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    Carrie T.

    Great deals! I will be back for another bedroom set. Friendly staff and delivery guys. I wish I would have bought a new bed a long time ago. The sectional that I also purchased is very comfortable. Thank you Nick and JD. I will definitely recommend Sleepy heads to anyone looking for a great deal on new furniture.

  • lcheck2

    Please read the back of the purchasing information sheet or contract that says if you cancel in advance of delivery, the owner will charge you 10%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The owner did charge and I called in plenty of time to cancel and the couch was in stock!!! The store had a promotion that they did not tell us about for a free night at the Marriott if you spent $500.00....well when I saw this on line, I called to get the promotion and offered to spend another one dollar before the delivery. He said we would not get the promotion and said my husband was rude to him (poor baby) husband is disabled with a hearing disability from Viet Nam so I guess since he talkes loud, the owner thought he was yelling at him. We will never do business with this furniture store again. I lost $49.00 in an instant.....buyer beware!

  • I can't believe all the negati...

    I can't believe all the negative reviews here. I went to Sleepy Heads after driving all over town. I bought a lovely sectional sofa, and a dining room set. Both items were delivered and set up for a very reasonable charge compared to the bigger store across the street. There was a problem with the table, and they took care of it right away. The owner is pleasant and the sales people are never pushy. I got my furniture delivered quickly, also unlike the big store across the street who can't seem to be able to even get a coffee table right. ***And to reviewer've never been there, what gives you the right to review this business?**** I also took my mother in law there and she purchased three tables and 2 chairs that she is very happy with. **Best prices too!**

  • After reading the negative rev...

    After reading the negative reviews here, I can honestly say that my experience with Sleepy Heads was the exact opposite. We visited the store about an hour before they closed and the owner not only took his time answering our questions but he didn't rush us at all. We returned a few days later and he waved hello and remembered our names. Then he even commented that my girlfriend wouldn't like a certain bed, "because you don't prefer the tall headboards" which was a comment we had made in passing on the first visit. I was impressed!

    Our entire bedroom set was delivered the exact day and time that we scheduled and when the dresser had a damaged corner, the delivery guy immediately called it in and arranged for us to receive a replacement. This was on Thursday and by Saturday morning we had the new (undamaged) dresser. Everyone was extremely professional and we will definitely be returning to buy the rest of the furniture for our home. The quality is top notch, the owner is very professional and the delivery drivers reflected the same attitude.

  • I'm very grateful for these de...

    I'm very grateful for these detailed reviews. I just hopped on the computer to get the address and hours for this place, as I am looking to furnish several rooms in my home, but I'm 100% sure I will skip it now. Thank you reviewers- it's people like you, who speak up and speak out, who make a difference.

  • I purchased a dresser from Sle...

    I purchased a dresser from SleepyHeads. Unpacked the item and the corners were damaged. Call the owner of the store was told I needed to return the item (my time and gas) and then they would order me another one and when it came in I could come get it (my time and gas) and move it to Boynton Beach, where the original dresser… had it not been damaged needed to be moved too. And yet again… my time and gas. And the response from the owner was basically “oh well that’s how we do our business”. So in the end the GREAT deal I got from SleepyHeads is going to cost ME with time and gas approximately $200.00 Great customer satisfaction!!!!! Keep this up and you should be out of business soon!!!

  • We went furniture shopping las...

    We went furniture shopping last weekend and went to Sleepyheads first because we saw they had really good deals. After finding things we liked, we went looking around at other places. We ended up coming back the next day ready to purchase because they had the furniture we liked best and the best price. As I was waiting to be approved by financing, I read all these four previous reviews. It honestly made me nervous and I was ready to walk out of the store. I'm glad I didn't because our three piece sectional couch, ottoman, and dining room table with eight chairs were just delivered this morning. We couldn't be happier. I had him assure me that my stuff would be delivered the day he had said. I'm not sure why all the other people have had such bad luck with delivery. Make sure you ask that what you're ordering is in stock and where it is being shipped from. Maybe that makes a difference. I will gladly go back for bedroom furniture when ready. Yes, their customer service isn't great but we're thrilled with the products. The delivery guys came in and opened and set up everything and were professional. The only advice I can give is to ask those specific questions so you know exactly when you would get your furniture.



    On 5 Sep 2011, my wife and I purchased a coffee table, TV stand, and end table from Sleepy Heads furniture. We were told it was "solid wood" by the salesman after I had asked him numerous times to ensure my satisfaction. I didn’t want to be misled. We received the furniture and there were already numerous chips. This wasn’t an issue because the driver documented this and stated that the store would deliver a new set. Upon further investigation and a few more slights nicks to the furniture (that would not have damaged solid wood) we realized this was poorly made, not solid wood, and wanted to return it for a refund. I returned to the store to explain the issue and that I would like a refund because we were unhappy. The owner stated, as it is on the receipt, there are no refunds only exchanges or store credit. Well, we didn’t need any other furniture and did not want to purchase anything else from them. I pleaded with him that his salesman told us it was solid wood many times and that we felt we were misled but he did not believe me and would only give me store credit. He said he didn’t want to speculate on what I said and had to ask his salesman what was said. And all through this, he would not look at me as we spoke and was answering the phone. Complete lack of respect to his customer. I returned the next day and he told me his salesman said that he told us it was wood and that he never stated it was solid wood. I pleaded my case again but I finally agreed. He noted on the credit receipt that the credit be used in either of their two stores and wrote there is no expiration date. I asked when they would pick up the furniture and he said he would call me. It is now 21 Sept and we haven’t heard from them yet. My wife called them and we were now told that they are not going to pick up the furniture until we purchase more furniture with the store credit. This strong-arming will not be tolerated. I agreed to his return policy even though we were misled.

    Now I have to store his furniture until we use up the store credit? Then what, get charge for depreciation or additional damage for the time we had it at our house? NO WAY. All I want is for them to pick up the furniture and honor their agreement. No games .just customer satisfaction. I will agree to store credit but would rather have a refund and go our separate ways.

    Initially we were told that they would not pick up the furniture until we make another purchase. Why? Because it will cost him money to pick it back up? THAT'S not clearly stated on the invoice. If the policy is to be followed, additional conditions cannot be added for the benefit of the business and the expense of the customer. However, after further debate, Sleepy Heads agreed to pick up the furniture when their truck will be in my neighborhood. At no additional charge or forcing up to make a purchase.

    Look, all we want is a refund and be on our way. Over. Done. Topic closed. We understand the return policy, but in this situation, we feel exception should be made.

    It is now Oct 13th and the furniture is still in my home.

  • If you afe going to do busines...

    If you are going to do business with this company you are heading for a screwing, do yourself a favor, RIGHT NOW and Hurry, Go outside to the nearest tree, snap off a branch, bend over and shove it violently where the sun doesnt shine, all while beating your head repeatedly against the tree. And when your done, take the same money you would have spent with James D. Kennard, and donate it to a drug addict.

    I can promise you, that you will feel better by taking these steps before trying to do business with this putz. BUYER BEWARE!

  • I wish I read this review prior to spending any money at Sleepy Heads in Melbourne, FL

    I purchased a pub table and chairs and it was delivered a week late. I was never told when they would get it after they missed the delivery date. The chairs were damaged and I took photos and I had the delivery guy write on My receipt that they were going to replace them. The delivery date was Christmas Eve 2010 and it is now March 14, 2011 and the chairs were supposed to be delivered 2 weeks ago. They have not called me at all. This company is a locally own company and I wanted to support them; however they do not support their community. Extremely poor customer service AFTER the sale, and their Terms and Conditions provide no recourse for a refund. I even sent them business from my mother as she purchased a mattress from them as well.

    Think 3 times before you buy any thing from SleepyHeads in Melbourne Florida.

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