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By: Carol T.
Times Square Diner
New favorite place. Stopped in for a late lunch, and was most pleasantly surprised at the new and welcoming decor. (Found out there is a new owner who's only been there for 9 months.) They serve breakfast (any time), lunch, and dinner with extensive choices in each category. Our server welcomed us at the door and was friendly and knowledgeable about the menu items. My husband had the Italian Stallion, and I had the Gyro - both were delicious and large portions. We sprung for dessert too, (a seldom known pleasure), but after finding out they were all made in-house by the chef's wife we couldn't resist. Hubbie had the tiramisu and I had to stop him from licking the plate. But I had this brilliant thing called Gala Buriko. It's phyllo dough filled with a very light vanilla custard with warm cinnamon & orange syrup poured over it. It was a huge portion and I thought for sure I would have plenty to take home - did not happen, I ate the whole thing. Nick, the owner/chef, came out to the table to introduce himself and ask if we enjoyed our food - nice touch - and as we were leaving we noticed him checking in on some of the other folks. All in all it was a lovely, serendipitous surprise and we will certainly be going back.
By: society6
On The Rocks
I'm not really one to hang out at bars, but this place feels so different from any other bar I've encountered. It really feels like going over to a buddy's living room and hanging out with a few drinks and some good stories and good positive vibes. Haven't met a single unsavory person there yet and everyone seems to remember each other even if theyve only seen you once. You can go slap yourself down at the bar and within 10 minutes you'll be in a conversation with complete strangers, laughing it up. The entire staff works incredibly hard at making sure everyone feels like they're at home and having a good time. Run by supremely genuinely nice people, just looking to give us all a place we can go to for an awesome time among friends. Where strangers are just friends you havent been introduced to yet! definitely come check them out, you'll be happy you did!
By: witchypoofl
Harbor City Diner
Wait staff friendly but expects you to know menu - we told ours it was our first time there and still no patience. Their are NO SUBSTITUTIONS so if you cant have green food due to medication you get half of what you pay for.My mother ordered the Special Dinner that comes with a "desert" she ordered a piece of cake. When ordered the waitress said nothing about it. We were charged for the cake and when I asked the waitress she said the "desert" was pudding.The complementary pita did not come till the end of our meal and the dip was there dill sauce for their Gyros.It took forever to get our food.Prime Rib and cakes were very good but the rest was un-seasoned.$80 + for a party of 3 is not worth the return.
By: addicted
Friendly Toast Cafe 2
I recommend the vegetarian omelet and add asparagus! And I also love that the owner was willing to donate GC's to the BOOTY RUN 5K for Colon Cancer Awareness to benefit our local charity (Cancer Care Foundation.) and I like to patronize these places that do give back to our community. So when I decided to give this place a try and found it to be clean, waitress to be friendly and attentive and my service to be fantastic. Food came out HOT and I enjoyed it very much. I think people who writes a novel for a review and nit-picks every tiny aspect of a café needs to relax + calm down and realize your crappy review just makes you look like you have nothing to do but make themselves feel relevant. IMO
By: bnj565
On The Rocks
I'm a 71 year old man. Never hung out at a local bar before but I've been going to On The Rocks Club for at least 3 nights a week. Never had so much fun. The club has a mix of entertainment nightly that I would say fits both young and old. For me a safe place to go and have some fun and shoot some pool with friends or dance with your honey. Drinks mixed well, prices reasonable, Free pool, clean restrooms !!!! Bartenders, well what can I say, Lovely, friendly, no how mix a good drink, and they have a great sense of hummer as well as a beautiful smile. So if I were looking for a place to hang your hat and have some fun. This is the place to go.
By: tremdis
The Gallery Nightclub
I am from Miami, and I must admit it was a HUGE culture shock for me when there was really nothing to do in Melbourne! This place rocks! Awesome music. I usually go Saturdays for Salsa, but Friday is chill. Staff is nice. Now that they are Full Liquor, I CAN'T wait for them to re-open. They used to be beer and wine and the drinks were not good. They actually sucked to be honest. The crowd, ambiance, music and beautiful girls made all of my friends and I go back. Strong dress code helps keep out the bad crowd. I highly recommend this place.
By: Arleen T.
That Little Restaurant
I've eaten at this diner for years and for diner's it's great! I'm wondering if the previous reviewer is in the right place???? I've never seen any of the things he/she said happen there. Waitresses are always on top of their orders. Never, ever have I seen anyone (worker or customer) appear as dope heads!!! This is an out and out attack on this restaurant, maybe from a disgruntled dope head ex-employee? I would highly recommend That Little Restaurant to everyone. Food is great and service great as well.
By: captainmetz
Edelweiss German Restaurant
The food is GREAT. The service is above reproach. There may be a wait, but who wouldn't wait for authentic German food and atmosphere. The music takes you to Germany and the Hofbrauhous. The German beer (Warsteiner) comes in 1 L hofbrau steins, as requested. We wouldn't pass up an opportunity to eat there when we're in town!! We come from WI on vacation and look forward to the meals we get at Edelweiss. Finally, so what if the cook has a small brew while hammering the schnitzel? I'd do the same!!!
By: redsays
Petra's Kitchen
If you're in the mood for ambiance, this is not your place... but if you're searching for incredible Mediterranean food and charming service this is an incredible find!! Try the buffet so you're not forced to make a decision... I won't reveal how many trips I made. Unbelievable homemade pita and the best hummus I've had- my toddler even ate a ton!! Delicious and genuinely friendly service. Can't wait to go back!
By: b.hawkins
Beef 'O' Bradys
I love the service at all Beef o' Brady's restaurants but the food.... It's not that it's bad at all, it's just never memorable. Their famous wings are just okay and a bit undercooked in my opinion. Everything about the food here is good, but nothing I've tried yet has been great. Couldn't ask for more out of the servers!

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