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By: Andy A.
Seashell Suites Office
I have to say, I was a guest with my husband and children when this person below "Ann R" showed up, parking on the resort front lawn. She was not a guest at the resort, nor were the hoards of her group who just swarmed the property for a freebie. This a beautiful, private, gated facility, and not for the use of anybody who wanders in off the street such as Ann R. She was not a guest, and had no business being there. I saw the owner deal with the multitude of unregistered, essentially, trespassers, like this rude and abusive woman, who for reasons unfathomable to me, feel that they can use a private oceanfront property without being guests. As a paying guest, I respect and appreciate the owner making sure that my parking space, my chaise lounge, my pool, my BBQ, and my quiet ambiance is available to "me", as I have paid for these features, unlike this uncomfortable and troubled, profane and abusive trespasser below. 5 stars to the owner who runs the best business on the coast. Immaculate and gorgeous, this lush and luxurious eco resort is one of a kind and the finest facility anywhere in Florida. Enjoy this immaculate and fantastic getaway, truly, one of a kind, and know that the owner will make certain that "your" parking space, chaise lounge, beach chairs and "quiet ambience" is available to you and your family, not non paying, loud, obnoxious and uninvited trespassers, like Ann R.

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