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By: Judy K.
Glen's Tree Service
I called Glen’s Tree Service for a quote to remove a very large tree that had been uprooted in a rain and wind storm. The tree was being precariously supported by a neighbor’s tree and was threatening the neighbor’s home and a building on my property. I had consulted other companies and each expressed the need for heavy equipment and voiced concern about the inaccessibility to the property. Glen needed only a few minutes to evaluate the situation before explaining to me in detail the procedure he would follow to remove the tree while avoiding property damage. Eliminating the use of large equipment allowed him to quote me a price lower that the competitors. Glen and five crew members showed up at 7:30 promised, worked rapidly but with great care and caution, and finished the job in an hour less than the time anticipated. My sleepless night prior to the tree removal was all for naught thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Glen and his crew.
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By: Blake H.
Glen's Tree Service
So glad I found a local hard working guy running a good crew. Not only did they come out when promised with a fair price, they stayed and tried to complete all of the work in a huge storm that was rolling through. They stayed on site trying to wait it out and then finished the job after the storm had passed. Had one stump left over that didn't get ground because of the ground being so wet and they said they would come back just as soon as they could once it dried out a little. In my heart i knew they would be back but in my head, i thought once they had the check, they would be gone and I would be on here blasting them. Not even the case. Stump was found this week as promised and all is well. One huge tree gone, two oaks thinned out and canopy raised and 3 stumps ground. AWEOME work. Thank you Glen for keeping your word and showing me a handshake still means something!
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By: jpdmemphis
Griffin's Tree Service
Mr. Kenneth Griffin and his workers acted as a team to cut down and remove from by back yard a large tree that was becoming dangerous. They worked quickly with each individual knowing exactly what he was supposed to do as part of the team. They cleaned up the debris at the end of the job so that the back yard looked even better than before they started. They moved lawn furniture that might have been in the way and then replaced whatever they moved. They took precautions to not damage nearby plants or any part of the rear of the house. Mr. Griffin was easy to work with and the price was reasonable. I would certainly use Griffin Tree Service again next time I have a tree to remove.
By: veryhard2please
Ferrell Tree
Jimmy Ferrell is the type of person that I enjoy doing business with. He is honest, reasonable, efficient, trustworthy, neat, clean, and very concerned with customer satisfaction.I called him to come over and give me an estimate on limb removal from one, large tree. His estimate was very fair and I accepted it on the spot. He returned a couple days later, as promised, and performed the work. Upon completion he left the scene neater than it was when he arrived. Great job of clean up.I called him back a couple of days later as there was one more limb that I wanted him to remove and he returned and took care of it at no charge. To summarize, quality work at a very reasonable price.
By: Lola K.
Glen's Tree Service
Very happy with the work Glen’s Tree Service did yesterday. I had several trees that needed dead limbs removed and others that were on my neighbor’s house. Plus, he cut down a couple of small trees. His crew moved things in my yard that could get damaged and moved them back when they were done. Cleaned up after all the work including all the acorns on my driveway. He was very knowledgeable and professional and gave me advice on how to care for one of my trees that wasn't getting enough water. I would recommend this tree service to everyone!
By: Robert E.
Glen's Tree Service
Had a tree leaning over our house. Called a tree service and they did not show up. Called another tree service and they said that it would be too dangerous for them to take it down. Called Glen's Tree Service and Glen showed up within an hour and reassured us that he would get it taken care of. He was able to remove the tree without damaging our house, and charged us a fair price. I normally do not recommend products or services, but I would highly recommend Glen's Tree Service. Thank you Glen for making my house safe to live in.
By: Julie C.
Glen's Tree Service
When we bought our house in late 2012, Glen and his crew trimmed our three large trees which had been neglected for a long time. During the recent storms, a limb broke on one of our trees and was dangling over our roof. Another tree service stopped by and said they would cut it down, plus trim all the other trees for $1k. I called Glen and he got the limb cut down but said the other trees did not need trimming. I appreciate his honesty and not trying to fleece us with unnecessary work. Good, professional and prompt service.
By: Scotty S.
Glen's Tree Service
We've used Glen twice recently and couldn't be happier with the service and price. He and his crew showed up exactly when they said they would.He thoroughly explained what he was going to do and educated us about our trees. He did exactly what we discussed and did it neatly and perfectly. Our trees look great and you couldn't even tell they had been there because the cleanup was perfect. They even stacked our wood into our wood pile for us. Glen's prices are very reasonable and we won't use anyone else in the future.
By: Stu O.
Glen's Tree Service
No fuss, no muss, no worries! When Glen came to give me the estimate, he also gave me some good advice on some issues I was having with my trees. The next day the work was DONE. He came when he said he would, he did exactly what he said he would, the work was done professionally, and everything was cleaned up before they left. Even though the trees being removed/trimmed were close to the house, shed, and other landscaping there was NO collateral damage. What more could you ask for? Glen, thanks to you & your crew!
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By: Chris R.
Glen's Tree Service
Glen and his crew are great!!!!! Called him at 9:30 this morning about my cat being stuck in a tree and they were at my house at 11:30. I can't say enough good things about this guy. He has a big heart!!!! I didn't have him trim any trees but he will be the one I call when I do need tree work done. His tree climber had my cat out of the tree within 30 minutes upon arrival after figuring the best way to get him out. Glen thanks to you and your great climber (which is a lost art) You guys are my HERO'S!!!!!
Tips & Advices
Do your due diligence and always ask for proof of insurance and certification before agreeing to any work. You will also want to be on the lookout for telltale signs of scams and be cautious of any company that:
  • Will not provide you with a certificate of their insurance policy or only has general liability coverage
  • Declines to give you a written estimate for the job
  • Gives you bids that either seem very low or very high
  • Contacted you out of the blue to see if you needed their services
  • Has complaints against it from business bureaus in your area
  • Asks for payment before starting work
  • Doesn't have a fixed physical address
Tree service companies are also great places to get your wood if you happen to have a fireplace. Many tree businesses offer free delivery and stacking of hardwoods, such as maple or birch. These can make for the best firewood because they burn slowly and don't produce as much smoke as other types.
If you want to add to the greenery in your yard but you're concerned about the right species to plant or where to put it on your property, seek the advice of an arborist.
If a storm hits and damages your residence, a tree service professional is usually on your list of people to call for help after first responders and your insurer. A professional service can completely remove a tree or just prune and saw off its branches if a storm damages a tree. After sawing or destroying the tree, professionals can then remove any of the dangerous debris from your yard by hauling it off.
Some bugs burrow through the bark and damage hardwood and softwood trees. Depending on the species of trees in your yard and the region of the country you live in, aphids, the infamous emerald ash borer or other pests could destroy your healthy trees.

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