. Another factor to consider is heating bills. Older furnaces are a lot less efficient than newer models. A new furnace will likely pay for itself relatively quickly via a lower energy bill.

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