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By: laura.jennings.90
The Shooters Den
If you are concealed weapons permit holder and are carrying, you will be asked to disarm before going into this store. This makes no sense to me. Obviously, they can run their business however they would like but I don't think it's a good idea to alienate (what could be) a large part of your customer base. There are a couple of reasons why this policy makes no sense: 1.) As a concealed weapons permit holder, one must pass background checks and prove that they are not and never have been, a criminal. 2.) Concealed means CONCEALED. Were it not for my honesty, no one would have ever known I even had a weapon on me. The salesperson mentioned something about almost being accidentally shot but then if some idiot pulled out his concealed gun, it wouldn't have been concealed anymore, would it? 3.) By asking people to disarm, the shop and its employees are basically asking you to put your trust in them to protect you in the unlikely event someone were to walk in and rob the place. No offense to anyone who works in that shop but I trust me.The shop looks nice and the people seem nice. I can't speak to their prices because I didn't last in there that long but I'll not spend money in a place that does not want me. This policy is wrong and should be reconsidered. Now, more than ever, all gun owners must stand together and when we are demonizing others within our own group it just gives more leverage to those that are working hard to take our rights away from us. Concealed carry should be encouraged but it should also remain concealed - don't alienate your customers!!!!
By: bjdogtrainer
The Shooters Den
Excellent customer service. This is the place to go if you are a novice, like me, or even a seasoned firearms owner. They answer all your questions and DON'T make you feel stupid in the process. You can walk around anywhere in the store and pick up any firearm (that isn't holstered), go behind the counters and touch and examine any item for sale in the store. Mike is a wealth of information. His integrity is beyond compare. If he doesn't like a product, he doesn't sell it, but he won't bad-mouth it in the process. He doesn't bad-mouth the competition either. They do business their way, he does his his way. Mike gave me advice on what ammo I should carry for my particular needs, and I agree with his reasoning for the suggestion. Their prices are the lowest in the area, and I really shopped around. No fee for background checks done on firearms purchased in his store. I will shop here for all my firearms reason to go anywhere else.
By: dinah.ellison
The Shooters Den
This is the best place around to shop for a gun and ammo!! The prices are very reasonable and for the staff, well you cannot ask for more polite and respectful employees and owners. We have bought several guns and so have other members of my family and lots of family friends. They all said the same thing prices are great and servce is outstanding. They also help with gun repair, a family friend was well pleased with the service that they received. Not to mention that you can walk through the store freely and handle any gun you want. It is a one of a kind Gun Store. Thanks Mike and Debbie and your awesome employees for great service and a great experience in shopping for weapons. Sincerely,A Loyal and Faithful Customer for Life,Dinah Ellison
By: fhall6
The Shooters Den
Mike and his employees are the best I have ever dealt with...I am 87, been shooting rifles over 70-years, taught skeet shooting in US Navy for 2-years during WW11, benchrest shooter for 50-years and varmint hunter for 75-years. I stopped in the shop, showed Mike my 700-Rem in 243 Win and asked him to fit a scope. Mike started from the top and worked down to my price-range; I bought it and h took me to his range and watched me fire it for over an charge. The "Shooters Den" in W. Melbourne should not be missed for gun lovers. They talk to you straight, if you don't like what you hear....try Wal-Mart......fhall6
By: mikemangold
The Shooters Den
One of the most unique gun stores in Florida, best prices, and best customer service! If you need a gun go to shooters den! They have the most knowledgeable staff and they're able to find the right gun for you'r needs! The shooters den is unlike any other gun store you will ever walk into, Its so welcoming i bring my lunch and eat there every day. And not to mention the gunsmith they have on site can fix almost anything, And their ar15 armorer is great! In conclusion it's the only place i'll go for my weapons needs! If you get a chance stop by and see for yourself, You wont be disappointed you did!Robert mangold
By: david.kozel
The Shooters Den
This is the best place to shop! Eventhough i am an novice they never made me feel stupid. They are so polite and kind and very knowledgable. They take their time to explain the product to you. They are very light hearted and have a great sense of humor. I made a mistake on my paper work and they were so kind about it. I came back in and they made a simple fix all the while apologizing as if it was their fault. I will shop no where else. All I can say id thank you very much. I always feel better leaving your store than when I came in. I love a good laugh. Please keep up the good work. Thank you!
By: ericlopez454
Harbor City Guns Plus
I have searched far and wide across Central Florida to find a place that makes you feel welcomed as I do here. Great atmosphere, very knowledgeable and just an all around good experience. Any time I am looking for a firearm, ammunition or gunsmithing work. Harbor City Guns is the place for me.
By: 00tish
The Shooters Den
Debbie, Mike, and The Shooters Den staff are all absolutely amazing. Thank you for your time, advice, and care with my rifle and scope purchase - a truly personal and enjoyable experience. Great store, people, and prices - looking forward to coming in for future purchases!
By: gunsplus
Harbor City Guns Plus
This guy knows more about guns and defense with a gun then anyone I have spoken with to date. He is friendly and makes you feel at home in his store and he will take time to work with you if you are new to guns and self defense with a firearm.
By: kazboo
Guns and Camo
This is the best gun shop in Melbourne, the people that work there are the best. I went in there with my husband looking for a small gun for me. They explained everything to me and answerd all my questions. I will visited them again

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