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By: Lori B.
Melbourne Animal Hospital
I have always had great results at Melbourne Animal Hospital. My own cats are treated by Dr. Good, who has always been gentle, caring, and honest, and more than willing to answer a ridiculous number of questions from a fretful owner (that being me). I've also had good experiences with Dr. Koestler and Dr. Lepore when treating my foster kittens, with similar patience, caring, and attention. Their prices are far lower than I was paying with my prior vet in another state, and they're also quite good about approving scripts I order online. Many people don't realize you can simply put in the order and give your vet's contact information, and the seller will have it approved directly. The prices of medications and treatments are largely the fault of the manufacturers. Yes, you can find them cheaper online in many cases. This is largely because a site like 1800petmeds.com orders the items in huge quantities for resale, and therefore receives a discount. A local veterinary office will likely be paying more for the same thing than a large online seller. In the case of antibiotics, you can have them called in to places like Publix where antibiotics are free, and they will do this without hesitation for you. No, they aren't 24 hours or 7 days a week -- very few vet offices are. There are two local emergency clinics MAH recommends if you call them. They're also insanely busy with a large number of clients, but I've also found that if there's a true emergency during their normal hours, they'll tell you to come down anyway and they'll work you in. They've done it for me and my family multiple times. I wholeheartedly recommend Melbourne Animal Hospital.
By: Kim K.
Harbor City Animal Hospital
I've been seeing Dr. Steve for over 10 years now. He and his wife are two of THE most compassionate people in the world! Dr. Lane is also fantastic. They are all so thorough. They take their time with you and it's hard to find that in ANY doctor, human or animal! Please don't listen to those other negative reviews. I have NEVER had a bad experience with anyone at HCAH. The staff is always friendly. Yes, they may take some time to get back to you regarding something insignificant, but they are very busy. But when they do call you back either with lab results or question, they sure do spend the time to help you in any way possible. I would never look for another vet and I suggest you do the same. Their prices are reasonable and not outrageous. You can't expect them to give stuff away for FREE! I love everyone at HCAH. My pets are my children and if I can trust the AMAZING staff there with them, you can too!!! I highly recommend them. So please ignore these ignorant disgruntled clients and their rude comments. Love you all. Thank you for the past 10 years! Here is to 10 more!
By: lark21
Eau Gallie Veterinary Hospital
My dad has been going here for a while with his dog, but it wasn't until my cat got sick that I checked them out.I went in expecting them to start telling me all of these things I would have to do and money I would have to spend.The first few visits them did the exact opposite. They told me stuff to do which would hopefully help her without surgery.But it didn't work, she finally needed a feeding tube.After a few weeks I am happy to say she is well on her way to her old self and couldn't be happier!!!Every time I went in for a check up, the staff and tech's couldn't have been more helpful and friendly.Dr. Retamozo specifically felt like he went way out of his way to help and was extra friendly & understanding in this very stressful time.Can't say enough great things about them!VERY happy with their service and recommend them to everyone!
By: Cassie K.
Harbor City Animal Hospital
I don't think I could write enough good things about this animal hospital. Dr. Grigsby and his team saved my beloved Pekin Duck, Jamima. She had been attacked by a dog and I thought for certain she would perish. She had a huge chunk taken out of her and her webbed feet had been mauled. They took her in, worked with almost my non-existant budget, and I was able to go in and see her whenever I wanted. I worked close by and took my lunch breaks and stopped by after work. They were always more then happy to let me in and visit and even let me bring in her mate so that they could see one another. They are the absolute BEST you will find. Sweet, friendly, wonderful, professional. I will never go anywhere else.
By: zebramichele
Melbourne Animal Hospital
I've been going to Dr. Burger (Melbourne Animal Hospital) for many years. He is the best Veterinarian I've known outside of Dr. Zargas (now many years retired) in New Mexico. That means he is a "down-home", truly caring vet who's there for the animals vs. the "see how much $$$ we can get for this one" and all the new "stipulated policies" that are only draining the pockets of loving humans trying to give their furry family good care. He takes the time with you and your pet and explains what's up and what the plans are, in human language. If you're looking for good, quality care for you and your pet, that would be Dr. Burger!...Dr. Burger... Please don't ever retire!
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By: yikesyorkies
Brevard Aid To Animals
The faculty and staff are wonderful, warm, and highly qualified. I have been a client since they opened their doors and they have given each of my yorkies excellent care and services. I have recently had my 4th little yorkie spayed and they did a great job and followed through after her surgery to ensure she was recovering as expected. I love walking in and feeling like I'm a welcome friend at every visit and that each of the animals are cared for as though they were their very own. I tip my hat to Jamie and all the staff for setting the tone welcomming rather than an institutional. I highly recommend Brevard Aid to Animals on Aurora RD in Melbourne to everyone.
By: Sam P.
Sunshine Animal Hospital
We''ve been going to Sunshine for years. Recently we decided to use the "mobile vet" we've seen advertised around town & try to save some money. What a mistake. It was like being on an assembly line. No personal service, just in & out. A week later we went back to Sunshine for a skin infection. The staff was attentive & genuinely cared about Snuffy. Dr. F even found an ear infection the mobile vet missed.. They even updated Snuffy's vaccine record from the mobile vet. We compared prices & we only saved $8.50 with the mobile vet. For that amount, I'd rater get the personal attention from Sunshine rather than being "next in line" in a parking lot.
By: Nancy W.
Sunshine Animal Hospital
A neighbor referred us to Dr. Fontenot because Sophie's limp wouldn't go away. Our previous vet just kept giving us pills which only helped for a little while. Dr. Fontenot gave Sophie the most thorough exam she's ever had. The x-rays showed a problem in her leg bone. The doctor said it was suspicous for cancer but could also be an infection. We agreed to a biopsy & tests which confirmed it was a infection not cancer. The doctor even had to send us to Walgreens for her drugs because the vet drugs wouldn't work. Dr. Fontenot saved Sophie's leg. My only complaint is that now, we can't keep up with her on her walks.
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By: Misty W.
Harbor City Animal Hospital
Dr. Grisly is AWESOME! He treated my leopard gecko. Before I came to Harbor City my gecko had one eye shut and she was not eating for over three weeks! First I took her to Aloha Vet in Indian Harbour Beach, he gave ran antibiotic and sent us on our way. I decided to try Harbor City vet! And I'm so glad I did. Dr Grisby diagnosed her with parasites and treated her eye. She has fully recovered and is back to her old self!! :) I would recommend him to anyone. He really takes his time and makes you and your pet feel comfortable. He is very knowledgeable about reptiles and is an excellent veterinarian!
By: michaelkathleen
We've have had many pet sitters over our 25 years as a dog and cat owners as well as fish, and I found Karen Robertson's loving care and professional home care services to be the BEST BY FAR of any pet sitter I have ever hired. Karen with PET CARE EXTRAORDINAIRE is now my forever pet sitter. Thank you for going above and beyond the rest! I recommend her to all my friends who travel and have pets and need their homes well cared for in their absence. 5 STARS Karen! Thank you for all you do for us. Michael and Kathleen
Tips & Advices
A scatter garden is a dedicated plot of land that is used for scattering remains after cremation has taken place. Many pet scatter gardens allow you to memorialize your pet by adding your pet's name to a marker.
Many pet cemeteries offer memorial services, and some offer in-house chapels that can be used as a venue for these events. Pet cemeteries sometimes offer pet funeral directors on staff to help you coordinate memorial services. You many also plan memorial services for your pet by working with a pet funeral home.
Most pet cemeteries require that pets be buried in a casket, and these facilities often offer a wide variety of caskets for sale. A pet casket  can cost anywhere from $50 for a basic model to more than $3,000 for one that is top of the line.
If a pet dies while at the veterinarian, you have the option of letting your vet handle the disposition of your pet's remains. If you'd prefer to have your pet buried or cremated at the facility of your choice, let your veterinarian know.. You can then contact the facility to have them pick up your pet's body. Your vet may be able to suggest a pet cemetery or crematory if you need a recommendation.
If a pet dies at home, it's important to make swift arrangements to handle the remains, since your pet's body will immediately begin to decompose. You don't have to handle the body yourself. Many pet cemeteries and crematories offer 24/7 removal services for tackling this task.

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