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By: Kevin B.
Melrose Park Auto Mall Inc
Buyers Beware. You would think after purchasing a vehicle you spend 10k plus on that you would get great customer service and a pretty decent car. But thats not the case you didn't go to Carmax but ended up here. Lets start with bad I purchase the vehicle they told me that I would get a 30 warranty and to let them know what else was wrong with vehicle. My vehicle was in the shop off and on for the first 30 days. And everything was not even fixed. Believe I understand from a business stand point some things can not but replaced new all the time but from a safety standpoint I don't believe in cutting corners. And I took my vehicle back 3 times for the check engine light on. Every time they said they fixed but this last time I took it. I was taking it in becase of other work that was supposed to be completed that wasn't even touched. The engine light is supposed to come on when u turn the key on upon starting and go out after a few seconds would you believe after taking my vehicle somehow the car still runs like crap poor gas mileage but the check engine light is some how not coming on what I believe is the dealer disabled the light bulb in the car that it won't light anymore. So now were breaking the law instead of fixing the problem. My suggestion is to find another car lot to go know telling what else they are not doing.

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