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By: Melissa H.
Wickham Village Apartments
Currently a tenant at this awful place. Gave them a list of BASIC repairs one week after moving in. It has now been 11.5 weeks since I dropped it off & they have yet to come by to do even one thing. I understand being busy, with only 2 maint guys for the entire complex, but all I'm asking for is recognition. They could do one thing a week for all I care, it's better than being blatantly IGNORED. 2 weeks after moving in the outside pipe blocked up & overflowed into laundry room next to kitchen. Called emergency maint & came to fix it. They started to leave & I had to ask them to clean up the 2 inches of standing crap water. Used a wetvac & did the main walkway. Didn't bother pulling out washer/dryer & doing behind/underneath. 5 weeks after dropping off the initial list, I rewrote it with a few additions (leak & mold in bathroom), dropped it off & asked why it was taking so long. I was told they're behind. I told them to hire more people & apparently they're "waiting for approval". I also asked about breaking the lease & was told we would still be responsible for the $1000 termination fee, even though we are not the ones holding up our deal. That same afternoon a pipe burst & flooded the bathroom. They came out & repaired it & one of the guys asked me, "What all is wrong?" I named off 3-4 things, specifically the MOLD in the other bathroom. This guy literally rolled his eyes & nodded, and LEFT. They have not been back since. That was APRIL 2017. The maintenance garage is right behind my apartment so it's literally a slap in the face seeing them come and go and blatantly ignore me. For June's rent I included pictures of the primary issues, specifically the issues that are breaking the FLORIDA LAW OF INHABITABILITY (missing smoke detector, back slider does not close all the way, leaving a 3/4" gap [lack of security], and MOLD), and it's been 5 days since I dropped it off and I STILL have to be acknowledged in any way shape or form. Disgusting business! RUN AWAY!
By: Harriet B.
Lake In The Woods Apartments
What am I thankful for?Family, friends, my health, living in sunny Florida- AND having a lovely lakeside apartment at Lake In The Woods in Melbourne. I have wonderful, friendly neighbors. I enjoy the lovely manicured grounds with a profusion of blooming tropical plants. The well equipped gym is clean and well maintained. The expansive pool area has comfortable lounge chairs, umbrellas and areas to barbecue with neighbors and friends. The staff is always friendly and accommodating. The maintenance crew is "johnny on the spot" should you ever need them.Pets are welcome here and my dog, Gracie, enjoys walks around the property over bridges crossing the lakes and resting by the waterside on park benches scattered around the property.New this year, Lake In The Woods provided a "Bark Park" so dogs can safely play and enjoy the freedom of being off their leashes while they play. The management sometimes hosts get togethers in the clubhouse, like wine and cheese tastings, pot luck suppers and movies poolside for the residents who want to socialize. At night, the neighborhood is well lighted, with fixtures in the entrance hallways, spotlights on the buildings the illuminate the sidewalks and tall lamps that glow in the parking areas and throughout the grounds. I moved to Lake In the Woods to be near my family- and my sister and my Mom are just minutes away. My apartment is also convenient to shopping, dining, movie theaters and community and cultural events. I would highly recommend Lake In The Woods to anyone looking for the qualities I described above and so much more.Thankful for a safe, convenient, positive place to live and enjoy- Lake In The Woods.
By: L M.
Manatee Cove Apartments
Management is slow to send maintenance to resolve issues. I think I have mold in my bathroom and reported it when I first moved in...it's 11 months later and it still hasn't been fixed. The staff is also not the friendliest. The grounds could be cleaner, especially the stairwells. I will not be renewing my lease!
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By: bbraun21
Summerset Apartments
Roaches every where. Staff is rude, the matience people never fix anything. Office Manger is very racist, lots of white trash broken windows in the buildings
By: Naj B.
Sabal Palms Apartments
Sabal Palms Apartments is not a good place to live. There's currently a huge infestation of roaches, the structures are old, and mechanical systems are in need of replacement (not quick fixes). This website (YP) would not allow for further details and considers certain descriptions as inappropriate. My full review is therefore not allowed to be posted here.Check other sites for better reviews or even ask around. Move here at your own risk.
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By: Hope R.
Summerset Apartments
Summerset Apartments are a joke and one of the worst places to live. I lived a military life my husband was in the army and I decided to move home during his deployment. I told them my situation and they told me as long as I had orders I could break my lease without penalties. That was a load of "bull". I turned in my orders and had two weeks to go find a home and set my family up to welcome home our hero and they gave me such a hard time. I winded up paying my months rent and moved 4 days later and still had to pay next month's rent and they kept my deposit. To top it off I went to buy a house recently and they sent my breach of lease to a collection and tried to say I still owed money. So this is what I have to say to summerset. You can keep you bat infested apartments and pill popping employees who break in and rummage trough people's belongings, BUT to disrespect a hero someone fighting so you can keep it all makes me sick. I hope you like my attorney because he loves this case.
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By: Terri S.
Summerset Apartments
The manager is wonderful, however the landlord is aggressive and intractable on the phone; seemingly incapable of quality customer service. Repairs are very slow, complex is quiet, but traffic noise is high. The apartment itself is very nice and roomy. Love the big kitchen. Staff needs a few "adjustments", then this would nearly be the perfect place to live. (Because I found ear plugs and a white noise machine.)
By: Jessica H.
Summerset Apartments
i moved in about a tear and a half ago the manger is the sweetest person you will ever meet the grounds and apartments are very well maintanied..and uts quiet i work at home so i should know..there are not alot of kids here at all so the prev bad review is totally false..
By: Denise S.
Summerset Apartments
i would never recommend summerset apartment to anyone. the pool women spends her spare time taking pills and making herself feel important by bossing the residents at the pool. maintenance is the last thing this community is worried about. things take months to be taken care of. while the pool and the landscaping comes first. i had a 270$ electric bill last summer cuz of my 1960s AC. and pest control? dont believe a word they say.. he does not come 2 times a month or even 2times a year. you can be charged if your dog urinates on certain pieces of grass. but not the maintenance man for some reason? when i clearly witnessed the dog urinating.drug addicts at every entrance trying to start trouble with residence.and the children of the neighborhood have no supervision and run freely around the community tearing everything to pieces. from the outside it may look nice. live here for 1 month n ull see its true colors come out.. a pet deposit is not to covor the damages of ur pet its ur pets rent i guess
By: Keith B.
Courtyard On The Green
Grounds: 7/10It's pretty around here, somewhat well maintained but people often times don't pick up after their dogs, so watch your step. Last year it took them a long time to get on top of their fire ant problem. Management: 6/10Most of the time things are okay. I've had a few issues and had to work things out with the staff, a number of phone calls around. The typical "person said one thing, page said another" deal. Was threatened with a "late charge" for paying my rent two weeks early, around the 14th, then threatened with another charge for putting in my credit card info wrong. I redid the payment, and they never said anything about the "late fees" again. Parking: 8/10Well lit, ample spots. On the odd occasion you have to park a few spots away from your normal spot but really, this has to be one of the best parking lots I've been in in a while. Maintenance: 1/10 Emergency maintenance? Nope. You don't get it, at all. I had a leak which was causing the pan in my water heater closet to overflow. They deemed that it was not an emergency, and very rudely refused to come out, even to look at it. It wasn't at 2am, it was around 9pm, a reasonable hour. They suggested turning off the AC during a hot stormy night, not even knowing for certain if the AC was the source of the leak, as water was on the water heater as well. Maintenance staff is rude on a regular occasion as well, if the one isn't being rude to you the other is trying to sleep with you, or another resident. A few girls in here have complained to my wife about this issue, including one who was harassed by him to "get in a bikini" for him. I've had maintenance orders go completely unfilled as well. Maintenance staff usually doesn't even wipe their feet before coming in on a rainy day. One also hung his wet coat to dry, dripping water all over a box I had just received from amazon which was still unopened. I wasn't home at the time. I understand that sometimes a mess has to be made, but at least clean it up afterwards. Calling a job "done" with mud all over the floor is unacceptable. I worked in an apartment complex doing maintenance in the past, everything from HVAC to drywall, and if I acted in the way that is common of this staff I would have lost my job.When we finally spoke with corporate about the maintenance, they claimed we were lying about the issues we've had. Construction: 6/10These are wood construction, so expect some noise to go through from the floor above you. Nothing out of the ordinary for this area.

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