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By: Lee M.
Rogue Custom Sheds-N-Outbuildings
Some friends about 18 years ago showed my wife and I their cabana/changing room that had been constructed the prior spring. They told me that the full function and hand crafted quality surpassed anything they could have found in the local market and for only a bit more, they received something that even today they could and do proudly display.For me, I was sold the first time I used the towel rack and clothes management system that Rogue Custom devised.I inquired as to “who“ and was introduced to this gentleman..... Pete. The rest is as they say..... Is history. I‘ve grown to know Pete’s work (I being a general and later a painting contractor down south through the late 90's and only did multi-million dollar homes, painting by hand always came in at $20,000 +). I‘ve been told, I know my field. When he painted one of my buildings that he had built, (a 8' x 12'), he spent the better part of at least two-plus full days applying it. The outcome was a smooth coat of high quality paint the way I used to.And yes, he uses the same amazing product in his paint that I did, that turns the first coat of latex paint into a full bodied, high quality color primer. I know this because he has brought many cases of this product from me over the years. I used the same painting method Pete does, brush and roller with feather and cut the trimming, etc.....Never an airless... Topnotch is how he rides not only in the application of the paint but the building of his little structures.Pete has the rare attribute of an artisan carpenter with such impeccable honesty that is so often missing in today’s society. My wife and I always welcome him warmly to any of our properties.Speaking of him accessing one of our properties. While down at my favorite fishing spot on the river I met him on the path, invited him to my “hot spot“. He inquired about my continuing collection of fishing equipment (boat motors and the like) and asked if all‘s well. I said great.... except #I’ve a window that’s developed a sticky place while sliding it up. I thought nothing more of it....... the next week he stopped by with a box of night crawlers and said #“let me look at it“ (the window).Within about five minutes he had it working.....so smooth...... this after over 16 years since he built the fully portable “Fisherman Wharf” with loft (placed on a flood plain.... hence the need to be totally portable).This type of quality building and service sure eclipses those “no year“.. “two year”…. “five year“…. “ten year” .... “fifteen“... etc. warranties offered by those #“others”!One thing really cool about Pete is that his work is so over the top that he doesn’t have to “ask” for a “letter” due to the fact that if someone just looks at his work.... it speaks volumes. Just checkout one of his hand built, hand crafted doors.... You’ll quickly see what he is about.I#‘m doing this “letter of acknowledgment” only because after he has built three outbuildings for my wife and I, we felt it#‘s high time we did.I’ve posted certain imagery of ours, some of others I enjoy and some of our friends outbuildings that has reflected his superior skill in construction. He has the skill set to make the complex appear simple. Pete#‘s application from concept- practical application of such, to completion is highly welcomed and we gladly recommend him and his little company to any in need of an outbuilding that recognize the true difference quality construction really makes.

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